Monday, May 17, 2010

The Monster Is Back

He loved pulling her hair, scribbling on her homework, eating her chocolates, burying her dolls in the garden.A mischief maker brother prototype that he was, and she being his elder sister hated him for fighting back her authority.He looked like an angel when he was in the cradle,a lovely brother,but as he grew up he started showing his sibling colours.
One night  for the desire of revenge she told him the beautiful story of ‘The Mangled Monster’ which he ardently listened and slept,she cursed that tonight he shall see people in his dreams wearing white robes with no feet,eyes popping out of their sockets and sucking his blood,chopping his brains;not one but a hundred of them And next day he was at the breakfast table playing with the eggs and fork,looking shaken but pleased,she wondered and asked him”Did  the monster come and wake you up yesterday?”,he replied”Yeah he did! He told me my Sis is the freakiest thing he has ever seen”.


From the days of locking me up in the bathroom at age 1 to the days of giving me a Choke Slam the Undertaker style at age 10, he has done it all.This continues now in various others forms, because he knows I can never stop being his sister…for life and beyond! Of his virtue list I am not speaking here, I am being a bad sister as always!

Fear is one emotion which we fail to deny, we project it in different forms.We do not know of ghosts, so we fear them.We do not know of ourselves either, so what do we do? During childhood or maybe even now, if one thing most of us are scared of are the monsters and ghosts of the real [if they exist] kind.They are these controversial beings around us who some say are unsatisfied souls trying to find peace after life and also claim to have experienced them, some say they are the evil kinds and some believe they do not exist at all. Horror movies leave our nails bleeding and teeth chattering.Those stories of ladies in white sarees walking amidst a forest singing for their beloved and of men with turned feet at the door step can give many of us sleepless nights.If they ever saw us publicising them like this, God save us all with mercy! We do not know if they are around, but one thing is for sure we think of them in the worst human form possible;)

And for my brother,she is alive and kicking!

PS:What are ghosts and monsters scared of??? 

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