Monday, April 26, 2010

Stupendously Stupid!

Akdandi ikdandi
Choosandi vachindi...

[This dialogue comes from my latesht fancy for Telugu movies,call it the Post Maghadeera Effect:P]

Here is a man of great honour,I adore him for his zest to follow his master's orders, he ends up charring the chicken fry every time is of course a different issue.I hate him for the fact that he never learns his lessons.His innocent ignorance deserves an applause.

Ah those Tinkle days,his jokes I always read first.He is dumb but he is quite a charmer,a pro-Suppandi will definitely agree to this.No ill feelings against the Einsteins of the world.I do not intend to create a conflict between the highbroweds and the loonies.We all know the world is more filled of the latter,everyone around seems to be brainless for the most of us,well except for ourselves.We all belong to the protagonist's family and unknowingly carry our prided ego.The hero lives in all of us.

Dull,dim,dumb,senseless,sloths,slugs,I am not talking about the kinds.The whole world is awake,aware and blissfully enjoying the way everything and everyone is.Silly happenings excite us,silly things make us laugh,silly people make our lives;and the world is always a happy place.

People fight for gay rights when there are countless hungry kids to be fed[Advantage of being gay-Population Control:P..PS:nothing against homosexuality!].A commercial sports endeavour and the whole nation devotedly follows,well who is gonna give the world so much entertainment and sports together in dirt cheap.We all love it.A god man has thousands of disciples,he gets an agreement for sex from all of them!God wonder who signed those papers?A very devoted set I must say,and one day he is world famous for his sleazy videos and the whole nation watches,he has the same shameless poise under custody.A god man, indeed a far gone man!People dance,sing,get married,dump partners,get the wrong/right part hit[watch Roadies!].And,send SMSs![It doesn't matter if we don't vote in the elections,how does it make a difference!] Remember the Qazis and like?Anyone can put up a bad show and become our Idols! If we see the same person singing on the road,be sure we are not gonna turn back and look at them.Come supermarkets and malls,buy 2 get 1 free,who is gonna buy them otherwise?.
We live in a mentally retarded society where ethics and individuality are considered aliens.A crowd of hundred fools can be convinced that zebras are painted white horses.But if you tell a fool this,he will definitely try riding and check!The mantra is this, its easier to topify [put cap/hat:P..simple term-cheat] a gang of them than one Suppandi.Mass hysteria I say.Beware the stupidity is contagious.You are not considered normal if you are not like them.If you raise above the mediocrity,stupids call you stupid.Basically it is a stupids world...Sigh!
Hope for a day when Suppandi will be his own master!



leks said...

Heyyy! Arrived hopping from a blog to another to another and then this one ^-^

@post- was had numerous threads but the best was...reminiscence of Suppandi ^-^ likkked it!

Raksha Ramachandra said...

Thank you lek!:)

Anupa said...

what did VIP tell Lux Cozy??? "Ssup, undy??!!"

Raksha Ramachandra said...

@Calvin the pirate:My dear Suppundy your undy trades off my,your one liners and anagrams,love it all...waiting to see that travelogue on the the smells so malnadishhh!!!!:)