Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Cherry Blossoms

Cherry blossoms pink and glee under the rainbow skies
A night that meets the yellow sparkle of cheerful fireflies

Blades tall sway and swing with the winds in joyous green
Birds white that fly past the window before they are seen

Suns and moons happy aplenty on the mountains plain
Paper boats that run and sail along in the evening rain

Castles on the sand that are built let the strongest be
A smile blooming out of the blues for the soul to see

Deep midst the heart live these wishes and dreams
 Blessed abound is this little life than it truly seems

Joys within are many that last beyond the search of bliss
Yonder not are the gifts to gain and we fight only to miss.


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

On And Off

 A no extraordinary sibling relationship I share with an only one of mine.I see him these days grinning his teeth or popping his eyeballs through those thick glasses while studying in his typical left lateral recumbent position.He is often seen flaunting his biceps in MY room in front of MY mirror and frightening ME with those silent killer looks.Ah those curly locks!Ah that dimpled cheek!

Uff teri ada;)

I know he loves me a lot,but pretends that he does not.I might not have acknowledged or given him the attention that he deserves more than often but he knows of the amusing concerns I have for him,from the shirt that he wears to the hair style that he dares there are extraordinary suggestions always in store.An extortionist he can be at times as he claims to know my secrets these days and I wonder which of the lot.There is so much to babble and complain about this lad,and there are more of his irksome but protective brotherly traits that make me mighty proud.The more I make them all public,the more Choke Slams await in store so I better be good to him and stop this here.I am off before he sees me on the keyboard .Love you N.S.I say this or not,I know you will not mind.
On..Off...And On.Keep it On!!!
The dimple does look hot;)

PS:The author is absconding.Period.


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Once Upon A Time

I am not here to be a laud legend and I do not want my life to be a fairy tale.Sigh.Two months already on this earth I lay here plunged in the darkness of this cave, my eyes burning in eagerness to meet  some light.But there are certain promises that I have been forced to make, my folks have advised me not to venture out in the random wilderness for there are dangers beyond my imaginations.There are people whom I would never want to meet,a world which I would never wish to see.

I see my angel who begot me go out there everyday to those ravaged grounds in search of some food.She comes back tired and bruised with a chunk of meat on some rare days of luck, she helps me fight and survive.It is such a comfort to have her back home and strangely her calm demure makes me forget all the hunger.

She often tells me that things are not like before, the endless riches of the wild are being plundered and we all are the victims.The slumbering forests with the howling hyenas, the gigantic serpents, the venomous spiders or the blood sucking leeches are not any danger.There are the other beasts of the worst kind, the blessed ones who live or so they consider. A feeling of safe matchless bliss for the beings of the wild is no more, and so have vanished the pursuits of fearless adventures.

Sometimes I see her walking helplessly on the bank of the thin stream beyond the dry land trying to sip as her tears fill the running water.She wants to teach her son how to live a life that he deserves, learn the skills he ought to know and wander in the jungles hunting for his own food, and most of all live in harmony with his fellows.But her enormous fears do not let her do so.

She has tried everything but in vain.Those mighty hands are everywhere in the land,in the waters and in the skies. The blessed ones pity our state and keep a count of our kinds.Protests and campaigns they make for a damage that is already done.Wonder who will help us live with an equal hope always just like them among them.

The night is getting darker and I see her not home yet.And like every day a hundred fears are pounding on my heart.The skies are covered with an even sheet of demon black clouds.And I wait.Hours and days like this will pass till the blessed ones of this world will begin to tell my story.Me will be a thing of the past.A fairy tale.A legend.

And so will end my story that I wish not to tell…a story that begins so...Once upon a time….

"A few steps in the jungles of majestic pride
Nothing deep and grave in my heart to hide
A life happy and good that is meant to be
My share of the world little I wish to see
All I need is the strength to roar
Nothing less, nothing more
Leave me alone,all alone
Before I am gone..."


Sunday, August 15, 2010

Blush In Blaze

"When we keep looking at the other side of the fence,we step on the Lily on our side" 

Winds heavy lay on the boundless land, mute and still
Colours in my petals not a wee I do with my heart fill

Looking for a little on the rainbow with hope I slide
Before I reach the ground the bow melts away in pride

Then comes a butterfly fluttering those fine merry wings
Dull duds are mine nor any delight for her my swill brings

Shades the rest unlike me own from pastels to bright
Strange it is to live a life with love infinite but so light

Up on the tree is a tiny bird humming the tunes of his first song
Wondering about the bounty roads of sky so far and so long

Across the grass is a line of ants running behind the sugar sweet
Here are my own leaves turning towards some light and heat

I now know I do not live alone with a dream or desire
All it takes to make what this life needs is that one fire

Let thy good spirit burn,let finer shine and fly my flame
At the end life is all about some living,the win is not the game.


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Light Beyond The Grass Green

A Light Beyond The Grass Green-NCBS
“We find greatest joy, not in getting, but in expressing what we are.Men do not really live for honors or for pay; their gladness is not the taking and holding, but in doing, the striving, the building, the living…it is fun to have things but more to make them.The happy man is he who lives the life of love, not for the honors it may bring, but for the life itself."-R.J.Baughan

There are some places under the sun which give us that wondrous feeling when we step in.And more so when someone close to heart and away from home gets to reside there nothing else can be gratifying enough.

My heart is still rolling on the soft green grass in that one place.He took me for a walk in the campus showing me the different buildings and areas of his new abode like a child who is completely in love with his new school.What struck me was the strange and likable quietness in the air around.It has everything in there to give that completeness he always wished for.For a heart that is eager to learn there is all that it needs at beckon.

Blessings they say are showered when you pray enough and sometimes when you are fortunate and deserving enough too you get to live them every moment of every day.And for him this place has it all .There is an incredible happiness that I see in his eyes now,a need for focus and the thirst for more.An uncanny desire to do and be there which was once in his heart is now a beautiful way of living.A paradise is everywhere where the foot is.[Mr.Stinky Shoes;)]

I did go green with joyous envy like the grass around,a feeling which was quite expected for someone who knew what it means for him to live there.I so wish I were there every day looking at him grow up the way he wants to and share all his blissful learning moments.No surprises if I find my mind wandering in platform nine and three quarters waiting for the NCBS Express.Am jealous,big time!

But hey you are finally there...
There is so much to do and so much more to learn…
Like always...
Luck and more:)


Saturday, August 7, 2010

We The People

We, [most] of the residents of this subcontinent are by nature sophisticatedly simple and happy human beings.A thing to notice here is that there are some traits that make us amazingly different from the rest of the world.

Hum mein kuch ajeeb baath hai!

We have faced transitions of all kinds since ages, from political to cultural and what makes us peculiar is the strange heartiness with which we accept and internalize every change.The past is out of our hands, the present is deep and drowning and the future is away and far ahead.We know not where we were, where we are and where we are going.And we call ourselves a developing nation for reasons unknown.

Here in this land days end, nights begin;nights end and days begin.The cycle continues.And then again we are in an apparently normal place of living.

A sizable unfed, half fed and over fed population;an abundance of used,over used and misused resources and a good strength of unemployed,underemployed and outsourced manpower.A multitude of issues are hindering and halting the improvement and keeping it all stagnant.There are affairs of economy, education, poverty,politics,health,terrorism,corruption and the hundreds alike needing attention.Enough is always said than done about each of them.

Progress is the core issue in every field and we as a nation claim to have a satisfactory growth and development but what we forget is how deficient are our plans in helping a common man live a contented and dignified life.These again are not issues that can be solved by a few hundred men in the house throwing pots, slippers,chairs and sometimes themselves on each other.As a matter of fact the nature of the problem and the people from the jopdis to the parliament are all similar.

Patriotism comes to remembrance only on the days of National Holidays.Do not be surprised to find people who live without knowing which day is celebrated as Independence Day and which as Republic Day. Once upon a time we Indians were aptly to be called the ‘Bade Dilwale’for we wholeheartedly welcomed the rest of the world and let them throng and live in this land,advantages and disadvantages followed.And now we are living in the days when the large hearts are actually due to the cardiovascular morbidness we proudly own.

We as an individual more so as a group lack commitment and direction,we fail to see ourselves as a nation.We vote and elect our leaders,and there our duty ends or so we believe;most of us refuse to choose too.And what sadly satisfies most of us is a good standard of living which is solely defined by monetary terms.The paradox is we have the best of everything that any nation in this world can ever own but we have never made that sensible effort to use it for our welfare.We have failed to channelize our resources and ourselves together in one lane,our problems are surprisingly not with the lack.We have an enough inherent potential within ourselves,what we do not have is the will and the heart.We need a firm drive to help ourselves. 

Thoda hai thode ki zaroorat hai:)

No colossal steps to take.No radical revolutions to make.A small initiative in any form in any field of his/her own interest made with a positive approach every day for the betterment of themselves and others alike can make a huge amount of difference and will take our nation to where it deserves to be.

Independence.Share it.Flaunt it.Enjoy it.


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Crossings...One For All...

Birth is something like an ill planned natural accident,the world has the freedom to consider me enough eccentric for I am using the same adjectives to describe the other extreme or the end of it, what we again loosely term death.And in the middle of one fine day when you least expect it you get to ride on the road to the grave and yet be fortunate enough to come back home.

Like all the cursed city dwellers I take the right to grumble about the traffic especially when I have to spend one third of a day travelling on the roads.The madness does get in and travel in the nerves and on some blessed days you are made to feel that you are alive, yes indeed you are alive.I realized this when I meet this lady on the road;bold,black and beautiful.She stood there in the middle of the chaos with her feet firm on ground,and then she was in for a surprise from two girls who were riding back home.

Rules they say are made and meant only to be broken,while driving especially.We took turns left and right, crossing signals we moved along with the rush of vehicles.Suddenly from a wisp of air she appeared right in the front at an inch distance from us,we greeted her after we overtook a snail paced bus from the wrong but much used side and fortunately for her and especially for us the brakes worked at the right time.We did nothing but look at her and meanwhile a speeding bike brushed past like a kissing catastrophe.

Eyes met,”Oh well are the roads only for you people to run, race and ride?” so said her stare.

We managed to move aside; hearts skipping beats and we stood their looking at her standing still,serene and untouched.Looking at the huddle I wondered in my usual thought pit stop,"Why an innocent die in a run over?".

Only if we men realize earth is the ONE home for ALL.
Alive and kicking!

Raksha Bhat