Friday, April 15, 2011

Of Colour And Canvas

"Life is a blank canvas,and you need to throw all the paint on it you can"

-Danny Kaye-

Certain things, places, people and pastimes can always give us a life’s worth pleasure.It is funny how we forget them in our daily humdrum.It happens to me very often:-(Few days ago I had a strange feeling,I wanted to do something which I used to do years ago-PAINTING.I checked my paint tubes,bottles and brushes.They were in a sorry state.I could not help but curse myself for abandoning them for so long.I then thought”So what made me stop painting!?!”Surprisingly I did not have a genuine answer.

Off I was to the stationary shop to buy all what I needed to begin.And now from the past couple of days I am spending almost all my time with colors.I am glad that I started afresh with this self discovery.I hope to put up a picture of the piece that I am working on here on my blog soon.If and only if it comes out as satisfactory as I am expecting it to be.For now I am enjoying this hobby of mine,totally!

Apart from books,if there is anything that anyone can gift me it rather be paints;-)I have always been at solace with art.Painting to me is like healing.Colour soothes my senses.Each stroke that I make reminds me that I should be thankful to the Almighty for lighting up all our lives with a million hues and shades.Else how dull and boring everything would have been?

I believe that creating something beautiful is like experiencing a divine power.It  demands patience and perseverance which at times I lack.Painting helps me develop them.It gives me one of the those times when I like being alone.It strengthens my imagination and gives me an inner peace,the most necessary of all.And this is something which I would like to carry through this and to my next life.

There are various qualities and emotions that we associate with each colour.Green stands for jealousy but it represents prosperity too!Likewise is the red,the colour of love,it  warns us of danger as well;-)Every colour has something to tell.I came across this wonderful website today-Colors In Motion by Claudia Cortes.I like the way  in which all colors are portrayed here.I can relate more to the YELLOW.Do check it out and let me know which colour describes you the best:)

Is there any place,anything or anyone you want to get back to?Then go do it and let me know how you feel.Trust me when I say 'Nothing like it!'.Before you go watch this video I made.I just CANNOT stop tapping my feet to this song.Let me know if you find it nice too:-)

Have a colourful day:-)


Music courtesy:Tune Up!Vs Italobrothers-Colours Of The Rainbow
Images courtesy:Google Search


Raghu said...

Hope to see ur paintin soon..!

Harish said...

Hmm... even i have forgotten my painting... Need to get thru my laziness and start.... Thanks for reminding about painting :)

Bikramjit said...

I am dreadful at painting , I dare not even think of it but then I can always call it Modern art :)

go for it and put it up here so we can see them too ..


Anonymous said...

Hi Raksha - Wish you a very colourful life:)

Raksha Bhat said...

@Raghu: :)

@Harish: Get set go...

@Bikramjit: I will:)a little held up with other things but I make sure I spend a few minutes at least everyday:)

@sajeevkmenon: Thank you so much:)

subtlescribbler said...

wow, so u r painter too...kya baat hai! hope to c u posting some of ur colours strokes on d blog too :)
and that website is so interesting, i spent about 30min in various things..and i think 'red' describes me the best although i m not a very romantic soul!
lovely post :D


Rama Mohan A said...

I did painting as my profession. But when I changed my profession to software side, I missed it. But it is my inner heart. I will start again it soon.

Sameera said...

Oh multi-talented little doctor! You amazed me each time I read your blog!

Colours! Aha!

BTW.. nice work with the look of the blog. Brighter. :)

Pratul Bagri said...

I suddenly feel like painting :)
Nice thoughts they have to be in my reader.

Priya said...

Wonderful post :) I know what you mean about painting, it really is beautiful and satisfying to create something! Great site, I'd say I'm more of a "Blue"!

Raksha Bhat said...

@subtlescribbler: Haha:)Thank you little red riding hood:)

@Rama Mohan: You should:)Thanks for visiting:)

@Sameera: I keep changing it often:)Glad you liked it:)

@Pratul Bagri: Good:)If you feel like doing it half the work is done:)

@Priya: Thanks:)Wishing you all the bright and sky blues:)

Nandhini said...

That was a cool video. Colors do magic!

In a painting, there's nothing like if it would come out well or not. Its an art, a flow of a single moment by the painter and doesn't need a further dissection into it. When the fear of how it would end up ceases, thats when my paintings appear divine to me at the end.

Great, you've inspired many to open their paint boxes today :)

dr.antony said...

Art is any form is a gift.Everyone cannot paint ,just like,everyone cannot sing.And these are things that cannot be taught.
why don't you place some of your pictures? Just a curiosity.I can spend endless times looking at a painting,but unfortunately,cannot paint.
But I am happy that I can appreciate art! Whenever I pick up a color,it happens to be blue.Half my shirts are blue!

Shalini Gowrisankar said...

Nice post .. Your post is gonna get me getting back to blogging more regularly :) and probably learn cooking :)

Sameera said...

Hey Raksha.. Yesterday I bought crayons.. maybe a post hangover ;)

deorohit said...


Raksha Bhat said...

@Nandhini: Thanks for sharing your thoughts:)

@dr.antony: Ok you are the critic kind then:)Haha...and ya I will once am done with it I will put it up here:)

@Shalini Gowrishankar: Glad it inspired you:)

@Sameera: Hope you have started colouring then:)

@deorohit: I take that as a compliment:)Thank you:)

Defiant Princess said...

You know everytime i see colors, i feel like i want to paint/draw but i am not a good artist and that thought holds me back everytime. I guess I wouldnt stop the next time ! :)
Maybe i'll buy a set of oil paints and start painting a bit after my exams are over :P
And hey, I relate to Blue the most, it really is MY colour :)

Raksha Bhat said...

@DP: Finish your exams first and then start off:)Good luck with them:)Thanks for stopping by:)

Sticklefrog said...
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Rajendra Raikwar said...

great efforts