Monday, April 11, 2011

Sharing Is A Bliss

A condensed speck of matter begot from a giant explode
With skies,waters and land that made a wonderful abode
Journeyed around the burning sun through day and night
Holding a treasure called life with all its heart and might

Eons back in its kingdom a little cell with a spark arose
Wonder what good goad did God have,for this he chose
Green planktons bred,fishes swam and insects crawled
White birds soared,reptiles slithered and frogs croaked

Mighty dinosaurs lived and tramped with all their pride
Ivory tusks of mammoths not under any fossils did hide
Every blood and seed grew with a hundred heaven's hue
For from cradle to grave was a bond of kinship truly true

One fateful day came to power a man,the supreme beast
He left not a fruit or grass,a bone or meat after his feast
Now scraped and sucked is its tiny terrain and fiery core
Bereft of fear he still does ask“Is there anything more?”

A tyranny of extinction cloaked in the name of evolution
Is his rule,for this problem will he try and find a solution?
Or sleep in a fathomless darkness of his self made abyss?
Hope he remembers,not surviving but sharing is a bliss!



SUB said...

awesome...cannot say anything more... too good...


bendedspoon said...

perfect just like life before humans enter into the picture. Sad but we're part of it but hopefully it's not too late to make it beautiful once again...yes to bliss :)

poetsenvy said...

I think we have to work smarter to keep our planet going. We are far too wasteful.

The Fool said...

Beutiful poetry with the strong imagery capturing evolition nicely.

Jingle said...

awesome reflection on planet earth.


Happy Potluck.

Raghu said...

good one.. best of luck for the pot luck..!

Beyond Horizon said...

How long can we say, Survival of the fittest?!

The pic is so aptly chosen and elegant :)

Raksha Bhat said...

@SUB: Thank you so much!

@bendedspoon:Yeah everything was perfect before we entered in:(

@poetsenvy: I agree!

@The Fool: Glad you liked it:)

@Jingle: Thanks Jingle!

@Raghu: Thanks!

@Beyond Horizon: Yeah me liked the pic too:)Thats why its here:)

Vyankatesh said...

Wonderful poem!!

You have given words to a billion years!!

dr.antony said...

Like an artist's brush,you painted with your words !

Raksha Bhat said...

@Vyankatesh: Thank you:)

@dr.antony: That was a kind analogy:)Thank you!

UmaAnandane said...

Hope he remembers,not surviving but sharing is a bliss!Interesting Input.Liked it!

Raksha Bhat said...

@UmaAnandane: Thank you,glad that you did:) said...

Am in love... again (there's my song)

Raksha Bhat said... And so am I :-D