Sunday, April 25, 2010

Letter to God

Dear Almighty,       
How is it up there?It is fine right.Well,it is not fine here...
This is my first letter to you.It is quite dark in here,but i like it.Somehow the light out there bemuses me.I hope to see the world in a few days time.But my Dad detests me.I can hear my mom crying,I can feel the pain everytime he hits her.The scars of my three sisters on the walls tell me not to let her down this time.Mom tells me always no matter what it takes,we are going to fight this together.
Dear God,give me the strength to fight with them,to face the 
depravity and to live amongst them and to reach the sky.I am gonna make Mom smile one day.I promise I will be a Good Daughter.
Let me born,this one time.

Thank you:)

PS:They say there are just 1411 of them left,we all are aware of what I am talking about.How many of us know how many female foetuses are let born in India?We all will stay,or we rather choose to stay unaware,until the number of girls will reach the magic figure of the tigers one day.And for those who celebrate a son's birth and moan over a daughters,the day is not far when all their boys wil die bachelors.
Before we all...
Think.Act.THE END.

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