Friday, March 11, 2011

A Call From Home

Come March 26th,the world is turning off its lights and other appliances for an hour at night,from eight thirty.The hour is called the 'EARTH HOUR',this is a global event organized by WWF to raise awareness about climate change.The campaign initially began in Sydney in 2007,many cities all over the world have participated for this cause every year since then.For more details visit-Earth Hour.

How does it matter?Why should I?How can turning off all lights at where I live save this planet?So what after EARTH HOUR?These are some predictable questions whose answers we surely are aware of,aren't we?If we think more we will realize that there is so much good left to be done and more bad to be undone.

"Oh these campaigns,like they are of help!" is a popular attitude.While we say this we continue to utilize atrociously every resource which the earth provides us for free.We are well aware of the consequences of our acts,but we choose to ignore it.We know our duties and responsibilities,but we choose to do nothing.We humans suffer from a wishful callousness and every other being on this planet is already paying the price for it.

Frankly speaking for a large populace on this globe,everyday is filled with many a Earth Hour.Drinking water,fuel and electricity mean unseen and unaffordable luxuries to them.By the way how many of us in the cities do not complain about an hour long power cut during a cricket match?And how many of us will walk on the road if there is a transport strike?We know the answers,don't we?

A little shortage of power and energy can halt our schedules and make our lives go haywire.Looking at  our current plight all that can be said is "We do not know what we have until we lose it".It is enough late but giving up our efforts is not any close to a justification.Simple things can actually make a difference,like throwing waste into the dustbin instead of littering and using paper for a bare minimum.Here is a list that I have made,it took me a whole night to draw these pictures,a small attempt with colors after a very long time.I know I have missed a few Dos and Don'ts here,the list is actually exhaustive!I probably would have run out of words and colours!Please do feel free to add them in the comments section for the benefit of our fellow readers.

Here goes my list:

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While brushing teeth,washing hands or cleaning utensils we all have the habit of running water endlessly.Each time when we turn on a tap,half the water that flows out goes down the drain without actually being used.If we make a conscious effort to turn the tap off when not in use,we will not only conserve water but also save the energy that is being used to pump the water to our homes.Otherwise the day is not far when the salt water of the seas and oceans shall fill our jugs,pitchers,filters and water bottles.
Our Duty:To Use Water 'Very'Judiciously.

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Keeping a check on the amount of electricity that we consume not only saves our money but also saves our environment.By doing so we can reduce our bills and the demand for fuel used to generate electricity.Switching the fan and lights off while leaving a room is a simple thing to do.Use the other appliances as well with the same caution.This little act if done everyday is equal to a hundred earth hours that the people of this world observe on one day.Think about it!
Our Duty:To Turn Off !

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Solar energy is an alternative form of energy with more advantages than disadvantages.It is sustainable,renewable and cost effective.Sadly only a minuscule of it is used by the general population.It can be used for water heating,drying,cooking and even for  the purpose of generating electricity.It is pollution free and virtually inexhaustible.So what stops us from trying this?
Our Duty:To Light Our Homes,Our Planet...NATURALLY!

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As city dwellers we are shrewdly helpless about urban deforestation.It hurts to see mighty and archaic trees being axed for road widening purposes.But months later we pass through the same road with a sigh of relief saying,"Ah,finally!No traffic!".I guess only a Green Revolution on some colossal scale is the only thing that can save us before our globe turns into a Giant Sahara Desert!
Our Duty:To Throw The Axe And Keep The Green!

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How many of us honk,swear and speed a little extra when there are only five seconds before the green turns back to red?Time is important I agree,patience is more and our planet the most!Imagine the noise and air pollution we are adding to that which already exists.If there is something good that we can do in a choking traffic,it is in turning off our vehicles at the signals.
Our Duty:To Commute,Not To Pollute!

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I have done some good by using this to the maximum extent possible,of course with all the howl and wail.Trust me,travelling in local buses here in Bangalore is a completely different misery by itself.But it is better than pointlessly loading the lanes of our cities with unnecessary traffic.Unfortunately most of  us have bothering issues with the concept of travelling together!
Our Duty:To Leave The Car At Home,Catch The Bus Or Train!

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In this era of malls and supermarkets,buying stuff has been very easy for us*conditions apply.Every little commodity comes neatly packed,tightly sealed and is tagged with a price.The neighbourhood grocery store is remembered only at times when the kitchen runs out of sugar or salt.Instead if we spare an hour or so and plan a walk to the store at least thrice a week,it will make a good exercise.If we carry our own bags,it will benefit everyone all the more![*'free'weekends and a lot of cash]
Our Duty: To Use No Unnecessary Plastic And Fuel.

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With limited space to live,gardening has become a tough venture.But that should not stop us from bringing in fresh oxygen and decorating our home with a tinge of green.Flower pots at the most can occupy the corners of a room.For the green seeker and plant lover in us taking care of them can be more than a satisfying activity.If we want to make the world green,we shall first begin at home,I recommend!Our Duty:To Grow Green From Within!

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Rain water harvesting although has been made a must by the government in view of depleting ground water levels and scarcity of water,not many of us have implemented the rule satisfactorily.We will not realize the gravity of the situation until our taps go dry.Installing the apparatus is economically viable,and the water that is collected can be used for a variety of purposes.When there is a downpour the next time,instead of complaining be ready with your harvesting plants to collect the millions of drops for a better use.Our Duty:To Save The Rain,Every Drop Counts!

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Here is something as bloggers all of us can do.By turning off the monitors or the system when not in use we can reduce the energy that goes for a waste while idling.Stand by and hibernate modes are meant to use.Keep the brightness at its lowest that is comfortable.Screen savers are a big 'NO'.Keep the blog template simple,keep a check on the number of widgets.Reduce the number of carbon footprints.Remember no contribution is insignificant,nothing is more important than the cause.Spread the word.As bloggers let us do our bit and make every second feel like a good earth hour.


I am your friend, I am your guide
Tread under my care in the vales wide
I am your bed, I am your roof
There is no place else to run aloof
I am your water, I am your food
You are given nothing but the good
I am your abyss, I am your paradise
With a hundred blessings in disguise
I am your home, I am your empire
Heed to me, kindle not the spite in my fire
I am your land, I am your sky
But you hear me not, I know not why!
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Pradeep said...

Well articulated, Raksha. My take is that while these special days have their token significance, if any substantial improvement has to be made, it has to be on a daily basis.

Like you said, turning off the tap or the light or the fan. It has to be a continuous process, and not a once in a year activity.

I think there has to be a lot of awareness as far as shortage of natural resources are concerned.

Raghu said...

Nicely written.. U got th points to be noted which are dully effecting th earth (us) rather than jst dng our part 4 Earth Hr..

- Raghu

Raksha Bhat said...

@Pradeep: Thank you for visiting and sharing your thoughts:)After what happened in Japan,this sounds all the more true!

@Raghu: Are We Truly Humans?So asks your blog,all I can say is only Humans can be this demonic!Thanks for reading!

Raghu said...

Wht u said is rite.. n ya, I mis-spelled my blog's address.. :-/

- Raghu

Arti said...

A thought provoking post! Its the collective effort that counts no doubt, but we should never shy away from contributing our bit for the environment which makes our life such beautiful...

Raksha Bhat said...

@Arti: Little drops of water make a mighty ocean:)Thanks Arti for liking the post:)

Proshant said...

most of what you've said is entirely valid, and as an environmental enthusiast, I couldn't agree more!

But, to play Devil's advocate, here's a situation...
I stay at a place where we have about 5 hours of powercuts daily; 9 hours in the summer months...we get 3-4 hrs of water supply from 5 in the morning...none on Tuesdays. Go further down, and it gets worse...


so call me cynical if you may, if we can't make a dent in a year, what can you expect in an hour?

Nevertheless, I do admire the optimism in your post...and God knows, we need more people like you..!

Nandhini said...

Wonderful post Raksha! Small readings like this definitely has power to make changes in lives. Good work! And your efforts to make the pictures is amazing. Good wishes!!

Raksha Bhat said...

@Nandhini: Thanks Nandhini,I lost a night's sleep to do them!:)

Anonymous said...

Wonderful post and such lovely sketches. So beautifully told and depicted just what needs to be. Nothing more, nothing less.

Raksha Bhat said...

@ajay: Thank you Ajay:)

Priya said...

Lovely illustrations! Beautiful post..I hope people do follow them :)


Raksha Bhat said...

@Priya: Thank you for finding them nice Priya:)Hope people really do!

Mohonish Chakraborty said...

Wonderful article! and with so many illustrations wow!

Raksha Bhat said...

@Mohonish Chakraborty: Thank you for visiting and liking the post Mohonish,your post is wonderful as well:)

Poet Mamma said...

Hi Raksha, good post. Good points. Cute illustrations. The devil is in the implementation of these everyday activities. They need to become a habit.

Raksha Bhat said...

@Poet Mamma: Thank you so much,glad that you liked them:)

Sourav said...

Subtle and deep, the messages are well conveyed! Liked the post, sharing it! :)

Raksha Bhat said...

@Sourav: Thanks re:)