Sunday, June 19, 2011

Ice Cream For Life

Mangalore is giving me a heavy dose of the coastal weather as I had expected. The sweating heat of summer and the wetting hammer of monsoon in transition. Everything is in its extremes in this place, literally everything! The very thought of spending three years of my life  seemed to suck every colour out of my life until I came across something which I have come to believe is one of the most colourful things of this world.

Looks tempting and delicious, isn’t it? Believe me when I say this is equal to a tummy filling meal. A tall glass of  God-knows-how-many-flavors of ice cream scoops with slices of banana, apple and pineapple, chunks of dry fruits and nuts, a layer of jelly to dance on your tongue and a few tutti-frutti here and there to make you smile while you relish. This combination is popularly known as GADBAD, an exclusive delicacy of the ice cream parlours of this town.

Now this is something which I can never imagine to go colourless. All of us love ice cream, don’t we? If you don’t, well do try this out. I am sure you will fall for this one.What makes GADBAD one of its kind despite its ingredients being very simple is the pure pleasure of digging the glass with a long spoon and letting that big bite melt in your mouth.Aah, the feeling is priceless!

There is more to why I choose to write about this amongst the many bright and brilliant things that I know of. I feel GADBAD is very synonymous with life, the name as well as the content.Colours are filled up to the brim and spill down the sides of the glass. There is everything that I ask and do not ask for, things that can cheer me up like the raspberry jelly and things that I personally detest like the bananas. And very surprisingly I do not notice that I am eating them together! By the way a cautionary advice to those trying this out, only one person can finish a serving unless the other who has accompanied you has not ordered one! So if you decide to eat one, it is a tough but a nice commitment. Isn’t this so much like life? If we have enough things that can keep us happy any trouble will seem trivial. There are a hundred hues and shades within and around us but in the end what matters is the colours that we choose for ourselves. Nobody else will and nobody else can!

A word of thought who think otherwise, are not black and white colours? Isn’t a full moon in the darkest of nights one of the most beautiful things to see? According to me there is nothing called colourless, not even transparent. Colours are more a matter of perception and appreciation. To let our life fly in colours we first have to paint our hearts and then the world with every colour possible.Because each colour has a beautiful story and with GADBAD I relate to an epic called life, the only thing which I wish to see and make colourful.

You see, Ice cream [scream] for life;-) 

To know more about GADBAD visit:
PS: This post is written as a part of Take Flight With Colour by IndibloggerHP.


Dishita said...

like the analogy. Enjoy the GADBAD.

raji said...

A story for every coastal karnataka gal to share ,a sweet treasure from the coastal city"mangalore"especially the "ideal icecream".Loveee....itttt!!!How I miss it and how I wish I go there n have it every day.

Harish said...

Ayyo.. read this when i am hungry and typically trapped in office.. :( Why couldn't you have made arrangements for a free GADBAD for everyone who reads this blog?? :)

Sudha said...

I actually lusted after Gadbad while in Mangalore a few years back, but could not have it as I am allergic to food colouring.

BTW, I think this is the first blog post I have read on Gadbad.

Sh@s said... the word for this post :))
I wish, I could have GADBAD right now :(

Deboshree said...

What an innovative name for an ice-cream! I loved how you brought everything together... all the very best for the contest! :D

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Raksha Bhat said...

@Dishita: Thank you:)

@raji: Hope you aren't cursing me for the nostalgia:)

@Harish: Boy!Icecream melts!I cannot send them to Bengaluru:)Come here we shall visit the parlour:)

@Sudha: Thats sad...I hope you can eat it sometime:)

@Sh@s: Come to Mangalore:)

@Deboshree: You MUST try it:)

@motorcycle decals: Thank you too:)

Pramod Sudarshan said...

i remember visiting one ideal ic parlour in ur place 10 yrs back..was puzzled seeing the number of varieties at that time itself:)enjoy maadi!!

sush said...

gadbad of ideal ice cream my is the yummiest ever.

Raksha Bhat said...

@Pramod: Haha..thank you:)

@sush: Yes it is:)

Someone is Special said...

innovative analogy gadbad of ice cream... and will my life be colourful ?

Someone is Special