Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Heavens Else

Image courtesy-JuliaHurts-Deviantart

Two foot mine set out on a long but beautiful road 
With all things in my backpack,quite heavy a load
I looked ahead and turned not to see my folks cry
While they waved me with their tears a goodbye

Wheels on the streets and aeroplanes in the skies
Boats in the waters and all that runs,sails or flies
Board I did to wander in a paradise far and away
Singing to me myself 'Oh what a perfect holiday!'

A world it was of bridges strong and buildings tall
Every fine wonder that man alone hath made it all
People I met,places I reached,pretty nice and new
Grabbing each moment of joy that a journey threw

But alas!My gypsyish delight was not meant to last 
For I forgot memories are God's present from past
 No letters nor a call and I thought I could care less  
I had lost more than I had gained is what I confess

As I slept in the chaos and woke in the silence long
On one good night I remembered my mother's song
My father's sweat hidden behind a smile for my sake
And my forever friends fighting for my birthday cake

Off I strode back then on a way safe and the shortest
To meet the guides and comrades of my life the best 
 'They are waiting!'some thing from inside always tells
Home is where my heart is,not in any heavens else!



The twenties girl said...

lovely post.. n the last line's very true!

Jingle said...

very visual and fun piece.
well done.


Jingle said...


have fun exploring..

Rachel Hoyt said...

Great poem! Home is definitely where the heart is! :)

The Fool said...

Nice poem.Vivid imagery and a message as well.

Raghu said...

Nice poem..:D

bendedspoon said...

you have written beautifully the sentiments of many. it's good to be back home :)

Butterflies of time said...

"My fav place on earth-My home,
I may travel far across the seas
and yet in my heart,I remain
at Home"
nice one,Raksha

Beyond Horizon said...

So very True!
We might sometimes irritated and won't to be alone for a while, but we can never leave our Heaven - Our Home :)

Raksha Bhat said...

@The twenties girl:Thank you girl:)

@Jingle:Thanks again for the invite:)

@Rachel Hoyt:Thanks for liking Rachel:)

@The Fool:A thanks to you too:)feels weird to call,may I know the story behind 'The Fool'?

@Raghu: Thanks for being so regular here:)

@bendedspoon: Thank you:)

@Butterflies of time: Glad that you liked it:)

@Beyond Horizon: Trust me,I cannot:)

Raghu said...

@ Raksha: NP..:D
Keep blogging..

Anonymous said...

sweet- thank you for sharing! my potluck.. http://fiveloaf.wordpress.com/2010/04/07/frozen-fears/

Raksha Bhat said...

@Raghu: :)

@fiveloaf: Thank you for visiting:)