Sunday, November 29, 2009


Early morning the mist, snow white and the sun is just up from the bed of clouds,time again to begin a new day. Our dear Miss Sprightly hiding under the soft quilt rubs her eyes when the first rays of the sun fall on her through the small creek of the curtained windows.
Miss Byrdie is waiting for her on the mango tree in the lawn and is singing mesmerizing notes. Ah !well !well! She has news for her best friend, she has something to show her! Hearing her hubbub voice Sprightly finally wakes up, wearing a peach coloured frilled frock sequenced with purple satin laces and pretty shoes to match, a hat gifted by Grandma and a basket to collect wild flowers and berries she sets off towards the woo ds with the all excited Miss Byrdie. As she walks amidst the crisscrossing fields the dew drops on the soft green grass dance n fall down on the ground, the sun peaks behind the canopy to see the little girl in joy plainness.
Little Bambie, the deer is on the roadside munching grass as always, looks up to wish her while Mr. Jack, the monkey on the trees swinging circles with his tail asks her ”Hey!! Miss Spright where are the bananas you promised?” She says” sure thing tomorrow friend!” He throws some delicious and juicy cranberries into her basket.
From somewhere nearby she can hear Miss Camline, the tigress roaring, one of her naughty cubs fell into the ditch while chasing a butterfly! M iss Sprightly takes the cub out and gives him a nice bath with the sparkling water from the nearby stream after which Mr.Junior runs to his mother for his share of breast milk.”Thank You Miss Spright!”says the tigress.
Finally they cross the stream, walk through the green thicket and reach the grassland where the tall grass reeds are dancing to the tunes of the wind. In the midst of the land is a lone tree looking the greenest with bliss to last for a life time! Miss Sprightly the ace climber she is, gets on to the branch on which Miss Byrdie perches upon and as she separates the green drape of leaves she finds a nest, golden brown with three beautiful lily white eggs. Miss Byrdie whose heart is on cloud nine asks” Aren’t they wonderful Spright?” She says” Your kids are a beauty lady!!!”
The clouds refuse to disagree and drizzle and Miss Sprightly with a new found joy bids good bye to her friends and sets towards home, it is dusk time and everyone is tired. On the way back she meets Mr. Rudey ” Hello Miss Spright! What have you been up to for so long out here, and your wild friends? Doing fine? Seems like my gun frightens them! He he! Ha ha! Tough luck Miss Spright!”
Mr. Rudey is one of those old hunters you see!!Our Sprightly is scared of him and so is the rest of the wild!
Night dawns and she reaches home, back under her rug tired and happy.

And the next morning…
Miss Byrdie never sang…
The dewdrops never danced…
Mr.Jack never asked for a banana…
The grass was never green…
Little Bambi never munched them anymore…
The Clouds never drizzled…
The Eggs never hatched…
Miss Byrdie with squeaky cries is sitting at the window sill…M iss Sprightly wakes up seeing tears in her eyes…the sun is ferociously smiling beyond the bare trees...the land is brown and dry…hot winds blowing aimlessly..Mr. Jack was on the road weeping for Mr. Rudey had cut his tail…and he was carrying Miss Bambi dead and hanging upside down with legs tied to a stick…a ghastly sight…a few distance away dear Miss Camline lay slain..the three little cubs weeping…they had lost their MOTHER…her blood dribbling through skin…flowing like a small rivulet and joining the stream.…tears rolled from Sprightly’s they reached the lone tree which had lost all her green,she saw the nest lay shattered on the ground..the eggs destroyed…small lives lost...Mr.Rudey had done it again.
The tree stood bare with shame…the sun burning in fury…the clouds evaporated…the last leaf fell…
Miss Byrdie sang the last song of her life…

Miss Sprightly never smiled…


Sunday, October 18, 2009

THE SKY IS not THE LIMIT..Heaven is not a is not a time..Heaven is being PERFECT!!!

I had not heard of Richard Bach until I read a book called ‘JONATHAN LIVINGSTON SEAGULL’. The book hardly takes an hour to read but left me enlightened for a lifetime..87 pages and each page made me awestruck, the beauty with which the author has crafted the desire of flight and crave for speed in Jonathan, the seagull is commendable.
The author dedicates the book

“To the real Jonathan Seagull,

Who lives within us all.”

such is the greatness!

For most seagulls food is important than the flight, we humans are no different; we spend all our lives behind fame ,success and money and forget that our journey is more important than the destination.
But Jonathan was different...

he believed "There is so much more to learn"
His parents asked him be normal like the other gulls, he tried hard but he was happy hungry and learning!
He had the joy of gaining the record setting speed for gulls, one day he loses control of his wings and gets carried away and smashes down on the brick red sea, he learns his limits but does not give up. He then decides to fly in the dark ,he tries to fold his wings and make them short like that of a falcon and fly against the wind, he practises but under control. He finally reaches the Terminal Velocity, a breakthrough for the flock!
“How much more there is now to living..there is a reason to life!We can lift ourselves out of ignorance,we can find ourselves as creatures of excellence and intelligence and skill.We can be free.We can learn to fly!”

Jonathan was shunned by his fellow gulls as they believed he was against the rulebook, they made him an outcast for his irresponsibility. He did not care, he was not sad for his solitude but for the other gulls who refused to open their eyes to see. He learnt new techniques and skills of flying,he was not sorry for the price he had to pay.
Boredom and fear and anger are reasons that a gull’s life is short,and with these gone from his thought,he lived a long fine life indeed.”

And one fine evening he got an opportunity to fly with two star bright gulls,he had finished one school and time had come to begin a new one. He reached HEAVEN. He was with magnificent birds who believed wings are meant to reach perfection not just to fight and find food. He learnt more, he realized this was not Heaven, Heaven is to touch perfect speed, it is not a limit, perfect speed is being there!

His instructor Sullivan once told him,
“Hundred years goes to learn that there is such a thing called perfection and another hundred to get the idea that our purpose of living is to find the perfection and show it forth..we chose our next world through what we learnt in this one. Learn nothing, and the next world is the same as this one, all the same limitation and lead weights to overcome.”

The elder gull Chiang taught him how to fly as fast as thought, to anywhere that is! To fly the past and the future…and to fly up and know the meaning of kindness and love. As he learnt he realized his fellow seagulls down on earth need help, he knew now that he was not mere bone and feather but a perfect idea of freedom and flight, limited by nothing at all!
He came back on earth to find his disciple, Fletcher Lynd Seagull, a perfect flight student. Three months later he had six students, all outlaws. All of them practiced hard and finally time had come to go back to the flock, eight of them flew in a double diamond formation to the council. Everyone wondered from where did they all learn the strange art, days later Fletcher too had a new set of students! He hit a rock one day during his flight but still managed to survive and left his flock startled. Jonathan ,his instructor advised him to get back to his flock and teach them to fly free,he told him to love the bird mob, and help them see goodness in themselves,build Heaven. Saying so Jonathan vanished into empty air. Fletcher began his limits..his race to learn had begun!
Thank you Bach for an inspiring book!more than overwhelmed!

Ring the bells that still can ring
Forget your perfect offering.
There is a crack in everything,
That's how the light gets in



Sunday, September 27, 2009

KAIWARA-Those August Days!

Community medicine rural postings is something which every Intern in Ramaiah waits for...

especially when you are away from all these...

  • writing case sheets and discharge summaries
  • writing notes
  • filling up requisition forms
  • collecting investigations from the lab[the sample for testing which is not yet sent..and you end up wondering why reports have not come!]
  • accompanying patients for ultrasounds,references,ct scan and x rays
  • seeing cases in the casualty at 3am in the night ..with patients saying "i think i have a mild sore throat Doctor since 1 week,it might be swine flu,i just wanted to get myself checked"...thanks to the media hype...cmon...we are humans wanting sleep too![BTW there are more people dying from viral fever and thrombocytopenia and we end up helplessly sending them back to other hospitals due to lack of beds!!

not that the above list of work is not meant to be done by Doctors but at the end of the day all that we end up doing is this!The learning process during houseman ship stays far from reach...sadly!

And when you get an opportunity to get away from all this, who doesn't want it???

Blue uniforms..Running noses..Bitot
spots..CSOM..Scabies..half tied plaits..Devraj's van.. grape vines.. tomato,cabbage and flower fields cute calves and lambs...Anganwadi kids:)..breast feeding week...yellow cards..white saree boards..songs n dances..

Little good and a little bad..
Happy children in a state sad...


God knows what was happening with it all month ;)


'Gabbu' lake- one of the best place to see the sunset and moonrise..
Bhima Betta- cacti poking us everywhere possible, Mahitha the great trekker with sandals,Ramesha finding the path,Rajendra Senapathi..PK's MJ look..the heavy rain at the top and all of us under the arch of a rock..the countless monkeys!A trek to remember!

Kailashagiri-our house building and rock climbing efforts:)

The zoo-ducks,rabbits and the sole peacock,porcupine,nilgai and deer ..they all need a little more care here:(

Tapovana-The place where Kaiwara Thathaya did Tapasu..serenity at its best..

Murugamalai and Nanditheertha- the temple with nandi and bhringi..and water more than sweet...and scenery mesmerizing ..

Emu farm- freaky birds...always jumping and running around..and those thousand rupees worth egg!

Aane betta trek-the best amongst all..the fort at the top...and all the girls screaming at the top of our voices;)..the thirst on the way down..the way we gulped water after reaching the Shop..hehe..

Coffee day at Kolar-what a day...we went in an auto cum tempo and people staring at us weirdos..and the dinner at the roof top-Sky View Bar..aha!

Alamgiri-the tempu ride..hullabaloo!!!the Lakshmi

Maghadeera-bangaru kolipetta f the best made movies..cant forget the scene were the hero rides the horse and runs behind the bus with the white dupatta on his face...simbly superb!

Bangle shopping-those bangles,earrings and key chains...kaiwara wouldn't have seen more shopaholics than us girls!

The Chat Shop-dahi boondi..boti masala..tomato masala...hesru bele..aha...Bindu Masala soda..those bajjis and bondas..ladoos.....gulppp..slurppp...

Those Bhatta's common taste saru,sambhar and palyas and dosas without alugadde palya,kesari
Tulsamma's joint pains and our pain;)..
Monkeys greeting us good morning..
Those buckets of water..

Those days without coffee...
Those nights on the Sky View Bar gazing the sky and stars..

Those times of being together..

Those moments of bliss:)

Those AUGUST days!!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Pursuit Of Happyness:)!

The word 'HAPPY' means different things to different people.

-a simple smile[ the baby one...geee:)]

-the girl/boy next door[;)]

-family and friends[u know they are always matter what:)]

-when India wins a cricket match![:))))]

-a warm hug[from your besttt friend:)]

-appreciation at work[from ur frowny boss:P]

-a colourful butterfly[ wish you could fly!!!]

-'good' money[hard earned;)]

-a bird's song[tweee..twitter!]

-a salary hike[:P]

-beautiful weather[the smell of wet soil after the first rain!!!]

-a new car[vroooooom!!!]

-loving thyself:)!

In the unlikeliest of times happiness can seep as a ray of hope through the dark clouds.
Happiness is the most sought after,at the same time most elusive of all treasures.
The more you give,the most you get.Value the people and things which bring you happiness.
Link the end of your life to the beginning and think of how happy you want to spend it.Its all about finding inner peace,it cannot come from a static environment.We have to achieve it by broadening our horizons,sometimes we trip and fall,but the pleasure of trying it is far more greater than the stress.Life is all about improvization,being dynamic and not setting unrealistic targets.Happiness is more than a state of mind.....

Not once since the world began,

Has the sun stopped shining.

His light and warmth through a million years

Not a wee bit declining.

No doubts at times he hid his face
When thunder storms blew loud

He was there,but if we saw him not
We should blame it on the cloud.

The clouds of grief or hatred beset us

Often it seems with no silver lining,
But do not despair,behind those clouds

God's love is always shining!


Thursday, July 9, 2009

My Stethoscope:)...All for the love towards it!

While choosing a profession,the things which matter according to me in order of preference; a genuine liking, the ability to do it and last of all is to earn your living out of it.

I had decided to become a Doctor ages before I had an opportunity to become one!The reason still allures me:)with no great family history of doctors:)no constraints,obligations or inspirations from anywhere around,I somehow believe I chose to do this for the mere liking towards life-'the cell' wise...and 'the living' wise.

I was fascinated when I saw our Class Teacher Madam MCV draw an 'Amoeba' on the blackboard and say that this tiny thing has life and it can take any form and move with wierd pseudopods. I was crazy enough to draw them in the form of flowers and stars and convince my teacher that they were indeed amoeba;)
I loved it when she used to teach all the systems of human body,things like how the heart can pump litres of blood,the way liver metabolizes carbohydrates,proteins and all that we eat,the thousand signals neurons transmit and the litres of water we drink our kidneys can filter all through our lives!

Medicine is a branch of science which deals with the essence of life,an eternal quest for reasons; causes that explain effects.It has been one of my deepest desires to pursue it,coupled with a liking towards serving people,interacting with them.Being a Doctor lets me do both,I am glad am satisfying my conscience,the metaphor being it involves the courage to endure and to smile through pain.
A Doctor is after all a human being like any of his patients. Its his moral obligation to satisfy all the needs of his patients according to most of us around! Not all the diseases we know of have a cure, its the mere ability to win over patients confidence which can make wonders, owing to the system of health care which we are in its always good to take care not to let the rock roll over the head,many a times it so happens that our services don't reach people who are in real need of it.There are many such issues for us future Doctors.A lot of knowledge to acqiure, skills to learn and the art of managing thyself and the world. A little dedication and committment is all what it takes.


The woods are lovely, dark and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.

-Robert Frost

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The little girl once i was, a little girl wish i always was!

The little girl once i was,
a little girl wish i always was!

The little girl inside my heart,
lies sleeping in her bed,
no worry of what tomorrow brings,
or which way will she head...

the little girl once i was,
a little girl wish i always was!!!

my favorite colour:yellow:)

my favorite rhyme:twinkle twinkle littul staaar :)

my favorite chocolate:poppins:)

my favorite past time:playing with my 1 year old bro:)

and now.......

my favorite colour:yellow stil stands first!...

my favorite rhyme:i dont remember any apart from the above!

my favorite chocolate:poppins:)...ellu sigalla:P

my favorite past time: fighting with my 19 year old bro:P