Thursday, July 22, 2010

One Faith

Sunset like everyday when an old man holding a stick double his height emerged slowly from the turn of the road.He seemed aged yet carried a prevailing semblance like the king of the land.And behind him followed his army whose bells jingled in tune with his familiar voice and song,a peculiar wool like odor filled the air.There were the cream,the black,the white,the brown and the mixed many.They moved in a flock brushing and racing against each other and yet keeping it together.If someone had the eye and the heart to count them they made an exact hundred and seven.And now we all know where the pride on the old man’s face came from.

At the tail end of the big fluff of wool was our not so famous hero, a little extra plump and fair walking in his own pace and looking around.He bothered about everything apart from grass,and today like always something behind the green bush caught his attention.He hopped aside and ran towards it.He did see some life flying there,so he wished he could catch it.Meanwhile his group was moving ahead hoping and knowing that he will join.

Like all the good face some evil now and then,a man on the road was mighty impressed with the old man’s meat and wool.He looked at them with a wicked grin and flaunting his paunch he asked”Care for some trade?You will get more than its worth.Its time I had a good meal,so do we deal?”.The old man replied”Oh well!Sure!Come to my hut down this lane in an hour,the fat and mad one out there in the end running behind the butterfly except  that and the rest of the others,I will have you on my plate soon”.And then the devil fled.

The gang almost reached home and this lost one was definitely out of track.He was getting desperate to find out what was behind the bush but now there was no time to waste.He had to get back home so he pushed the rest of the task for tomorrow.He knew he will be here again.He ran back to the road.”Where do I go? Where did they go? Right? Left? Straight?”he did not wonder even for a second.He walked ahead effortlessly and happy on the perfect road towards what he called his home,his destiny.He did not choose his way; he did not choose to stay.He did not choose his fate.He did not choose anything.The shepherd did.

Always,ONE FAITH is worth more than a million hope.

'The LORD is my shepherd…He makes me lie down in green pastures…He leads me beside quiet waters.'



Anil said...

Shld have been titled "Return to Innocence" !

Dr.Raksha Bhat said...

Sounds good Anil:)The lamb caught your attention haha:)I wrote this with one faith and hence the title,I feel it is the most important thing that makes us live and hope for a better tomorrow:)