Tuesday, March 15, 2011

For The Hero


The brave die never,though they sleep in dust,
Their courage nerves a thousand living men.
-Minot J. Savage-

Dear Major,

Today is a special day for you turn thirty four,wishes to you Sir.There is no gift that we can give in return for what you have given us,your life.You are remembered not just for your selflessness and courage  but for the wonderful person you are.We admire your simplicity and integrity.There is a strange energy in you smile and an intense desire to be the best,and this is our inspiration.We thank you for that. 

Terror spreads,heroes fight and every sacrifice like yours fades away with time.Your dad once rightly said"Everyone wants children like Bhagat Singh or a Bose,but in the neighbour’s house".We are extremely sorry for keeping one of the killers and thugs whom you fought with.He is more than alive,with a life of a prince.It hurts to see criminals living and martyrs dead.Law has its own course they say,but justice delayed is indeed justice denied.We know this is extreme malfeasance on our part to what you have done for us,your fellow countrymen.We are citizens with tied hands or so we believe.We are hapless,helpless and hopeless.We do not deserve your life and your valour deserves much more than what we have given you.

Salutes to you and your parents.Hope regret and remorse fills our hearts some day.Hope peace prevails some day.Hope more men like you take this nation to a new and brave pedestal and make all of us proud some day.We need people like you.We miss you Sandeep Sir.In our memories you shall always stay,our hero.HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

-Raksha Bhat

Today is Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan's birthday,if not everyday let us remember him today for his life and everything that he has given us.
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Sameera said...

Girl..I applaud you for everything you are... ! We all read the news and forgot. But to pay a simple tribute.. how beautiful is that thought!
My wishes to Major. May his memories live on!!

Prakash said...

Brave man. Salutations.

I-Ore Trading said...

Thank you Raksha for reminding the soulless people of this country. A youngman happily sacrificed his life so that others could live.

Wake up India.

Honor your martyrs so what if the government is myopic and selective, we can be large hearted and remember our bravehearts.

Anil Kohli

Ana said...

Salute and happy birthday to the great major. God bless his soul. :)

Ajay Ramakrishnan said...

Guts & Glory! Sandeep Unnikrishnan's Story! He shall remain a saga for others to emulate! God Bless!
A great tribute Raksha...may the Almighty provide strength to the cause!!
Colonel Ajay Ramakrishnan,SM

Bikramjit said...

I am proud today that i came over to ur blog .. really what a post .. YES shamefully i had forgotten .. thank you for reminding me again and yes I rmemeber writing this line that all want bhagat singh but in neigbhours house... VERY TRUE

I salute the brave man who gave the ultimate sacrifise combating terrorism ...

God bless

Sourav said...

I am deeply touched, we write all the non-sense but no one remembered this day. I am unusually lost for words now, thank you for this post!

Happy birthday Sir. May you smile, wherever you are, wishes to your family too!

One of the most sensible article, I've read since a long time.

Lakshmi -Celebrations said...

I am deeply touched.
Happy Birthday Sir,Sandeep.
God bless him and his family.

bhavana said...

Dear Raksha,
Many THANKS for such a wonderful article! It is people like you who remember every detail and pen it down well for us to read and ponder. Keep up the great work!
Happy Birthday, Sir. May your courage be instilled forever in ever Indian!


Chandrika Shubham said...

Salute to Major!

Nice way to dedicate the post.

Raghu said...

Salute to Major..

Anonymous said...

Many thanks for writing this post. We spend so much time on frivolous things but can't spare a day to remember and pay tribute to our real heroes. Salute to the major. He memories and deeds will live on to inspire us.

Beyond Horizon said...

Great tribute to the hero, Raksha
I have to bow for the remembrance of the valour written by you !!!

lakshmi rajan said...

Heroes never die. They inspire many to become heroes, their deeds speaks for ever.

Rajesh said...

ACD, So very thoughtful of you! Says a lot about you too. I am very happy to have you on my reading list.

Vande Matharam.

Deguide said...

Long live Major Sandeep, you are a real Bharat Ratna for us.

A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

Many thanks Raksha for reminding us. We must never forget about those brave men who gave supreme sacrifice for our sake.

Nandita Prakash said...

Happy Birthday Sir
Thanx Raksha for such a wonderful post

Raksha Bhat said...

@Sameera: Thank you Sam...

@Prakash: Yep,he deserves more!

@I-Ore Trading: Hey Anil thanks for stopping by and reading.

@Ana: Hope our wishes have reached him,thanks for being here Ana.

@Ajay Ramakrishnan: Its an honour to have you here Sir,thank you for reading.

@Bikramjit: Yes I remember reading it on your blog long ago:)Thank you Bikram for those kind words.

Raksha Bhat said...

@Sourav: Thank you Sourav:)

@Lakshmi-Cebrations: Thank you for visiting,may those wishes reach him.

@bhavana: Some people touch and stay in our hearts through the deeds that they do and Major Sandeep is one among them,this is nothing compared to what he has given us.Thanks for stopping by and reading Bhavana.

@Chandrika Shubham: Thank you Chandrika.

@Raghu: Prayers and wishes to his family too.

@ajay: He indeed is an inspiration.

Raksha Bhat said...

@Beyond-Horizon: Poo thank you for that.

@lakshmi rajan: Hope we learn from them,even a little would do.

@Rajesh: Thank you for those encoraging words.

@Deguide: Yes he is,thank you for reading.

@A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart: We must never but we do and that is what is disturbing,thank you for reading.

@Nandita Prakash: Thank you Nandita.