Sunday, April 10, 2011

Of Corruption Weeds And Conscience Seeds

Only if every Indian had followed Bapu's words with a tad bit of seriousness we would not have reached this sorry state post independence.Sigh!Of all the issues that have hindered our progress corruption tops the list.It has grown through ages and now has deep roots in our system.A change therefore cannot be brought overnight.Also there is a large section of our society which is unaware of any matter of individual or national importance,for whom meeting daily needs is a strife by itself.These are the ones who are an object of misuse for those who are in power.The rest are we,the ones stuck in between who are unfortunately always ready to let go anything and everything.

While we have lived with a hundred discontentment of this kind all these years,in the past few days we have awakened with a new voice.A seventy two year old had the strength to step forward and the determination to bring in some change.People throughout the nation have supported Anna Hazare in this endeavour against corruption.Non governmental organizations,corporates,NRIs,film industry,media,social networking sites and most of all the common man.Political parties and our their leaders have also expressed their solidarity for reasons else.Despite being criticized for its very idealistic approach,the Jan Lokpal Bill has finally been considered by the Indian Government to be passed in the monsoon session of 2011.

So what makes this movement extraordinary?Definitely no other cause would have seen the same uproar.Today the frustration of citizens is more than evident.Although we do not wholly understand the constitution and legal procedures,we have realized that there are no stringent law to whip the corrupt.What we must know is that this bill is not targeted against any government,political leader or party in particular.It is meant to be applied by and for every citizen of this country.If there are loopholes,we are surely sufficient to correct them.Something is always better than nothing.

"To oppose corruption in government is the highest obligation of patriotism"

-G Edward Griffin-

But there are some questions that we need to answer while we wait for this bill to come into force.What after India Against Corruption?Can every demand of ours be met by hunger strikes?How long will this furor last?Will corruption ever end?What is our role?Add a few more-

How many of us can stand in a queue and go by the rules without complaining?
How many of us do not give bribe in a government office to get work done?
How many of us do not tip the traffic police if we violate a traffic rule?
How many of us do not evade tax on things that we own and buy?
How many of us vote during the elections?
How many of us can say this with pride?
-Yes I am not corrupt,nor is my leader!

We need to correct ourselves first.We must stop watering the weeds in our backyard.Revolution in the truest sense begins from within.Apart from water,food,home,electricity,petrol,roads and employment,we need integrity and security.We need prosperity on an equal scale not scandals and scams.We need responsible citizens more than leaders.We need duties as much as rights.Helplessness and ignorance cannot be a reason for our lack of concern and action.If they are then there is nothing that can save us from this moral more than monetary misery.

The world may laugh at our our freedom and democracy now or in a few years down the lane.If there is something that we can do to stop now,why not do it?Agreed that there is no shortage of rules and regulations,there is  no dearth of people who break them too.Isn't it in our hands to make this one count?When we see anything or anyone working against the law let us make an effort to question and curtail.Let us make ourselves accountable and put our Indianness to a prudent use.Let us begin!


Praveen Ram. said...

Well said,
Corruption does not end by blaming the polliticians alone,
It has become a socially accepted norm.
Unless we pledge to be transparent.Very Little will improve.

Raghu said...

Well written.. But our system is so corrupted tht even for slightest thng 2 get dne, we need 2 bribe..! Sorry state of ours..

Angry Ganu said...

I think the common man pays a bribe because he has no other choice while getting his work done at a government office.

I can't imagine why someone would unnecessarily delay his work by months when it is to be done in a day. Public servants have far too much power and that is the problem.

subtlescribbler said...

we all have our parts to play and not just for a week or a month but on day to day basis!
according to me blaming and criticizing things IS important but in their lawful right ways.
sadly things spark up and then cold off after some time. now since this wind has blown , i hope the spark is kept alive in each one of us and we can do our best to curb corruption and the wrongs!
A well written post...some very thoughtful points made :)


Prateek said...

It is great to see a 72years old man stood against the system; compelled the unchanged system to change itself.

dr.antony said...

Decent post.
We often say that the future of India is in the youth of India,and it needed a man of Hassare's age to start something. The worst part is the lack of responsiveness in our society.
Politics work like a mafia.Even though the parties oppose in public,they secretly support the corruption of each other.Unless we expose these criminals,our destiny is already written.

Anonymous said...

a well writen, thought provoking piece.

Raksha Bhat said...

@Praveen Ram: Rightly said:)

@Raghu: We can change that...only if we wish to be different for the good:)

@Angry Ganu: Thats right...we let go things easily:(

@subtlescribbler: I agree...we need to have some reforms in our everyday living:)

@Prateek: Every Indian is grateful to him:)

@dr.antony: Politicians are the only major obstacles to this nation's progress!

@David Allen Waters: Thank you David:)

Bikramjit said...

I accept everything you have written apart from one thing , I am not a Gandhian and i dont believe in it and the Cognress.. I do believe that the seeds of corruption and all this were infact due to Gandhian and congress ways .. But dont want to discuss that here ..

Yes I beelive that a LOUD DHAMAKHA needs to be heard and god willing soon ...

WHat Anna Hazaare has done is a miracle getting so many people together but we got a LONG LONG WAY TO GO yet ...


Raksha Bhat said...

@Bikramjit: Long way to go indeed!