Monday, January 11, 2010

A Return to the Present...

Come another month and am done with one major milestone of my life. These five and half years have been the best so far. So many people met, so many things learnt… and the journey continues….
And now am all set to step into a new world; sounds like a soldier on a war frontier or something! Right now the only thing I can think of is studying hard[books, books and more books!!!] and giving it my best, that’s the only way I can do my post graduation out here!!!No regrets for choosing something of this sort because this is what I always wanted to be!
The whole system of medical entrance examinations work in India in a sad manner. Medicine is the art of healing they say and astonishingly the system of healing itself is badly wounded!!!
Yesterday we watched THREE IDIOTS…. ”don’t go behind success, follow excellence... then success will surely follow you” …one in a million thought!!!The movie projects idealistic targets…but unless these kinds of changes are brought about we will have lots of so called educated professionals around but no one to help our nation and people! We already see hundreds of us flying out, studying abroad, working and earning a living out there and no signs of returning back home! Blame them not because that is how we are trained to learn and work, thanks to the schooling and parenting we the children of this country get!
A radical change is all that is needed. May sound cliche and impractical in today’s world because that is how we are programmed! But if each one of us shows the dedication and commitment towards whatever we do and a little gratitude for the country…we all have a long way to go…
We all can make a difference.
[P s: and our dear friends who flew out ...we all need you…for a better nation…come back! :)]

Raksha Bhat