Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Beginning Of An End

It is difficult to measure success especially when we have to do it for ourselves,so we were told on a special day.On the brighter side there is a wonderful satisfaction which comes with having been there and done that,but sometimes somewhere deep down inside our hearts success leaves us with that haunting and empty feeling.Its strange how time passes by, a milestone now that we have crossed on the road that we chose for ourselves.A road less travelled which has fortunately made us what we are today.

We walked together in dignity,an oath we took from conscience and tussles we turned with pride.And now we have in our hands the power to help a life.At the end of this road we go away from it all;ecstasies,fears,strengths,weakness and togetherness only to find some new and some more.We now are stronger and better,ready to carry all that we choose to on our shoulders.Wherever and whatever we end up with we are now sure that we have definitely made a small good start.The tussle is indeed worth the hustle.

It was never easy and will never be but we know now never to give up,so cheers to the life which has just begun. Cheers to the ‘PEOPLE’ who are now officially out for the world as ‘DOCTORS’.Congratulations buddies!

Life is here to stay around…

Raksha Bhat


Bikramjit Singh Mann said...

first of all congratualtions..

and DR. wowo I always respected them for as you said they have in there hands something which not many have they can save a life .. and i can understand the emotions it might bring if you save one ..
but in todays world where its all become MONEY i wish some wud not think of money only, yeah i agree money is amust earn it as much.. but maybe be give some time for humanity too :)

you have the power so use it wisely ALL the best in life and congrats once again...

Dr.Raksha Bhat said...

Hey Bikram thank you:)