Monday, May 3, 2010

A Sta[l]kers World

Unnikrishnan Venkataramanaswamy Rudrachari Pilasubramaniam now wants to follow you on Twitter!!!

Our latest inbox clutters!

The n fraandship requests on F and O which we coldly turn down only to create a dejection among those hungry water mouths was always not enough.We are grateful to these sites for getting our toffee and candy friends from school back.We are happy to leave our latest trip and party pictures with the world for comments.We are glad to update our status saying that right now we are brushing our teeth and then the next on the list is bath and a five like your status. 

We are pleased to use the hundred applications which can tell us our right colour, not that we don’t know what we like, but we need some computerized stuff to read our mysterious minds. We don’t like it if our neighbour’s cow eats up the turnips, spinach and cabbages in our Farmville Farm and so we stop having turnips, spinach and cabbages for lunch at home. The mafia war people are unhappy and plan to abduct us and our folks are on cloud nine for we are finally away and say no to a ransom.We are curious to know on what date and time we are going to die or marry, what if there is an inevitable error or in fact we get the same result in both the quiz.Ever thought?

How to fit in our wisdom  in just 140 characters and tell the world our mental status, quite a challenge for a blabber mouth and a perky task for the nerve cells.

Everyone talks through them,everyone talks about them.Some derive pleasure by using them all the time as a substitute for their joblessness, some find a means to communicate with their dear and near and yet far ones, some detest them because they think they are different..hmmm...

Never mind whichever category we belong to…remember…

Without them the world is never a lonely place;)



Nascent Hydrogen said...

"Some derive pleasure by using them all the time as a substitute for their joblessness"

That's me!

prashant said...

a nice post, would like to see an increase in the frequency of the postings. This will attract repeat visitors.
The layout is simple, and easy on the eye.

keep blogging

Raksha Ramachandra said...

@Nivi: Hi hi hee:)

@Prashant: thank you for visiting:)blogging will always remain a pastime:)will try sharing more with the world!thanks again:)