Wednesday, June 15, 2011

From The The World Of Microbes

I know this blog has been in the stationary phase since the last few days, courtesy my post graduation course in Microbiology.And by the way microbes are now my frenemies!I must say that life has now turned quite colorful with culture medias,test tubes,reactions,reagents,antibiotic sensitivity,streaking,inoculation, identification,incubators, slides and the microscope.There is lots of learning to do and three years for this course is seeming too little to me.I never had thought that I would end up being a Microbiologist for all my life!The feeling is sinking in slowly.I am liking it.

This means blogging will be given less attention for obvious reasons and unavoidable circumstances:-(But I will make sure that I will hop in here whenever possible during my free time for this place is very special and so are you,the ones reading this.A confession of sorts,I missed you very much all these days and that is why I am back here blabbering.So what are you upto my dear ones?:-)


Sameera said...

Missed you too!! :(

Yay! So Microbiologist it is! :D

frenemies- Like that! :P

Deboshree said...

I missed your posts Raksha. I was wondering why you are blogging less often. All the best with your course and do drop by whenever you have time. :)

phatichar said...

Cool blog, entha? :)

Raksha Bhat said...

@Sam: Thanks ya...settling down in the new town...took me a have you been:)

@Debo: Glad that you thought about me:)Means a lot...thanks for the wishes Debo:)

@phatichar: Thanks:)

shwetha said...

hey, cool... so u going to become a microbiologist.. All the best for ur future.. keep writing

Raksha Bhat said...

@shwetha: Yep...loving the subject:)thank you for the wishes..hope you doing fine:)