Monday, April 12, 2010

Boredom and Liquid Sunshines

A quite pondering thought, if there are a plenitude things left to do in this world why are people bored with ease???
I stand still,go blank and stare at darkness,I shamefully agree to the fact that I am one of those kind too,I often say"I am bored now,I don't know what to do!".
I also belong to the elite category of  humans  who can handle multiple tasks at a time with equal attention and succeed in not many of them,life is not bad that way!Things and people can disinterest me in seconds,if they please me hell care about the rest! I talk aloud with myself,I can sing songs until my ears ask me to shut up[Can anyone define this wierd psychiatric illness?].There is something wrong with my system,I muse over this thought only to realize,boredom is when you want to rest, when you think you have worked enough, like adding a brick to the Great Wall of China or studying Embryology for eight hours a stretch!

A not so happening Monday evening,I look out of the window,I can see the winds carry sand on the road and move in all directions,nothing holds them.I stare at them and am back into those mood pause again,my thoughts reel and nothing holds them either.

I think of the rain,I can hear it coming!I decide to go out for a walk.Mom gives a cautionary note.Expected.I cross the buildings,I reach the trees,I can hear the funny barbet going 'kuttttrrrrr kutttttr',I feel the breeze,I can smell the mud,I can hear the rain coming!Eyes closed,I breath deep and my heart feels light,tiny drops fall from the sky,I catch them.I turn and look at the road towards home.I don't want to go back.I am happier here,and for a rhinitis caught along with the drizzle drops,there is always a Dcold!

"The best remedy for those who are afraid,lonely or unhappy is to go outside,somewhere they can be quiet alone with heavens,nature or God.Because only then does one feel that all is as it should be,and God wishes to see all people happy,amidst the simple beauty of nature." -Anne Frank.

[PS: Bangalore is a lovely place when it rains!!!]

Raksha Bhat

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Anonymous said...

Very nice one :) loved it...
- Sonia