Monday, July 12, 2010

My Famous Five

Take 1

Toffees with brother she would always from her heart share
But the little devil  gobbled even her’s which she could not bear
Cried, fought, she ran out of the house and did that small dare
Only to be back in two hours,it was a mad world out there  

Take 2

Cashew nuts and mangoes ripe in the summer heat
With Grandma and the cousins she was out on a fleet
Up she climbed the trees, a beehive was eager to greet
Down on the ground laid her body, a stung piece of meat

Take 3

Time and people slip away from life like a fistful of sand
Left are a few of those little white shells in the hand
Out were on the best trip thirteen gypsies of the band
Wishing for one mad moment again in the Blissful Island.

Take 4

Away from the waters she did stay with strive
Of the blue waves was a little fear left to thrive
Ten years later from a raft she happened to dive
Life has been good ever since she came out alive

Take 5

Jacks and Jills were up on an elephant hill, a mad little trek team
Shoulders for the boulders, hands for the cacti they did lend and gleam
On the way to quench their thirst there was no old well or flowing stream
Top they did reach, sleeping in the clouds in madness they did scream

Final Take!

The best may not be always these few
Every second brings in her a madness new
Moments made are in the heart to sew
Life is indeed beautiful...phew!



Bikramjit Singh Mann said...

I loved the way you have written the short little stories ...

oooh that beehive would have hurt a lot... but at least you ate enough before that he he he he NICE ONE

all the best with the contest.

Dr.Raksha Bhat said...

@Bikram: Hey thanks a ton for reading and liking too!And it did hurt:(!It took me a couple of days to recuperate from those stings and I finally realized that am dead allergic to insect bites!

Shankha said...

Excellent! All the best for the competition.

Dr.Raksha Bhat said...

@Shankha: Welcome back:)Thank you!