Friday, April 2, 2010 what!

The street is quite a hit among the eights and eighties alike;people are bustling around and John wants to earn some money today,a few coins to tinkle in his pocket will do.He dreams of going to school one day,his mom is not really keen on it because they are people who aren't that rich.He has to earn his living you see.I am lying in his bag among those hundreds of rubbery and smelly things,not that am any different!Ah!He picks me out finally!He is a tiny pea,all skin and bones and he is trying hard to pump his breath in,I grow big!Voluptuous!but hey wait why am I Purple?There are whites,reds,yellows,oranges,and her majesty the Miss Profound Pink with too much of a pride,she is flying high in the air.She forcefully releases herself against his wishes from the stick and seconds later she goes 'Dummmm!!!' midair,if only she had stayed cool and listened!
But  why me purple?Its not really my colour you see!Miss White looking at my gloomy face says,"Girlie you atleast have a colour and believe me its not that bad,you look gorgeous!" .

Ya Maybe!

The sky looks great today, silver and clear,here and there a few clouds and the sun isn't around much.The driver of a car is honking at the old man who is trying to gather his coloured chickens falling out of his basket,they are cute but hey aren they supposed to be baby white,they look better that way,John says they cost two coins a pair,he had got them home once,only to see them dead in two days!Please don't buy them,if you wanna buy some colours buy me!

A little boy in the car hears me!He lowers the glasspane and looks out.His mother asks him "What colour Peter?" he says "Mama!I want Pupple!" and there i go,John unties me from the stick which holds all us friends together.I am gonna miss them all, especially Miss White who is waving me good bye,she is happy for me.I found an owner,a home and John is a happy man today,I got him a coin.

We reach,Peter gets down from the car he runs to the garden,his fingers holding my string,he hugs me tight!
His mother asks him to be careful,she says "Too much of love is gonna burst it Peter,its not gonna last long,don't keep it idle either,its just gonna lose air!You know there is a more exciting stuff to do with it,can you see the sky?"Peter says "Yes Mama".
His mother says "Do you know Pupple can fly?Just let go and see" , well Peter replies"I want it Mama thats why we bought it!"

His mother tells Peter "There is a joy in letting go things,you watch it fly and your heart is gonna feel light and you are gonna enjoy seeing the flight!"

Peter smiles,he slowly releases me from his fingers,nothing holds me now,as the wind lifts me up I trip my gait a bit here and there,this is my first time!I fly amidst the branches of the tree,I go over the terrace.Peter waves at me,I can see his bunny teeth!

It feels up in the sky!
I know not my destiny,but am liking this flight!
Thank you Peter,the new breeze in my life!!!
Am what:)          

Raksha Bhat

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