Thursday, July 1, 2010

Footprint In A Dream

A man of impulse, he sat there with his back brushing the hazy fog covering the twilight.He had reached this part of the world not because he was a wanderer.He had an inquisitive mind, a beating heart and a child’s soul which craved to see the best of the world.He was not extraordinary, a man like the rest with his share of strengths and weaknesses.He made mistakes and rose out of regrets and learnt his lessons.He was thankful for all the good which came his way.

And now he was here in the company of his thoughts.The weather was wonderful, sunrise had just begun and birds jolly flew past his eyes.He knew it was the time to walk along, he stood up and looked down from the cliff at the far lands which was every man’s home and where there was plenty of space to do everything , where he grew up and he belonged.He only wished if everything again worked in rhythm along with the tunes of nature.He knew of what he could do.Standing here alone he dared and put his step forward to ravel this hidden other part of the world and began his journey.

He did not want to run away, monotony or boredom did not disturb him.He lived where he had to, he climbing up the ladder and learnt the rules to survive in the corners of this sphere.But now was the moment when he wholeheartedly wanted to surrender himself to his unfulfilled desires,he was compelled with ease to defend his right to find happiness.So he walked along the narrow paths,singing and clapping.He observed everything around him,the way the leaves move,the colours of the buds which bloom,the amber winged butterflies,the roars and cry,the life that the streams of water bring.A perfect and balanced life,he loved the harmony.But there was so much to do,so much to learn,so much to heal and set right.

He walked ahead on the road made by men of his like, sometimes he had to make his own.He did.And whatever he did, it brought mostly joy.There were times when he felt lost and did not know where to look, but he fought with passion and he won.He knows it is a great mission of its own kind and very difficult, but nothing feels better than living his dream.He is not a soldier, he fights his inner battles and those of the outer world.He fears some, he conquers some.

His thoughts spring out of a naive familiarity with life, his imaginations blend with a strange reality.He knows he owns an enduring power to love and better himself .His instincts give him all the praise and encouragement, so do his people around.He loves his home and when he comes back later to rest he knows to share what he has earned and learnt; he knows he can give some rare gifts of satisfaction, love and compassion. And he realizes tomorrow with the same zest he can explore and gain more.

He dreams not of a destiny, he desires to travel a journey along which he can grow his strengths of his character and gain the freedom to be himself. He now knows he is not alone, not different but blessed with something called LIFE.

He smiled.I woke up....

PS: After two sleepless nights I chanced upon this man in a dream during an hour long noon nap today,mystic yet real.l do not know why he stepped in,all I realized when I woke up was that I know him!:)



AA said...

Wonderful! You need to step up and start writing novels! And hey, do i know the man too?

Anup B Prakash said...


Dr.Raksha Bhat said...

@Anil: Novels and me???I can just read them:P,I will consider your suggestion if my clinic goes bankrupt;)You will have to write a good review before it goes for print though:)
And ya about THE man,no guesses at all,you know him:)
In case you do not,just look above;)

@Bunting: You know I did not write this to make you drop that tear;)Stay happy Calvin dear!