Thursday, May 27, 2010

Silver Linings

Love is blind, well it is also said to happen at first sight! This is no fairy tale, a story of two ordinary people who neither fell blindly in love nor it happened at first sight and they live life just like everyone else.They knew of each other quite well, they were good friends but never knew destiny will get them into a bond of marriage and make them man and wife.

He was the kind who believed there is no such day called tomorrow and lived for the moment.She was the kind who believed that there is all her life to do all that she wanted to and took each day as it came.He never planned ahead,she knew of what she is going to do next year’s winter holidays.Both were not poles apart, but different, and life got them together, they surely missed no fun.

He was impressed with the way she managed everything, from the hustles at home to the worries at work.He liked the breakfast that she made and admired those long curls of dark hair on her shoulder as she served it everyday.He looked at her enchanting smile which carried him to a different world altogether, she was not the princess he dreamt of but then she was his only wife, his pride!Sometimes she wanted things her way come what may,and sometimes she was an angel for whom he did pray.But she had a flawless appeal which made his life complete and covered all those shortcomings.She was well versed,passionate,suave and a perfect wife.He never told her how much he loved her and wondered if she loved him.He was happy that she was the woman of his life.

On the other green side of the grass…

She loved waking him up from bed and making breakfast for him everyday.She liked it when he nibbled the pen while solving the newspaper crossword early morning.He was brilliant yet simple and with him everything was always fine,he was not the prince she dreamt off but then he was her only husband,her pride!Sometimes he got on her nerves and sometimes he pampered her like a kid.He had an impeccable charm which swept her off her feet.He was smart,funny,adorable and a perfect husband.She thought of telling him how much she loved him and wondered if he loved her.She was glad that he was the man of her life.

They liked having a walk in the down lane after dinner every night, and today it looked like God had painted a few extra of those stars in the night sky.Today seemed the day,perfect weather.

They walked together under the light drizzle talking about the happenings of the day.And suddenly they stop,he looks at her cupping her cheeks in his palms and says”Darling, I gotta tell you something”.
 “Me too”she says smilingly and looking deeply into his eyes.He looks at her for a while and says”You forgot to wear your slippers while coming!”.She smiles again and says”Darling,you too!”.

Burst in laughter, they walk together holding hand in hand towards home,where life takes them.

PS: In pursuit of our dreams,in all that rush and buzz we often fail to notice the people who matter the most and who make a whole world of difference ,love requires no words for expression,easy as pie, for all it takes is a special joy of living to sprout in the hearts.

Raksha Bhat

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