Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Where is the town?

Where trees stand grand and green and bow their heads not,
Where beans are cooked and not roasted under the sun hot
Where rain is not a thunderstorm,but God's blessing a drizzle,
Where Adams on the roads do not tease the Eves and whistle.

Where is the town?

Where all the ladies wake up before the call of the hen,
Where all the men reach home happy before the clock strikes ten
Where the roads house less traffic,sound no horns and give a pleasant ride,
Where the sparrows,squirrels eat grains and nuts and under roofs hide.

Where is the town?

Where there are folks apart from the north, south, east and the west,
Where rainbows colour the sky and make life a heaven at its best
Where we find  beauty not any less than London,Paris,New York and Rome,
Where we can live our life,and with pride call it our home.

Raksha Bhat

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Vyankatesh said...

Simply wonderful!!