Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Canary's Song

Allures the mind, a boundless beauty hidden and unseen
So much to do and learn amidst all the lovely green,
A journey to travel with milestones many to cross
Questions many and their answers not an easy toss.

Of the fire, dust and smoke the world is aware
A noble few think ahead and take the step dare,
Oodles odds many in the world, for man to deal
Not far is the day when he will be his own meal.

Of nature’s fury we have not an idea nor any fear
And the jungle melodies we do not want to hear,
Of dodos and the rest we could do the least
Bereft of mater is the man, the supreme beast.

Now we are behind the tigers, their kith and kin in count
Lest we forget our mistakes climbing the ladder surmount,
A tree we hide from an axe, and a rain drop that we save
Can always give a tiny hope for the zoos to reach a cave.

A mother she is, who gives us more than what we deserve
Her gift we know not how with gratitude to preserve
Fortune and prosperity we count in a dollar and a pound
We forgot to remember what goes around comes around.

It is not any late to think and act, and square our outlook
Or wait for the geographies to rest forever in the history book,
Enough we do talk, a difference let start a few
One among the good can be me, she, he and you.

Help not because it makes you different, nor for any need
But for the hunger for the wild in your heart to feed,
Of the maze and the dark everyone is always afraid
Forget not, for strive and sweat God has always paid.

For a purpose in life, on a quest soon embark
Wherever you reach, wish you leave a mark,
The road to your detiny remains far and long
But that is where you definitely belong!

Together all along…This is for you…Your Canary’s Song!!!

Hobbes has this crazy habit of writing poems for Calvin,this is a tiny attempt to keep him going.

  PS: the quote in the picture is from 'Into The Wild'

And to end…

“You can take the tiger out of the jungle, but you can’t take the jungle out of the tiger”



leks said...


Everyone seems to be a Calvin or someone's Hobbes sometime, somewhere in life! Cute! ^-^

Raksha Ramachandra said...

You bet:)
Thanks for reading leks:)
He will buy two[not one]ice creams and eat them right in front of me,saying tigers do not eat ice creams,and I will still like it!
Yukon Ho!!!