Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Where The Wild Things Are


C: Hobbes,you know what!This is getting wonderful night by night,wonder how many earthlings are fortunate like me to dream about lizards creeping beneath their sheets and frogs jumping under their bed,and I actually get to hold them!Beauty aren’t they,what say?

H: Hmm...Your realities are as wild as your perceptions.I am a living proof. 

C: Yeah…that was some knowledge.Hope we catch some tonight! 

H: And then you can make them run on the way am I seeing your new boots down there? 

C: Yep...wonder what makes you ask!  

H: Obvious, I am not seeing the usual mud...get me some this time! 

C: Hobbes, this time it is gonna be fun! New boots, new camera and so much new, there are a sixteen of us you know...can you hear the place calling? 

H: Yeah! Sounds exciting! Shall I come along? In case you need me to carry your rucksack, some water and more food.

C: That will be difficult Hobbes, this time I shall be taking care by myself. 

H: That you have to! You know what Calvin, sometimes I wish I was a real tiger, a real one! Out there in the jungles!

C: Then I would have to save you from those wicked hunters!The current scheme of things seems better,it saves me of work you see,you silly tiger! 

H: Argh!Be a good child and listen to the wild,careful near the swamp and now switch off the lamp!!! 

C: OK!When I am back Hobbes you gotta hear my wild tales,jungle lores and adventure those of Mr.Corbett,Anderson,Irwin and Morris…Aah... 

H: I wish to!Good night buddy…we are leaving…where life can have real meaning…Yukon Ho!
C: Amen...Good night!


(¯`•._.•[Raajii]•._.•´¯) said...

aw... so cute.

And dont we all wish, we were "real" tigers :)

Romeo said...

This is one of the cutest post I have been through lately! :)

Hope to see you in my blog too!
When love calls

Take care! Keep Blogging :)

Anup B Prakash said...

Thanks :)

Raksha Bhat said...

@Raajii: Yep we all do and in some way or the other are:)!

@Romeo: Thank you:)

@Calvin:Pleasure is Hobbes's..glad you found the post finally amidst all the socialization with the higher creatures of the world...get wilder and back soon!:)

Chandru said...

Very nice :) :) :)
Best one Goobs :)

Harish said...

This is one of my fav strips.

Raksha Bhat said...

@Chandru: I touched a baby lizard yesterday..Anup made me do it:)))!

@Harish: Yeah C&H are everyone's fav,but this piece is a real life version with a little of my and my best friend's imagination:)