Thursday, April 7, 2011

World Health Day 2011-Combat Drug Resistance

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Today is World Health Day and each year WHO selects a health issue and encourages everyone to work on it in whatever way possible.This year the theme is "Antimicrobial resistance:no action today,no cure tomorrow".Drugs are a matter of public health importance,but unfortunately receive little or no attention from the common man to the policy makers.It is a sad human tendency not to think about what and how it cured,once a disease is cured!

"Achoo" and off the tablet or pill goes down the throat.How many of us do no do this?:)Everyone wants to get well soon and antibiotics in such situations work like 'Miracle Drugs'.We pop them like chocolates and toffees for fever,cough,cold and every illness else.Once prescribed by a doctor,the medicine stays for the same illness for everyone in the house for life.Also there are suggestions from neighbors,relatives,friends and the guy at the medical store,they work better and are cheaper than what the doctor prescibes.If one does not cure our running nose or headache there is always a better drug to start midway.The most helpful of all is that one friendly neighborhood doctor who gives the strongest and best medicine and creates wonders by making us hale and healthy in a day.What we do not know is all this is completely wrong!By doing so we are doing nothing but boosting the immunity of these microbes,not ours!

 Since ages antimicrobials have cured diseases and saved human lives.Due to increasing drug resistance these diseases which were once treatable have now become major threats to our well being and health.If this continues not far is the day when a common cold will turn a killer.It is because of our ignorant practices that microbes are growing stronger than we can imagine to be.Until we act there is nothing that can be done to better the current state of affairs.

Fighting myths and spreading awareness is the need of the hour.We have to be sensible and judicious while we use these drugs,both the doctor and the patient.The former while prescribing and the latter while taking.There are some Dos and Don'ts with these medicines which have to be strictly followed.Any drug that is overused is more dangerous than the disease.Let us not forget that these are only 'drugs' that can save lives,not any elixir of life.

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Raghu said...

True words doc.. Even my mom, sis n everyone I kne or who knws me, prescribe me sme or th other drug thy knw 4 various things..! Thy r really nt aware tht th d same drug mite nt 4 d othr person or th othr person has got sme diff symptoms..! They should be educated..! Even over doze of a paracetamol is dangerous..!

Arjun said...

support Ramdev- use of yoga and ayurveda methods for healthy living- give up allopathy :)

Raksha Bhat said...

@Raghu: Good that you are aware:)Do tell them about it often:)

@Arjun:This post is not a support or protest campaign.Each form of medicine works with its own limits.The whole idea of writing this was to create awareness about the way we use medicines recklessly.If the world had to give up yoga,ayurveda,unani,allopathy or homeopathy there wouldn't have been life saving miracles.With the ill knowledge that we have we point fingers and fail to appreciate.We lack an integrated approach.And by the way you forgot that you are on a doctor's blog.Me though a budding one have seen patients suffer,die,smile and survive.Do remember this for life-'Healing in any form is divine'.This comment of yours deserves a post on my blog,will come back soon;)Thanks for the one sided opinion though:)

Bikramjit said...

Yes Mam.. points noted mam.. Will make sure to abide by them :)


dr.antony said...

First time here,and I liked it.i came through Jyothis blog.

Antibiotic resistance is a complicated issue we face in our practice. The issue is not using them for cough and is the ineffectiveness of life saving antibiotics that is worrying.All hospitals should have what is called an 'antibiotic policy" and should adhere to it.When I was working abroad,I remember the pharmacy refusing to issue some antibiotics even after doctor's prescriptions.We needed to produce evidence to show that the drug was needed.

Raksha Bhat said...

@Bikramjit: Wish every patient said that:)

@dr.antony: Yep prescription writing is taken quite seriously elsewhere:)Glad to see you here:)Welcome to the blog:)