Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Queen

'Tring!Tring!Triiiing!' the alarm clock near the bed lamp rang,she was awake an hour before that.The pitch dark coldness at five in the morning least bothered her,there was something else in her mind.Nudging the pillows she tried hard not to sleep while she made a plan for the day's breakfast.It was the hardest of all the plans that she had to make.There was not much time left before the morning circus would begin.The husband detested the smell of toast and omelette while the son could not survive without them.The in laws wanted either dosas,idlis or upama while the daughter had long forgotten the first meal of the day.It was tough to decide what 'not’ to cook.

'Come what may I have to make something for all of them!'so she thought and sprang up from the bed and rushed to the bathroom.She freshened up and put on her walking shoes and set out for her forty minute morning walk.This was the best part of every day with some light from the sun,some chirp from the birds,some lanes to tread,some thoughts to ponder and some time for herself.She loved it.She remembered the things to do at home,as she walked through the fog on the way back she thought of a perfect itinerary for the day.She smiled to herself,she was a pro at it because this is what she has been doing for the last twenty eight years.

Waking up everyone on time was a herculean task,getting the kids ready for school was another.But she was used to this daily grind.Her food factory opened on time.Omelette and toast were made,chapathis were rolled and idlis were steamed.In the end cups of filter coffee brewed which added a perfect aroma to the dawn.While everyone ate the food they liked,she watched them with a strange relief.Like every lady who makes a home,she hated seeing them hungry.

The school van arrived on the street and honked,the kids rushed.She ran behind them with their lunch boxes and water bottles.She waved to them till the van turned at the end of the road and moved out of sight.She prayed with a thought 'Few hours and it shall be evening,hope both of you get back home safe!'.She raced back in to search the husband's missing pair of socks.Before he could start his ritual of roaring she dug it out of the closet and gave it to him.There were some things and places in the house which only she was aware of,everyone in the house knew that she was their saviour.He then got on his bike and rode away towards his office.She made the same prayer again.

One task of the day was done,many were lined up.She gave the father in law his morning tablets,the pots then needed to be watered.After doing that she got the clothes washed and rinsed,silently thanking God for the washing machine.The utensils were piled up like a hillock in the sink,she cleaned them in minutes.The trash was thrown,the floor was swept and mopped.And then there was lunch to be made;rice,curries and everything else.By the time her factory stopped for a break,noon had begun.Before she could have her lunch,she had to rush to pay the electricity bill lest the lineman would cut the power supply to the house.A few groceries and vegetables were out of stock,she bought them too.So far so good,so she felt and returned home.The clock struck four and the kids would be back home from school very hungry,she had promised them their favourite onion pakoras she remembered.She made them with utmost care,a little less spicy because it was for the kids.They loved it.

Evening for the family was meant for a stroll in the park,the kids played on the swing and seesaw while their grandparents walked with their peers discussing about their daughter in law,life and else.She accompanied them like a caring nanny.The kids were given chocolates and ice candies[only one on alternate days]when they walked back home.Homework was meticulously done under her supervision.When the father was back home late during dusk he got them books,toys and toffees.The kids asked him then"Appa,did you get anything for Amma?".The father said"Yes,me and myself".She laughed with a selfless joy,for there was nothing more than her family that she ever prayed for!

After the last cooking process for the day,dinner was served.School happenings,office issues and world affairs discussed on the dining table.Television ran in the background,the kids were allowed to watch cartoons provided they drank a glass of milk before sleep.The grandparents went to bed early,the kids were forced to sleep with her songs and stories.When the night grew darker and the crickets started singing,the lights were turned off.She was then back to bed tired and happy,her plans for the day had worked like always.And then again within a few hours,the alarm clock near the bed lamp rang'Tring!Tring!Triiing!'

This is the everyday story of a Queen in her Queendom,precisely my mother at home.I am seeing her go through this mundane routine for years.The astounding part is she never complains.Because of her everything is on time and in place.I am grateful to her for that.I know there are many ladies like her out there for whom life is their family and home.The work that they do seems nothing more than ordinary to most of us.Even if we notice,concern is all that we will show them.They deserve much more!

With times priorities have changed,women have come out of the four walls which once surrounded them and have excelled in every field.They juggle between work and home with more than just grit and sweat.Responsibilities have magnified,so have the dangers.It is more than surprising how women balance every small and big thing that is thrown on them.I strongly believe that women are far better than men in handling adversities.Women have the tenacity to withstand,the humility to take and the capability to give.Maybe that is why no matter where they are,how they are and what they are...they always will make a life,of other's more than theirs.My mother has made mine,she is my inspiration and that is the reason why she and every lady like her I call them 'The Queen'.Here is me wishing each one of them for every day 'A Happy Women's Day!' 


PS: This post is written as a part of Celebrating FemInspiration-Women's Web


Bhagyashree said...

An every day story written so well. Mothers are our life suport aren't they, I fanybody complements me saying that I am like my mom, then my day is made!! :)
Happy Women's Day!!

Beyond Horizon said...

aww...This one is a super powerful post Raksha!
being a homemaker is not easy...I can work long hours...but doing household chores while my mom is not around...Phew!!! not so easy at all...Hats off to the Queens!

Happy Women's Day :)

Raajii said...


Happy Women's day!

Lakshmi said...

Loved the post Dear... A worthy tribute to all women around the globe... and our darling Mom's... I just wish that when I become one I can be as selfless as they are :)

Proshant said...

I guess, you won't be surprised when I say: "it reminds me of my mom...!"

I loved the attention to details, made the prose very real and very readable...a lot of personal touches, too...

and, I'm just curious, are you a Feminist?

oh, lest I forget...Happy Women's Day!

subtlescribbler said...

a very sweet post :) the queen's truly are wonderful creatures and v just can't do without them...God created them with so much affection and love , and it clearly is seen in their selfless attitude towards all those around them. happy women's day to u too :D


Raghu said...

Another wonderful blog from your end.. Well written.. Thats the same thing which all mothers go through..:D

Raksha Bhat said...

@Bhagyashree: Thats my case too:)Thnk you for reading:)

@Beyond Horizon:So true...wishes to you too Poo:)

@Raaji: ':):)'...to you too Raaji:)

@Lakshmi:A happy one to you:)Thank you for reading:)

@Proshant:The first guy to comment:)...haha...ain't a feminist:)...am just a female with her head firm on her shoulders...concerned about men as well:)

@subtlescibbler: To you too Sarah:)

@Raghu:Wishes to your mother,thanks for reading:)

Sameera said...

What a wonderful post!! And I could picture all this as the read it. Very well written and a message beautifully conveyed.

PS: I always note you write for these contests.. I would be glad to know if there i any link where I could vote and promote your posts.

Raksha Bhat said...

@Sameera: Thank you for reading Sam...luckily these contests in various forums do not have a voting system...your comments are my votes:)..I love reading your feedbacks...these contests kind of give me topics to write:)makes blogging easy:)A Happy Women's Day to you Sam:)

womensweb said...

Thank you for your entry, Raksha!

Anonymous said...

lovely post Raksha, it makes me wonder how taken for granted our mothers are at times ... their love and dedication is beyond compare .. salute to all women for the mothers they have hidden within them :) Trupz

Raksha Bhat said...

@womensweb: Thanks for giving the chance to thank all the Queens!:)

@blawghh: Truptz it is indeed sad,we acknowledge their role in our lives not very often and when we do so with a little'Thank You'the smile on their face says how much we mean to them,I still remember my mom's 50th birthday last year,we had got her a cake for the first time,she had told us"This is my first bday cake!",she was so happy and excited that day!:)Thanks for reading:)I still have to show her this post.She does not know that I have written so much about her!;)

Purba said...

Gosh! that's a day in the life of your Mom. hats off to the lady :)
She is an inspiration.

Raksha Bhat said...

@Purba: Guess that is the case of almost all the ladies!A Happy Woman's Day Di:)

Dew said...

So true! :)

Raksha Bhat said...

@Dew: Thank you for stopping by:)