Friday, April 16, 2010

FryDay Fries

I am a girl.I hate nail paints. Do not wonder if I make contradictory statements. Everyone has an opinion about  everything in this world, and this is what I stand for.
Do not blame me if one line here doesn’t lead to the next, I am as confused as the world! If this makes sense, read on....

Nail paints pollute because they are chemicals, and because of pollution I see sparrows die, poor little birds! Heard of microwave pollution?Everyone please stop talking for hours on the mobile phones, sparrows don’t like it. I saw one dead on the road this week.They can fly, they are happy, let us not trouble them.
And all those irky ladies on television with blood red nails, those ‘Truth LoveCash’ girls and their boyfriends , with none of the three in their lives and ofcourse the ’I think I am handsome’ host, go get a life!Attention seekers!Come IPL, its Modi vs Tharoor, who wins the toss?Less cricket and more nonsense!Flip the channel, and its ‘Shoania’ mania, no surprise if these reporters land in Maldives before they reach there for their honeymoon!Sad journalism.Sadder newly married celebrities!And today morning a local Kannada channel aired a lady who had a chicken as her pet,  who has one entire room of her home left in the chicken’s remembrance, the chicken's death anniversary today!May the poor soul rest in peace!Quite emotional...

This! called entertainment!!!

And  add to the happenings of the week,day before we had visitors in the midnight, who gifted themselves with shoes from most of the houses in our area, a lot enough to open a showroom! Brainies I say! We had an another amusive man at home that night.Dad.It  looked like he was locked in the bank currency chest  without food, water and razors  for months, his beard a cause of concern for my mom directed her to take the imperative measure of sending him to the barber’s, who had to polish his instruments for an hour to fight the battle!
Life is indeed a battle, and we are timid soldiers, my brains fight with MCQs ka options everyday...
-C.[most of the times right- THE 'C ' RULE!]
-Both A and B.
-A, B and C.
-All of  the above.
-None of  the above.

Wish we had so many choices in life!

Everyday supersonic jets fly inside my head, they hit my ear drums, make their way to the skies! Its a mad, mad world....and here i belong....may sanity prevail...if  not for these humans...aah!!!

PS: am mad.period.

Raksha Bhat!


Nascent Hydrogen said...

Enamma.. u change your background so much a? Haha! Nice post btw

Raksha Ramachandra said...

Hey Niviii!!!Thanks!I like the pink umbrella:p...all the best for the ortho test tomo..I have indeed gone crazy!See you tomo in the granite building;)!

Anupa said...

nice post but whats the moral of the story? you are mad?

Raksha Ramachandra said...

Anupa,you especially don't need a blog post to draw that conclusion;)