Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thursday Challenge #2-Reflections

Your Friend Is A Reflection Of Yourself...

PS: I have a bunch of awesome guy friends who used to go on treks and trips come sunrise or sunset.This picture is picked from a tiny 6 GB collection of their photos on my hard disk.Times have changed and each one of them is now in a different continent.But somewhere deep in their hearts I am sure there must be a silent wish to get back to those wonderful days and spend each moment together again.This one for all of them whether they are in this picture or not,just to say that they are being missed... 

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Heavens Else

Image courtesy-JuliaHurts-Deviantart

Two foot mine set out on a long but beautiful road 
With all things in my backpack,quite heavy a load
I looked ahead and turned not to see my folks cry
While they waved me with their tears a goodbye

Wheels on the streets and aeroplanes in the skies
Boats in the waters and all that runs,sails or flies
Board I did to wander in a paradise far and away
Singing to me myself 'Oh what a perfect holiday!'

A world it was of bridges strong and buildings tall
Every fine wonder that man alone hath made it all
People I met,places I reached,pretty nice and new
Grabbing each moment of joy that a journey threw

But alas!My gypsyish delight was not meant to last 
For I forgot memories are God's present from past
 No letters nor a call and I thought I could care less  
I had lost more than I had gained is what I confess

As I slept in the chaos and woke in the silence long
On one good night I remembered my mother's song
My father's sweat hidden behind a smile for my sake
And my forever friends fighting for my birthday cake

Off I strode back then on a way safe and the shortest
To meet the guides and comrades of my life the best 
 'They are waiting!'some thing from inside always tells
Home is where my heart is,not in any heavens else!


Monday, March 28, 2011

For Our Men Who Bleed Blue

Currently if there is anything that is giving all of us a high, it is the match that we are eagerly waiting for on this coming Wednesday between India and Pakistan.Arch rivals is what the two teams are considered, no wonder our excitement has crossed a hundred peaks well before the game.For a detailed revision of our records do visit India vs Pakistan

All roads[and skies!]are now leading to Mohali.Every other channel on television is with an expert panel  twenty four seven opining on the match.While they discuss and dissect each player’s performance, the field on the day is made to appear nothing smaller than a battleground.Well it always has been when it is ‘India Vs Pakistan’!I could not stop giggling when I found a news channel airing a picture of our captain with armour on like a warrior and blowing a conch, now what war are we looking forward to huh?

With tickets not reaching the common man, bookies and bettors having a time of their life and our dear Prime Minister inviting his counterpart to watch the game there is a lot for us to raise our brows and think about.Cricket is a sport and one team definitely wins which means the other has to lose,so how far can it go and help us to promote peace?On a tiny and friendly note it can definitely help us bond but it can never solve our hundred other issues.The political interests of both nations are very diverse and huge to be handled by the spirit of the game, but a small gesture from any side is worth it.Kudos to Mr.Singh for that.

Our players are in form,there is madness in the air and fans are thronging towards the stadium.If you notice apart from our national days, cricket is the only thing that reflects our deep hidden patriotism.When cricket frenzy people like us watch a match of this magnitude, each run and wicket is remembered.No little mistake is forgiven.Palpitations, goosebumps and nail biting moments are for sure.The loudness of the cheer when a batsmen hits a boundary is inversely proportional to the pin drop silence when he succumbs to a ball, very contrasting and intriguing reactions indeed.We criticize our players more than we applaud them, don't we?With brewing expectations around, a victory is easy to accept and praise but when it comes to loss there is always a mass nervous breakdown,sigh!

For a player a game is bigger than what it appears to us.Despite each failure and fame, they have worked hard for where and what they are both individually and as a team, all of them.They play for a pleasure of representing their country on a colossal scale of responsibility.While they are doing so, lets appreciate them for that.And as Indians we expect our team to give their best,but natural.Predictions and statistics apart, when India and Pakistan play we know it is lot more than cricket.The match enters history.With cricket turning into a game of the Asians in this tournament, lets pray and hope that our men make the cup all ‘Indian’ like how twenty eight years ago these heroes made it happen.

"Wishing our team runs, wickets, wit, will and a win! For you and we deserve it and have waited long, really long, come on make and bring this moment again..."

"De ghuma ghuma ke...jiyo khiladi wahe wahe..."


Saturday, March 26, 2011

To Man-The Eater

In our jungle bereft,or your zoo of laughing mock
Behind the thicket,near the brook or on the rock
Just count not our poor kindred in mere numbers
We sleep not like how your conscience slumbers

A square meal down the throat is afar from close
Waters quenched our thirst, gone are even those
All that remains are gaping wounds never to heal
With pounding cries and hopes not a wee to feel

What we dread is worse than those bullets or trap
Your follies are too mammoth to forgive or wrap
Sole soul is you who takes more than he can give
And you thinketh you shall forever and ever live

O' man our eater,a day shall come for you to cry
When the Good Lord will scorn and ask you why
Wait not till then and make this home our grave
Remember he is the master and we all his slave!


PS1: If the earth were only a few feet in diameter, floating a few feet above a field somewhere, people would come from everywhere to marvel at it. People would walk around it marveling at its big pools of water, its little pools, and the water flowing between the pools. People would marvel at the bumps on it, and the holes in it, and they would marvel at the very thin layer of gas surrounding it and the water suspended in the gas. The people would marvel at all the creatures walking around the surface of the ball and at the creatures in the water. The people would declare it sacred because it was the only one, and they would protect it so that it would not be hurt. The ball would be the greatest wonder known, and people would come to pray to it, to be healed, to gain knowledge, to know beauty, and to wonder how it could be. People would love it and defend it with their lives because they would somehow know that their lives, their own roundness, could be nothing without it. If the Earth were only a few feet in diameter-Joe Miller.

PS2:This poem is submitted for Poetry Potluck-Evolution,Environment And Survival at Jingle Poetry on April 11th 2011.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thursday Challenge-Green

Young green grapes dangling from the vines...

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The Canary's Speech

For someone who prefers sandals over heels this came as a total surprise.'Style and me huh?Poo you gotta see me!' is what I thought when I saw this...
My blogger friend Poonam of Beyond Horizon has honored me with this award.
I am pretty poor at giving award speeches.But today I am going to try.All I have to say to you is Poo that you are one of the most likable people that I have come across till date.I am not saying this because you thought of giving me this.I mean it and words are all I have to prove.You deserve my gratitude for you have been there with me quite literally and 'very bloggingly'.To me the most satisfying part of writing a post is reading comments from people like you.You have helped me blog better and I thank you for that.We may not meet over cups of coffee,we may not share jokes and we may not lend our shoulders to cry but deep down in my heart I know there is someone just like me out there who reads me between my lines,who understands things I do not want to tell and who makes me smile with her every comment here on my blog.You made my day today Poo,a zillion bear hugs to you.Keep blogging,for your words have the power and panache,spread  them beyond every horizon!

In between all the thoughts and feelings that we give and take in this virtual yet beautiful world of bloggers,I give this award to these sparrows who have touched me with their words,they deserve this and more.Pass this and all happiness on,blogging is a pleasure because of people you.Thank you everyone.In random order:

Sameera-Life In A Jiffy-For the many bubbles she sends;-)

Bikram Mann-Me And My Random Thoughts-For being an ardent appreciator of my every post.

Sarah Malik-Embodying Emotions-For the serenity with which she carries us through the disillusions and delusions of everyday life.

Lakshmi-Confessions...of a lost female...-For holding my hand when I baby stepped with this blog.

Muddassir Shah-The Rosette Stone-For speaking his heart with the most simple words always.

Pratibha Singh-Pratibha The Talent-For the awesomeness of the talent that she owns.

And as a continuation of this speech I am supposed to blow my trumpet,a seven times exactly!Now that is like letting the monkey inside me on my favorite tree.So here is something about me that will make your brows and ears stand up:

  • Read a book and then talk to me.
  • I do not forgive easily,forgetting is a difficult and different story altogether.
  • If you have a sweet tooth for sweetcorn,you are my friend for life.
  • I can be ruthless,uncaring and barbaric if you intend to harm anyone who makes me smile.
  • The canary does turn into a penguin at times.
  • I hate the fact that my brother's hair is curlier than mine.
  • I became a blogger by chance,I will remain as one by choice.

"Your blog is your unedited version of yourself.Your blog is what you say when there is nobody standing over your shoulder telling you what to do.It demonstrates how you think outside the rules.It is one of the very few places where you have complete editorial control.Don’t take that for granted"-Lorelle.

I more than agree with this quote,cheers to everyone who work on their blog and keep their flow of freedom alive.

A good day to you all!:-)


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Price Of Principles

"Its hard to count money,especially when it belongs to someone else"so says a banker by profession since the last thirty odd years,my Appa.His dedication and commitment towards his work will always remain a puzzle to me.If you notice,three out of five staff of a bank appear cold and sober,completely engrossed with numbers and the rest of them have no clue of what they are up to!I guess the sight of surfeiting money makes them so.And for many justifiable reasons,bank is one place I  avoid.Any matter of finance however big or small is not my cup of tea.Two plus two is four and my math ends there.But like the people of the world today say,"No money,no life",some visits are imperative and inevitable.”Handle your money yourself,you are an adult!” is what I hear at home nowadays,sigh!

Patience, pen and a pocket full of pennies in that order are the three important things which are of help in a bank.And I run out of at least one of the three more than often,very unfortunately.Keeping all my woes aside,two days ago I entered one.I stood at the writing desk where forms of a dozen colours lay scattered.I picked up the right one after a lot of thinking,I had come prepared with detailed instructions from the banker at home you see.I did not want to mess it up this time.I started filling the form when a man in his mid thirties standing next to me began elbowing.”My left hand conflict again!” so I thought and moved a feet away from him.He came closer.I was annoyed enough,bending my head I continued writing to avoid his gaze.He did not stop there,he tapped hard on the desk and said”Madam,Pen”.Though it did not sound any close to a request,I handed him mine with no second thought and quickly walked away to the counter,glad with the escape.

The clerk on the other side of the table on receiving the form yelled”Madam,how many times do I tell you,put your signature here”It then occurred to me that I had come to this counter for the first time and the only pen I had brought to the bank was gone.Contemplating the anger of my brother for losing his first gift I turned to see if the man was around and yes he was,I found him walking out of the bank.He was done with his work maybe.I ran behind him calling aloud”Hello!”.When I succeeded in blocking his way,he gave me a 'Have-I-Seen-You-Before' look.”Hey could you please give me back my pen?" is all what I asked him.He seemed to carry very little of the first of the three important things.Pretending to search he said"Did I take it from you,really?Why do you have to chase me for that?I haven’t robbed your money from the bank,lady!Its a pen after all".I did not budge till he found it.He dug it out of his bag and gave me a bemused look.He returned the pen and walked away.

When I told Appa about ‘The-Case-Of-The-Lost-Pen’ not very surprised he said”That is how the world is my girl”.Well,even I think of it so almost always.”Read ‘On Umbrella Morals’ you will understand better”he added.This essay written by Alfred George Gardiner has a humorous yet sensible take on our honesty and values.A very powerful write up,it kind of woke me up.We do not find works like these anymore,reading this is worth the time.Here are the places where you can find the piece:

One of the strongest human tendencies is to cover up flaws.Ignorance and innocence are our tools.Basic courtesies ‘Please-Sorry-Thank You-Excuse Me’ are alien words these days.Pretension comes easy but under the veil we are never satisfied with ourselves.The flowers in the neighbor’s garden bloom with more colour and grace, the shirt in the fellow shopper’s hand looks more fit and wearable or the colleague’s car seems more swift and comfortable.And yet we fake and feign joy, kindness, satisfaction, strength, goodness, gratitude and every virtue possible.If we force ourselves to believe that we are perfect how do we better?If we do not accept our wrongs how do we do the rights?If we are not grateful for what we are given how do we ask for more?Weighty wisdom all this is,these questions may make us feel.Moral values today have lost their ground.Modesty comes with a price and we are not willing to pay for it.All we know is that we live in a make believe world and it is pretty fine as long as it keeps us hale and happy.The truth is it is not!


Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Day For Buddy Best,The Brownie Bird

There is a reason why I call the followers of this blog as‘My Sparrows’.Everyone is going to know the secret today for this is their day, the World House Sparrow Day. The Bombay Natural History Society started this wonderful initiative last year.While we talk of tiger conservations and else we have forgotten that we have started deforesting our homes very long ago.When was the last time a sparrow thought of being our guest,lets ask ourselves.We know the answers,don’t we?   

Living in a part of the city which is covered with moderate greenery I am fortunate enough to see these little birds at my window sill and balcony almost everyday.The sparrows who visit me have always been dear to me.I am now used to watching and listening to them for hours.They have been my constant companions,from the chirping alarm at dawn to the twittering whisper at dusk.They talk to me all the time and I really love them.These are the first birds who made good friends with me.And this is why the ones who visit me here with the same love are called‘My Sparrows’.Each one of you is special to me in the same way,I am happy about that.Thank you.

What is bothering is that the sparrows of the world today are without any grains and nests.Once upon a time these were our friendly neighborhood birds and now they are our urban dodos.This is a sorry state of affair receiving not much of attention,but it actually deserves.What we must understand is that sparrows are more than ecological indicators,they are birds wanting to live but we humans don’t let them.They are our first friends and we have deceived them.We are directly responsible for their declining numbers,the various reasons are:

No Home: Owing to urbanization,modern constructions and concrete buildings there is a dearth of nesting sites.Sparrows previously used to nest on rooftops and crevices,these are the little places they ask for and sadly now we do not give them even that.So will we stop building our houses?

No Food: Today all our food comes pre cleaned and in sealed packets.People used to sun dry all grains,but that was ages back.There are no insects to feed on either.No wonder sparrows find it difficult to find the way to our homes.So will we stop buying packed stuff?

Pesticides: The increasing use of pesticides in agriculture is one of the major causes for the disturbance in ecology and sparrows aren’t any spared.So will we stop protecting our crops?

Microwaves: Research has shown that electromagnetic radiation is harmful and affects the breeding of sparrows.So will we stop using our cellphones?

*Attitude:Man is a social animal we say,he used to be very long ago is what I believe because today he is just an 'animal'.In the past pets were considered as our kith and kin,every living being was dear to us.But these days we are busy deciding on which flight to catch or to where,forget making the sparrows fly!Its the TBTC Syndrome again.Conservations,campaigns and anything to do with the green is for the environmentalists,so is our attitude.Until we change this there shall be no wild revolution in its truest sense.So will we change our attitude?

We are not really kind to stop all this,we are the Homo sapiens.We follow the ‘Survival Of The Fittest’ rule way over nature’s limit.But once in a while it is sensible and good on our part to help other living beings survive too.This is something which we really need to do,a little effort and a little time is all that it requires to'be humane'.Here are some suggestions,follow them for there is only good and no harm:
  • Place earthen water pots in your balconies and gardens.
  • Feed the birds with some grains.
  • Keep artificial nest boxes for them to lay eggs.

Passer domesticus

Your buddy best the brownie bird
I am and my wish is not any absurd
For my hunger a little grain or seed
Water on your roofs for me to feed
A nest in between this land and sky
For my frail little kids to rest and fly
Can you give me O' dearest a friend
Or should I sing the song of my end?


    Some useful websites to visit:

    Friday, March 18, 2011

    The World On Wheels

    A moment here..a moment there...
    Sitting by the window I looked at this desolated bench and wondered about the people who would have spent time on it while expecting their train to arrive,looking at the others pass by,bidding good bye to  their dear ones or waiting for that someone special.And before I could imagine more,my train whooshed away!Every journey on a train is like making a new movie for ourselves,of the world and its people with nothing but our eyes.When we look through the rails of the window,in minutes a hundred frames pass by and each one of them is like a painter’s masterpiece.But very annoyingly before we can store them as beautiful memories,they apparate!

    Kids waving their hands,thatched huts,coconut trees,smiling sunflowers,tall sugarcanes,dancing peacocks,mango grooves,egrets in paddy fields,ponds and lakes,forest fires during the nights,countless yellow boards with names of the towns beaming in bold black,red and green flags,restless platforms,fleeting trains from the opposite direction were a few pleasant and vivid sights which kept me occupied for most of the time.

    The fires that lasted all night...
    The interiors of the train were not any less appealing.A mind boggling number of people from diverse backgrounds in the general,sleeper and air conditioned compartments were travelling in the same route to the same destination,this kind of amused me.A train is so much like life is what it made me feel.The chaiwallahs and food vendors crying out aloud,the stinking toilets,the blind beggars,the red shirted porters rushing near the doors as the train stopped at a station,special cusines at every junction,the expectedly tastless pantry food,the cockroaches,the bed bugs,the rats,the fear of losing luggage,the ticket collector,the cold,silent,funny,intrusive,over friendly and staring strangers and an intense desire to pull the red chain to try something adventurous were a few things that made my journey as chaotic as possible.

    The old man rubbing his wrinkled forehead,the child crying for a chocolate,the woman serving dinner to her husband,the vendor selling water and biscuits,the uncle reading a newspaper,the boy listening to music and me the girl watching them;we all were fellow travellers.Each one of us in the train were with a problem of our own,a happiness of our own,a life of our own,a destination of our own but a journey that belonged to everyone.This thought gave me an amazingly weird feeling.

    The best moment was while I was standing at the door and swaying in every ellipse and parabola possible.The air rushed in like a breather when I peeped outside to see the length of the train.It was nice to see a line of boggies trail ahead and behind mine.How wonderful it will be if all of us can see our past and future with such clear vision and perspective I thought.Life will then turn out to be a blessed ride for sure!

    I have never found myself observing others and introspecting so much at the same time together.I felt this for the first time,that internalizing strain and stress from outside gives us a strange peace and harmony from within.There is so much to learn,to see and to feel while travelling in a train.And when we do that and alight at our station,this bizzarely out of the world experience brings us back to our real world,the world on wheels... with the right thing to take back home.


    Tuesday, March 15, 2011

    For The Hero


    The brave die never,though they sleep in dust,
    Their courage nerves a thousand living men.
    -Minot J. Savage-

    Dear Major,

    Today is a special day for you turn thirty four,wishes to you Sir.There is no gift that we can give in return for what you have given us,your life.You are remembered not just for your selflessness and courage  but for the wonderful person you are.We admire your simplicity and integrity.There is a strange energy in you smile and an intense desire to be the best,and this is our inspiration.We thank you for that. 

    Terror spreads,heroes fight and every sacrifice like yours fades away with time.Your dad once rightly said"Everyone wants children like Bhagat Singh or a Bose,but in the neighbour’s house".We are extremely sorry for keeping one of the killers and thugs whom you fought with.He is more than alive,with a life of a prince.It hurts to see criminals living and martyrs dead.Law has its own course they say,but justice delayed is indeed justice denied.We know this is extreme malfeasance on our part to what you have done for us,your fellow countrymen.We are citizens with tied hands or so we believe.We are hapless,helpless and hopeless.We do not deserve your life and your valour deserves much more than what we have given you.

    Salutes to you and your parents.Hope regret and remorse fills our hearts some day.Hope peace prevails some day.Hope more men like you take this nation to a new and brave pedestal and make all of us proud some day.We need people like you.We miss you Sandeep Sir.In our memories you shall always stay,our hero.HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

    -Raksha Bhat

    Today is Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan's birthday,if not everyday let us remember him today for his life and everything that he has given us.
    Read more:

    Saturday, March 12, 2011

    Prised Penury-To Have Loved And Lost

    This poem is on the winner's list of The Poetry Contest-Women And Blogging at Blogjunta on 28-3-2011.

    A boy came running to me on a lonely road
    No tale is this like of the princess and toad
    And I believed him not...
    A fistful of some candies and marshmallows 
    He filled in my pocket, the kindest of fellows
    And I thanked him not...

    A game good of hopscotch then we played
    Each step of mine he watched as I strayed
    And I noticed him not...
    A bunch of blossoms red to make me smile
    He plucked from the meadows across the rile
    And I praised him not...

    A breeze chimed as he hummed in the air
    My songs favorite, like a bird from his lair
    And I heard him not...
    A love so selfless, splendid, sublime and serene
    With a dream he brought,to me no real did it mean  
    And I wanted him not... 

    A dame another I saw holding him lest he would fall
    They strolled away, I realized it was too late to call  
    And I deserved him not....
    A world now asks me "How does it feel in the end?"
    All I go tell them "I loved myself and lost a friend"
    And now"I love him a lot!"


    PS 1: This Post has been Published as a part of  BlogJunta- Women and Blogging

    PS 2:If these lines touched you,fav it here.

    PS 3: Before anyone else begins to probe or surmise,please note the essence of the poem is real but imaginary,you know what I mean;-)

    Friday, March 11, 2011

    A Call From Home

    Come March 26th,the world is turning off its lights and other appliances for an hour at night,from eight thirty.The hour is called the 'EARTH HOUR',this is a global event organized by WWF to raise awareness about climate change.The campaign initially began in Sydney in 2007,many cities all over the world have participated for this cause every year since then.For more details visit-Earth Hour.

    How does it matter?Why should I?How can turning off all lights at where I live save this planet?So what after EARTH HOUR?These are some predictable questions whose answers we surely are aware of,aren't we?If we think more we will realize that there is so much good left to be done and more bad to be undone.

    "Oh these campaigns,like they are of help!" is a popular attitude.While we say this we continue to utilize atrociously every resource which the earth provides us for free.We are well aware of the consequences of our acts,but we choose to ignore it.We know our duties and responsibilities,but we choose to do nothing.We humans suffer from a wishful callousness and every other being on this planet is already paying the price for it.

    Frankly speaking for a large populace on this globe,everyday is filled with many a Earth Hour.Drinking water,fuel and electricity mean unseen and unaffordable luxuries to them.By the way how many of us in the cities do not complain about an hour long power cut during a cricket match?And how many of us will walk on the road if there is a transport strike?We know the answers,don't we?

    A little shortage of power and energy can halt our schedules and make our lives go haywire.Looking at  our current plight all that can be said is "We do not know what we have until we lose it".It is enough late but giving up our efforts is not any close to a justification.Simple things can actually make a difference,like throwing waste into the dustbin instead of littering and using paper for a bare minimum.Here is a list that I have made,it took me a whole night to draw these pictures,a small attempt with colors after a very long time.I know I have missed a few Dos and Don'ts here,the list is actually exhaustive!I probably would have run out of words and colours!Please do feel free to add them in the comments section for the benefit of our fellow readers.

    Here goes my list:

    Click on the picture for an enlarged view
    While brushing teeth,washing hands or cleaning utensils we all have the habit of running water endlessly.Each time when we turn on a tap,half the water that flows out goes down the drain without actually being used.If we make a conscious effort to turn the tap off when not in use,we will not only conserve water but also save the energy that is being used to pump the water to our homes.Otherwise the day is not far when the salt water of the seas and oceans shall fill our jugs,pitchers,filters and water bottles.
    Our Duty:To Use Water 'Very'Judiciously.

    Click on the picture for an enlarged view
    Keeping a check on the amount of electricity that we consume not only saves our money but also saves our environment.By doing so we can reduce our bills and the demand for fuel used to generate electricity.Switching the fan and lights off while leaving a room is a simple thing to do.Use the other appliances as well with the same caution.This little act if done everyday is equal to a hundred earth hours that the people of this world observe on one day.Think about it!
    Our Duty:To Turn Off !

    GO SOLAR...
    Click on the picture for an enlarged view
    Solar energy is an alternative form of energy with more advantages than disadvantages.It is sustainable,renewable and cost effective.Sadly only a minuscule of it is used by the general population.It can be used for water heating,drying,cooking and even for  the purpose of generating electricity.It is pollution free and virtually inexhaustible.So what stops us from trying this?
    Our Duty:To Light Our Homes,Our Planet...NATURALLY!

    Click on the picture for an enlarged view
    As city dwellers we are shrewdly helpless about urban deforestation.It hurts to see mighty and archaic trees being axed for road widening purposes.But months later we pass through the same road with a sigh of relief saying,"Ah,finally!No traffic!".I guess only a Green Revolution on some colossal scale is the only thing that can save us before our globe turns into a Giant Sahara Desert!
    Our Duty:To Throw The Axe And Keep The Green!

    Click on the picture for an enlarged view
    How many of us honk,swear and speed a little extra when there are only five seconds before the green turns back to red?Time is important I agree,patience is more and our planet the most!Imagine the noise and air pollution we are adding to that which already exists.If there is something good that we can do in a choking traffic,it is in turning off our vehicles at the signals.
    Our Duty:To Commute,Not To Pollute!

    Click on the picture for an enlarged view
    I have done some good by using this to the maximum extent possible,of course with all the howl and wail.Trust me,travelling in local buses here in Bangalore is a completely different misery by itself.But it is better than pointlessly loading the lanes of our cities with unnecessary traffic.Unfortunately most of  us have bothering issues with the concept of travelling together!
    Our Duty:To Leave The Car At Home,Catch The Bus Or Train!

    Click on the picture for an enlarged view
    In this era of malls and supermarkets,buying stuff has been very easy for us*conditions apply.Every little commodity comes neatly packed,tightly sealed and is tagged with a price.The neighbourhood grocery store is remembered only at times when the kitchen runs out of sugar or salt.Instead if we spare an hour or so and plan a walk to the store at least thrice a week,it will make a good exercise.If we carry our own bags,it will benefit everyone all the more![*'free'weekends and a lot of cash]
    Our Duty: To Use No Unnecessary Plastic And Fuel.

    Click on the picture for an enlarged view
    With limited space to live,gardening has become a tough venture.But that should not stop us from bringing in fresh oxygen and decorating our home with a tinge of green.Flower pots at the most can occupy the corners of a room.For the green seeker and plant lover in us taking care of them can be more than a satisfying activity.If we want to make the world green,we shall first begin at home,I recommend!Our Duty:To Grow Green From Within!

    Click on the picture for an enlarged view
    Rain water harvesting although has been made a must by the government in view of depleting ground water levels and scarcity of water,not many of us have implemented the rule satisfactorily.We will not realize the gravity of the situation until our taps go dry.Installing the apparatus is economically viable,and the water that is collected can be used for a variety of purposes.When there is a downpour the next time,instead of complaining be ready with your harvesting plants to collect the millions of drops for a better use.Our Duty:To Save The Rain,Every Drop Counts!

    Click on the picture for an enlarged view
    Here is something as bloggers all of us can do.By turning off the monitors or the system when not in use we can reduce the energy that goes for a waste while idling.Stand by and hibernate modes are meant to use.Keep the brightness at its lowest that is comfortable.Screen savers are a big 'NO'.Keep the blog template simple,keep a check on the number of widgets.Reduce the number of carbon footprints.Remember no contribution is insignificant,nothing is more important than the cause.Spread the word.As bloggers let us do our bit and make every second feel like a good earth hour.


    I am your friend, I am your guide
    Tread under my care in the vales wide
    I am your bed, I am your roof
    There is no place else to run aloof
    I am your water, I am your food
    You are given nothing but the good
    I am your abyss, I am your paradise
    With a hundred blessings in disguise
    I am your home, I am your empire
    Heed to me, kindle not the spite in my fire
    I am your land, I am your sky
    But you hear me not, I know not why!
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