Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Compound Fracture!

We earthlings have an amusive language,here are a few things about which I wonder,thanks to the n disorders in psychiatry i read or the vitamin pills i forgot to pop today:)!
Hmmm...some funny compound words which crossed my mind and here i rant...

Ice ice only cream,how about calling it cold cream?

Pen drive...from which angle does it look like a pen,and what can you drive with it?

Smart card...Smarties own them?

Mobile phone...people become immobile on the road when this in their pocket rings..they stop and pick the call...walk and talk walk and talk..kya Idea Sirji!
[If Alexander Graham Bell was alive,he would commit suicide for a sad progress and misuse of his invention!]

Book worm...if old books were home to worms why do they smell sweet?:)if someone loves books why do we call them worms and caterpillars!

Face book...faces of ur friend's old friend's cousin's girlfriend's ex-boyfriend's sister's photos on your  home page as update!!!eeks creepy worms social networking site can give company like a book!

Week end...if sunday is called weekEND why did my teacher tell me that Sunday is the first day of the week!
Tea cup...Lalooo ki jai...matka chai:)tea not from a cup and stil feels like you are waking up in Assam!

Brain wash...dood si safedi nirma se ayi:)!someone please wash my brains and put a stop to my nonsense!

Holy cow...cow is a sacred animal we all know and we stil swear!

Bull shit...Everyone does!

Hand writing..anyone wanna try with the leg?

Lady bug...good ladies don't bug,hmmm what about the males then..'gentle' men bug??? 

Back bite..apples are tastier;)the worst of all the backbite kinds is when we cheat ouselves:)

Chair man...a man who can't get his butt off the chair:)!

Hand can hand yourself to really some...

Life time...about life...about time...about two things we never stop complaining,and both put together is all what we have to make our dreams come true!

Best friend...if  he was not the best..he would  never have been your friend!

PS:am more mad.

Raksha Bhat


Anil said...

Some more:-

Buildings- already built!
Greenland- Full of white ice!
Apartments- All stuck together
Cowboys - On horses!

Arjun said...


Raksha Ramachandra said...

@Anil:its addictive i tell you:)

@Arjun:Thank you!