Monday, April 4, 2011

Friends For Life

I wander here now on a busy but lonely street
While my heart thumps with a not so new beat
My eyes search and find things that I need not
How do I tell you’O my friend I miss you a lot!’

Ah!From dusk to dawn what nostalgia strikes
Through the wild those dozen treks and hikes
Those ghost stories to each other that we told
And the winds that hugged us together in cold

Cricket in pitch dark,not mornings we played
For on each night out hours awake we stayed
Scooty rides and treats that nobody calls food
No roads of our town that we left for any good

All the bonus birthday bumps,cheer and shout
A silly joke till this day that we can laugh about
Each treasure like these that binds us in knots
Are clicked and captured in million snapshots

When I see them,I know you are still the same
Wish we freeze our times more than in a frame
For now separating us are the ocean and skies
To meet you,my best friend are my silent cries

We shall for life,not if soon tread hand in hand
Remember no friend is left forever in an island
Come lets create the future like our past again
If not for us,for the friendship that will remain


PS1: Dear boys in this picture,I know this is some heavy stuff for you.This poem is my little gift to you.This picture is one of my favorites just like you.I know you are not the kind of friends who wear their hearts on their sleeves and talk often.Time,place and people that surround all of us are now different.Having watched you for all these years as a common friend this is what I have deciphered-you guys are friends for life!I know this poem is just like a grain on the shore:)I just hope that you,my gubachis like it:)You can dedicate the poem to each other,let me know who wants to first!


Anonymous said...

The joy of beautiful friendship, such a touching write here. Enjoy the rally!

Blaga said...

Friendship is a treasure! Lovely poem!

bendedspoon said...

Lovely memories of friendship you are creating in here! :)

Bikramjit said...

Awwwwwwwww LOVED IT .. I am sure from my psots you can figure out i hold friendship very high and i have been blessed with people who will gve there right arm for me without a though..

FRIENDSHIP is the best and yes they are for life God bless you ..

we seldom find people who think that way in todays day and age where friendships last a few hours let alone days ..
and back biting and stabbing is so very common .. love is not more thete its always who can we use as a step to go up ..

HAts off to you for such a beautiful poem and i am sure you friends will be damn proud of you ...


Morning said...

sweet tribe on friendship,
welcome to JP..


subtlescribbler said...

perfecto! the picture, the poem and the sentiments behind it :)
loved it very much! Its not everyday u meet people who keep relations in such high regards..i happen to one of them and so happy to see others sharing similar feelings :)


Anonymous said...

what a beautiful tribute to friendship.

Anonymous said...

This is a lovely, sensitive poem about friendship. What a gift. Glad you joined it to potluck. Victoria

Beyond Horizon said...

Sweetest dedication, tribute to friendship :)

Anonymous said...

nice write.. friendship is a wonderful thing.. my potluck..

Anup B Prakash said...

Only 2 people can realize how true each of your words is... am thankful to be one of them!!!!!

Raksha Bhat said...

@lynnaima: Yep there is so much of nostalgia around this week:)Thanks!

@Blaga: The precious of the lot:)Thanks for reading!

@bendedspoon: Thank you:)

@Bikramjit: ':)'..Thank glad I made a friend like you here through blogging:)

@Morning: Thank you:)

@subtlescribbler: Keep them the way they are:)Thanks for liking:)

@DavidAllenWaters: Thanks David:)

@liv2write2day: My pleasure:)I am reading the others as well:)

@BH: Thanks again Poo:)

@fiveloaf: I have read it already:)

@Anup B Prakash: I am thankful that you are one among the two too...Chandru was on cloud nine yesterday after guys must seriously plan to meet should have gone with Ponting and his boys;)

Raghu said...

Good one.. Thnx 4 writin tis..

Raksha Bhat said...

@Raghu: My pleasure:)

Someone is Special said...

Wonderful poem about friendship.. I love it..

Someone is Special

Raksha Bhat said...

@SIS: Thank you SIS:)