Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Bumpy Ride

An awful experience made me write this today,'The Universal Theories Of Auto Rickshaw Drivers'.It does sound pretty generalized and insane but that is the way how things are no matter where you live.If you relate to this do share your theories here,let the world know:-)

1.The Meter Down Theory-The Black Box staring at you in the left corner,it either runs faster than the auto or never runs at all.So please pay the roundabout.

2.The One And Half Theory-Before six in the morning and after ten at night these fellows are the best in their business,please note the timings may vary but the charges will not.

3.The Cut A Short Road Long Theory-Somehow these fellows will end up convincing you that they are on the shortest route,so be ready to be taken for a ride.

4.The Sorry No Change Theory-Mind you these are no chillar party,do keep enough in your pocket. 

5.The I Know You Are A Traveller Theory-They have a wonderful knack of identifying you if you are new to the town,so before you reciprocate to their cordiality and make a fool of yourself think twice about boarding one. 

6.The My Radio Your Call Theory-If you have not heard the latest and wackiest song take an auto and hear the man in front of you on the driver seat sing in sync.Do not forget not to make a call because he is never going to reduce both the volume,believe me.

7.The Sound Not So Sweet Theory-There is no better teacher to teach you the local lingo,you can call them a speeding dictionary of swear words for no hump or pothole can stop them.

8.The I Ride A Plane Theory-Many of them believe in this strongly,the sky is clear and the road is clearer is their idea.

Well I feel sorry for the odd decent ones here and there amongst these fellows,this post is definitely not targetted at them.The problem is there is too much bad to hide the little good,everything else thus goes unnoticed and uncared for.Wonder where these rickshaws or today's world is heading to,what say?Any idea?:-)

PS:I wish his bed catches fire.



Dishita said...

How about: I just prefer long distance thing?
I always get a shit face when i ask for a ride to near by place when i have loads of stuff to carry and all the autowallas would stop but then say i do not want to go. duhh.

The Solitary Writer said...

yes true that..esp during evening times...they refuse to go to nearer places as Dishita had mentioned..or instead they would charge more :|

Deboshree said...

Ha ha ha... you should write a book; it will be a bestseller. :D
I totally relate to your experiences... it's the same everywhere. :(

dr.antony said...

That was write so well!

Do they ask you where you want to go first? If it is somewhere near,they ignore you!

raji said...

I love the "one and half theory "the beasst of all!That ime they are so punctual about that ,I have many a times fled over the edge to sync up before 10 pm to the bus stop,It's a night mare to pay these people one and half or sometimes double for the interior routes:))

Preeti said...

Lol! Agree on all points! But all said, I still love Autowallahs. For their audacity to pull off all this, I think! :D

Team G Square said...

Simply superb

Raksha Bhat said...

@All: Seems like this is quite a universal thing:)Thanks for the theories;)