Thursday, May 12, 2011

Nale Raje Goli Baje

If you are thinking of asking me what made me make this batter wait till you reach the end of this delicious post.Today my mother taught me how to make Goli Baje,a special dish of our native place South Canara.It is a popular evening snack found in every other house over there.I have some silly but fond associations with this mouth watering stuff.*'Nale raje, goli baje' is a colloquial rhyme which me and my brother tell to till this day before a holiday.Also every time it rains, it is understood at home that this shall be our demand.

What is nice about the dish is that one does not require exemplary culinary skills to make it.Believe me when I say it is as easy as eating it.These golden orange globules are crispy,crunchy and fluffy.In no time they melt in the mouth, one can actually lose count while eating them.Here is the recipe of how my mother makes it:


  • Maida/all purpose flour- a cup.
  • Kadle hittu/besan/gram flour-a tea spoon.
  • Sour curds-half a cup.
  • Finely chopped green chillies-a tea spoon or as hot as you want it to be;-)
  • Ginger-a tea spoon.
  • Curry leaves-a few.
  • Cumin seeds-a few.
  • Asafoetidia-a pinch for digestion.
  • Coconut pieces-a few, if you want them.
  • Sugar-a sprinkle or as sweet as you want it to be;-)
  • Salt-as essential.
  • Oil-ahem...very essential!
  • Time-a little.
  • Appetite-a lot if you are successful in making them!


Step 1: Smile, be confident.

Step 2: Take a mixing bowl .Mix all the above ingredients except the oil:p.The batter should not be too thick or thin.Keep the consistency like that of an idli batter and make sure there are no lumps.

Step 3: Keep the batter aside for an hour or so and listen to your favorite music or read a book.

Step 4: Get back to the kitchen, heat the oil in a frying pan for now is the time for some power packed action.Use a spoon or use your hands to make these balls.Drop them in the oil carefully.I must say that initially it is hard to give them a spherical shape, amorphous forms do not affect its great taste though.Deep fry till they turn golden brown.

Step 5: Look at what you made with some self admiration and serve it to your courageous folks with pride.


  • I somehow find the taste better if this batter is kept for fermentation for a longer duration.
  • If you are a little hardworking, coconut chutney is THE combination with it.

Here is what I made this evening!

Slurp!Good night.

PS: *Nale raje-Tomorrow is a holiday:-)



Raghu said...

I just had it today in d evng.. Mom made it..:-)

P.S: Hav it along wit Hot n Sweet saouce, it tastes awesome, especially if golibaje contains pieces of green chilli..!! :-D

Raajii said...

Umm... Yummi!

sush said...

goli baje- namma manelee common ishtha. gr888888888

Raksha Bhat said...

@sush: Hmmm..bahala famous thindi alva:)

@Everyone who stopped by here and dropped a comment,but our dear Blogger got mean and erased them: I am sorry about that.Thanks for liking the post:)

Beyond Horizon said...

These days I only enter the kitchen to drink water, and to collect my dish which is served by mom ;) Probably Time- a little I need

Hmmm...but it seems to be delicious :)