Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Best Gift

Impressive and innovative ad, isn't it?These days busyness and boredom are the two common but contradictory complaints in this world.Everything is all about time,it is either the lack or the excess of it.It flies past us like a silent jet and when people go in and out of our life we actually miss telling them how much they mean to us.Somewhere in between all this we fail to notice and miss those little moments of happiness with them.When we look back and try to collect those bundle of memories that they have given us everything for once feels  very wonderful and perfect.

If you notice if there is anything that many of us can let go easily today it is a relationship.It really doesn't matter compared to our other priorities.We find it very hard to get back,all we do is give a sigh and run forward.As we reach far over the years the bridge breaks down slowly and one day before we realize there is nothing that can help us cross back.There are many people out there amongst us with money,success,fame and all that they ever wanted.But there is nobody around them to share their joy.How fine is that?If life was only about chasing our dreams,isn't living a nightmare better?Aren't we creating islands for ourselves in the process?

"The best gift you can give a dear one is your time"

A passion to run our own lives is a normal human tendency,the intensity varies with different individuals but one thing which is essential to everyone is a strong group of family and friends.When we are tossed of our boats it is this support system that saves us,they pat our back when we achieve something and keep us going.Despite all that they give us we find it hard to express what we feel for them.We take them for granted and acknowledge nothing or little.Why is that?

How many of us remember the first toy our parents brought us?How many of us remember the first story Grandma told us?How many of us remember the first walk with Grandpa?How many of us remember the first fight for a tricycle ride with our brother or sister?How many of us remember the boy or girl who sat next to us and shared our lunch box at school?How many of us remember the first poem our teacher taught us?Blame the time or call all this a way of life.We know not of what we have until we lose it and sadly through each phase of life we lose more than we gain.

All this is nothing to do with nostalgia or memories,it is about living while we grow up which somehow we forget.A small act of love and care can bring lots of magic around us,lets do that when we can.Fortunately God sends people to stay with us who ask for nothing more,the world will be filled of lonely fools if we lose them.We are drifting from each other already even though we have all the connectivity possible.

If you are missing someone really close to your heart like I did today,do not hesitate to tell them that you are no thing without them.Go give them a tight hug if possible.Let me know how you made them feel and how you feel after that.Live,love,laugh and most important of all 'RESPOND'.By the way I am feeling awesome!:-)

"A hug is a handshake from the heart"



dr.antony said...

Nostalgic.You brought me back many memories.
Life is full of unexpected.It is better to express what all feelings we have,than to keep them.Who knows if we would have another chance!

deepazartz said...

Wonderfully expressed! Infact Time is Precious:)

Sameera said...

Loved loved loved the post!!

"world will be full of lonely fools..!" lol!! :D

Sharing the post on my FB wall.

Karthik said...

lovely....sharing it on my profile... Thanks a ton

Aalap said...

awesome....super like it....i already started calling to my friends and closed ones just after reading half of it...very well written..:)))

Anonymous said...

your post is very relevant to the current times. today people are so overwhelmed with technology that there is hardly any precious time with loved ones:)

Raksha Bhat said...

@dr.antony: Chances come day in and out..we never notice them:)

@deepazartz: Very precious indeed:)

@Sam: Thanks Sameera:)

@Karthik: Thank you Karthik:)

@Aalap: I am happy that you did:)

@sajeevkmenon: Guess thats the only thing that connects these days:)

Beyond Horizon said...

Thank you so much for this R... this is what exactly am going through, missing someone, and the happiness to talk with the person after really long time...but only I wish I would be able to hug my friend :(

I wish to spend time with you, Indeed :)

Raksha Bhat said...

@BH: Come to Mangalore:)

Rajendra Raikwar said...

I will surely come back For more.