Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Day For Buddy Best,The Brownie Bird

There is a reason why I call the followers of this blog as‘My Sparrows’.Everyone is going to know the secret today for this is their day, the World House Sparrow Day. The Bombay Natural History Society started this wonderful initiative last year.While we talk of tiger conservations and else we have forgotten that we have started deforesting our homes very long ago.When was the last time a sparrow thought of being our guest,lets ask ourselves.We know the answers,don’t we?   

Living in a part of the city which is covered with moderate greenery I am fortunate enough to see these little birds at my window sill and balcony almost everyday.The sparrows who visit me have always been dear to me.I am now used to watching and listening to them for hours.They have been my constant companions,from the chirping alarm at dawn to the twittering whisper at dusk.They talk to me all the time and I really love them.These are the first birds who made good friends with me.And this is why the ones who visit me here with the same love are called‘My Sparrows’.Each one of you is special to me in the same way,I am happy about that.Thank you.

What is bothering is that the sparrows of the world today are without any grains and nests.Once upon a time these were our friendly neighborhood birds and now they are our urban dodos.This is a sorry state of affair receiving not much of attention,but it actually deserves.What we must understand is that sparrows are more than ecological indicators,they are birds wanting to live but we humans don’t let them.They are our first friends and we have deceived them.We are directly responsible for their declining numbers,the various reasons are:

No Home: Owing to urbanization,modern constructions and concrete buildings there is a dearth of nesting sites.Sparrows previously used to nest on rooftops and crevices,these are the little places they ask for and sadly now we do not give them even that.So will we stop building our houses?

No Food: Today all our food comes pre cleaned and in sealed packets.People used to sun dry all grains,but that was ages back.There are no insects to feed on either.No wonder sparrows find it difficult to find the way to our homes.So will we stop buying packed stuff?

Pesticides: The increasing use of pesticides in agriculture is one of the major causes for the disturbance in ecology and sparrows aren’t any spared.So will we stop protecting our crops?

Microwaves: Research has shown that electromagnetic radiation is harmful and affects the breeding of sparrows.So will we stop using our cellphones?

*Attitude:Man is a social animal we say,he used to be very long ago is what I believe because today he is just an 'animal'.In the past pets were considered as our kith and kin,every living being was dear to us.But these days we are busy deciding on which flight to catch or to where,forget making the sparrows fly!Its the TBTC Syndrome again.Conservations,campaigns and anything to do with the green is for the environmentalists,so is our attitude.Until we change this there shall be no wild revolution in its truest sense.So will we change our attitude?

We are not really kind to stop all this,we are the Homo sapiens.We follow the ‘Survival Of The Fittest’ rule way over nature’s limit.But once in a while it is sensible and good on our part to help other living beings survive too.This is something which we really need to do,a little effort and a little time is all that it requires to'be humane'.Here are some suggestions,follow them for there is only good and no harm:
  • Place earthen water pots in your balconies and gardens.
  • Feed the birds with some grains.
  • Keep artificial nest boxes for them to lay eggs.

Passer domesticus

Your buddy best the brownie bird
I am and my wish is not any absurd
For my hunger a little grain or seed
Water on your roofs for me to feed
A nest in between this land and sky
For my frail little kids to rest and fly
Can you give me O' dearest a friend
Or should I sing the song of my end?


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    ajay said...

    Reading this post, I was reminded of the story The Portrait of a Lady by Khushwant Singh I'd read in school textbook. That poem you've penned is beautiful and a fitting ode to the beautiful bird.

    The wild said...

    Certainly do miss the chirpy sparrows

    Here is an article i read in the newspaper

    Raksha Bhat said...

    @ajay: Thank you ajay:)

    @The wild: Thanks for sharing:)

    Krishnkant Dave said...

    Join the cause and for sparrow...

    Beyond Horizon said...

    Such an informative and concern post!

    glad that this birdie buddy has nest on my window sill...and Whats surprising is, the same nest has been the home for almost 10 sparrow families, only once it had been remade by them! I have named it as "Maternity Nest" for these lovely small birdies :) Once the whole family had come back for the roof during rainy days, It was lovely!!!

    loved the pic, and the poem :)

    Raghu said...

    So true.. I remember, me & my sis used to watch the bird daily in the evening when we were having Tea in our garden.. Now a days, unable to find a single one.!! Its sad..:(

    P.S: Guess what, I saw a sparrow on Sat whenever we went on a ride..

    - Raghu

    Anonymous said...

    thank you, i like the way you've been very practical in the suggestions you have given. grandiose, idealistic plans dont work, but everone can spare some small effort to help

    Guruprasad Timmapur said...

    Hi Raksha, Nice article..

    I really liked the line "Man is a social animal we say,he used to be very long ago is what I believe because today he is just an 'animal'."


    Raksha Bhat said...

    @Krishnakanth Dave: Thanks for stopping by and sharing the link:)

    @Beyond Horizon: An apt name I must say:)You are lucky Poo:)

    @Raghu:Get those chirpers back to your garden then:)

    @confusedyuppie: Thank you:)

    @Guruprasad Timmapur:Thank you...Correct me if I am wrong:)Are you the same Guruprasad who my friend Anup talks about?:)

    subtlescribbler said...

    This one was for ur blog too :)
    sparrows are surely our nearest friends and i must confess something ' that there have been times wen i actually blurted out things to a sparrow near my window coz i had noone else to share it with' :P

    a lovely post...thnks for sharing this!


    Raksha Bhat said...

    @subtlescribbler: That means a lot Sarah:)Thank you:)

    Bobby said...

    wow! thats a wonderful post i hav come across recently..thnx alot for conveyin it sensitively and to get it into head straight!
    Bangalore ascenders team..

    ... Madhumathi ... said...

    Good post Raksha :)

    Raksha Bhat said...

    @Bobby: Glad that you liked it:)

    @Madhumathi: Thank you Madhu:)

    Guruprasad Timmapur said...

    May be yes :), I know anup well...

    A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

    Very informative.

    Raksha Bhat said...

    @Guruprasad Timmapur: Oh I see!Its a small world:)Glad to have you here on my blog:)

    @A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart!:Thank you:)