Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sour Nothings Of A Sweet Life

We consider some things that do not really matter as problems.Wake up in the morning thinking about them,spend the day finding solutions and then go to bed with nothing.And we are up again the next day,more obsessed and more upset.Finally one fine sunrise realize it was not worth the attention and spend some more time in regret.We do not know what we want,nobody will know better either.Why is it so tough to prioritize little things,big things and everything?

We have enough time to do all that we want to but still end up complaining the lack.When there is enough life thyself and around,we still feel that 'something' missing.Refresh buttons bring back memories,but not many dare to put that one step back and live while keeping a hundred ahead.Why do moments fail to last a life?

We need big reasons to let out that simple smile.'Hello' is just a greet on the phone.Emotions are left diluted and unexpressed,relationships blurred and orphaned.'Sorry,Please,Thank you' where more than a matter of courtesy once upon a time,now do we really mean it when we use them?The world is difficult to accept as it is,every fish loves his bowl more than the ocean.Contentment now equals compromise.Ego suffers and so do we.Why do we forget to count our blessings?

We forget where,how and why we are heading to,in the middle of the road we dared and chose!Go blank and jump back to square one and often fail to make that new start again.It is easy to give up and live in still waters until it starts to stink.Why do we have to make mistakes,suffer and learn?

There are many questions which are beyond our capabilities to answer,and more exist which we do not realize and invariably spend life just because we have to;the same big gift we all have,and that we fail to use well.

"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them."-Einstein

         A New Leaf

A land ungreen with little hope lay
Where no one dared to enter or stay

Deep ground were hidden seeds a few
Out one bright day was a leaf new

Questions many,battles more to fight 
Up here was a life's tree soon to sight



Arjun said...

idle mind is devils worskshop- if we are occupied with our work and reponsibilities, we donot need to face problems of prioritizing things, time is spent on prioritizing things that need no prioritizing. Also the concept of competition/ratrace which is oftenly used is also one of the problem. If you look at history its these competitions that have caused problems. Civilizations were at their zenith when there was no competition and everyone knew their responsibilities.
(mere bhavanonko samjho :))

Dr.Raksha Bhat said...

@Arjun: Samjhi:)thats exactly my point:)So where have we gone wrong in this phase of evolution?Or have we?Or this is how it was supposed be?Why don't we try and set it right?Can we?Aren't we the most evolved of all afterall???

Arjun said...

we are all animals- this is the only basic truth which we fail to notice and admit. Nature likes symmetry- you cannot expect everything to be good, if there is something good, there is going to be something bad and vice versa- more over we have reached a stage where we have outnumbered ourselves to sustain ourselves. If everyone on this planet as educated or even more than you are could think like you, this planet wouldn't have been the same. Everyone is a product of his environment, blame the environment! :D (actually we can talk on this for length, but there wouldn't be any end for this)

Dr.Raksha Bhat said...

Hey Arjun the comment section looks longer than the post now:)You are right there is no end to this talk:)

priyadarshini said...

most of the times we don realize tat "its all in the mind to be happy or sad"....for some... loving themselves more will help at times!!!...i always recollect this wonderful sentence whenever somebody whom i consider my priority hurts me ..'dont let anyone make u feel tat u are not worth wt u deserve!!'...

Dr.Raksha Bhat said...

@PPi: So true.....thanks for sharing!:)