Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Pichle Saat Dino Mein

Being friends with books is quite a demanding task, especially when they are textbooks, the big fat ones, entrance exam MCQwalas, and right now frankly I do not have a choice! Argh!
When I see the monster pile, a short circuit happens in my brain cells  and I pull them out of the rack slowly, keeps them neatly on the table and I sit …staring at them…I think, think and think forever.So which one do I start today…hmmm…and after some time I finally decide.The last reaction is out of an eleventh hour realization that nothing else is gonna help!

Pichle Saat dino mein, immobilized between molecules and eyes, technical terms mein Biochemistry and Ophthalmology :P

Coming to the former, after a couple of days of retrospective and prospective thinking, the pros and [cons] of studying I finally decide to step in the battleground.A special thanks to the watermelon juices and mango milkshakes offered by Ma on a time to time basis, equipped with sufficient energy I fought with glucose, learnt the glucose synthesis and breakdown and I almost broke down!

But I did not give up.I made my journey through the alpha helix and beta pleats of proteins with zeal; I was tired but did not lose hope.My brain had never worked so much before, bahut bahuuuut gussa aya. But naa, I moved front, I crossed the land of enzymes, free radicals, fatty acids and what not, a few turned foes, and a few became allies. Across, Harpers and Lipincotts my armors.One last time and the warrior in me woke up.
And finally, the mystery molecule… Zindagi ki kahani…suno DNA ki Zubani!

  •    99.9 pc DNA among any two individuals is similar, so that makes us Bhai and Behens.PEACE! No more wars, I hugged the DNA!
  •  Bayz look at those curves and grooves…Hello!!!I am talking about your genes:P[Fact:DNA is a double helix with major and minor grooves adding an extra affect…beautiful isn’t it!]
  • The bases in DNA are four; A,T,G and C.Ab in mein se..A ka T se…G ka C se…Chargaff purohit hydrogen bond ke bandhan mein shaadi kar dete hain.Well the whole thing is like string of happy couples,Sacha pyar koi inse seeke!Watta bonding!
  • Come ‘Transcription’ and ‘Translation’, by the time I finish two pages of the book a million copies of DNA, proteins will be ready.Wish I hade their engines!
  • Inka degradation aur repair bhi easy nahin, hamare Indian Army ki thara strong!
  • And life mein kabhi kabhi,it calls for a change!Style se ‘Mutation’ bolo.Sometimes silent,sometimes just a point,sometimes poora frame shift,and the result you can hardly notice,but sometimes diktha hai par chalta hai,and if bad luck hai kharab;aadmi, aadmi kam kuch aur zyada!Performance highly corelated to the Indian cricket team.

        Before Watson and Crick yell at me for defaming their favorite molecule,I give up and stop.
For now, the DNA has won my heart, I bow down, but the battle is on…and am loving it!!! 

Kya karoon,Kya karoon,haule haule dil gaa raha hai…
Kya karoon,Kya karoon,dheeme dheeme se nashe mein jo hai zindagi ...

Raksha Bhat


Lakshmi said...

Loved ur post... U don hav to tel me bout DNA n protein n Harper's... God.. I m a life sciences student.. I know how they are... U learn and u learn...n they keep on finding new things :P
I do love the science behind all of em.. but sumtimes it gives me a nervous breakdown...
So.. u ll be seeing me arnd... :)

Raksha Ramachandra said...

Hehe!Thank you for liking the post Lakshmi:)
Have a wonderful day:)