Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Where is the town?

Where trees stand grand and green and bow their heads not,
Where beans are cooked and not roasted under the sun hot
Where rain is not a thunderstorm,but God's blessing a drizzle,
Where Adams on the roads do not tease the Eves and whistle.

Where is the town?

Where all the ladies wake up before the call of the hen,
Where all the men reach home happy before the clock strikes ten
Where the roads house less traffic,sound no horns and give a pleasant ride,
Where the sparrows,squirrels eat grains and nuts and under roofs hide.

Where is the town?

Where there are folks apart from the north, south, east and the west,
Where rainbows colour the sky and make life a heaven at its best
Where we find  beauty not any less than London,Paris,New York and Rome,
Where we can live our life,and with pride call it our home.

Raksha Bhat

Monday, April 26, 2010

Stupendously Stupid!

Akdandi ikdandi
Choosandi vachindi...

[This dialogue comes from my latesht fancy for Telugu movies,call it the Post Maghadeera Effect:P]

Here is a man of great honour,I adore him for his zest to follow his master's orders, he ends up charring the chicken fry every time is of course a different issue.I hate him for the fact that he never learns his lessons.His innocent ignorance deserves an applause.

Ah those Tinkle days,his jokes I always read first.He is dumb but he is quite a charmer,a pro-Suppandi will definitely agree to this.No ill feelings against the Einsteins of the world.I do not intend to create a conflict between the highbroweds and the loonies.We all know the world is more filled of the latter,everyone around seems to be brainless for the most of us,well except for ourselves.We all belong to the protagonist's family and unknowingly carry our prided ego.The hero lives in all of us.

Dull,dim,dumb,senseless,sloths,slugs,I am not talking about the kinds.The whole world is awake,aware and blissfully enjoying the way everything and everyone is.Silly happenings excite us,silly things make us laugh,silly people make our lives;and the world is always a happy place.

People fight for gay rights when there are countless hungry kids to be fed[Advantage of being gay-Population Control:P..PS:nothing against homosexuality!].A commercial sports endeavour and the whole nation devotedly follows,well who is gonna give the world so much entertainment and sports together in dirt cheap.We all love it.A god man has thousands of disciples,he gets an agreement for sex from all of them!God wonder who signed those papers?A very devoted set I must say,and one day he is world famous for his sleazy videos and the whole nation watches,he has the same shameless poise under custody.A god man, indeed a far gone man!People dance,sing,get married,dump partners,get the wrong/right part hit[watch Roadies!].And,send SMSs![It doesn't matter if we don't vote in the elections,how does it make a difference!] Remember the Qazis and like?Anyone can put up a bad show and become our Idols! If we see the same person singing on the road,be sure we are not gonna turn back and look at them.Come supermarkets and malls,buy 2 get 1 free,who is gonna buy them otherwise?.
We live in a mentally retarded society where ethics and individuality are considered aliens.A crowd of hundred fools can be convinced that zebras are painted white horses.But if you tell a fool this,he will definitely try riding and check!The mantra is this, its easier to topify [put cap/hat:P..simple term-cheat] a gang of them than one Suppandi.Mass hysteria I say.Beware the stupidity is contagious.You are not considered normal if you are not like them.If you raise above the mediocrity,stupids call you stupid.Basically it is a stupids world...Sigh!
Hope for a day when Suppandi will be his own master!


Sunday, April 25, 2010

Letter to God

Dear Almighty,       
How is it up there?It is fine right.Well,it is not fine here...
This is my first letter to you.It is quite dark in here,but i like it.Somehow the light out there bemuses me.I hope to see the world in a few days time.But my Dad detests me.I can hear my mom crying,I can feel the pain everytime he hits her.The scars of my three sisters on the walls tell me not to let her down this time.Mom tells me always no matter what it takes,we are going to fight this together.
Dear God,give me the strength to fight with them,to face the 
depravity and to live amongst them and to reach the sky.I am gonna make Mom smile one day.I promise I will be a Good Daughter.
Let me born,this one time.

Thank you:)

PS:They say there are just 1411 of them left,we all are aware of what I am talking about.How many of us know how many female foetuses are let born in India?We all will stay,or we rather choose to stay unaware,until the number of girls will reach the magic figure of the tigers one day.And for those who celebrate a son's birth and moan over a daughters,the day is not far when all their boys wil die bachelors.
Before we all...
Think.Act.THE END.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

LIFE is A-way

He was at the park,he spent a few evening hours everyday there,it brought a little life to his routine.His heart was sinking in a strange serenity and bareness.He liked watching people there,people whom he knew not,people who knew him as the Man on the Bench.He watched them quietly.The sun was on its way home,but he did not want to leave .Memories torment his thoughts,his being,his breath.But he did not move....

Two kids were fighting over a bicycle,the little girl wanted to ride first.The boy being a BOY wouldn't budge.She cried.He handed her a toffee dug from his rugged pantpockets.She smiled.And so did the man on the bench.An elderly couple walked by,the old lady gripped her husband's arm as she carefully watched his steps and did not let him fall,they looked at each other.The old man stroke his fingers over her silver white hair,they walked towards home.As he watched them a tear drop rolled down his eye,stuck in transition,only if she was around......

It seemed like yesterday,he had moved to a new neighbourhood.A pretty girl in pink wearing butterfly clips with her doll clutched in her arms knocked his door.She had come to make a new friend.She smiled.He din't.He loved football but she couldn't play,although she liked it.But she had something else for him.

As the summer came to an end,the two kids rode their bicycles to school together,they raced down and up the hill.She always won.He liked it.He liked her.He hated homeworks,she did it for him.He liked it more.He liked her more.Sometimes it rained,sometimes it snowed and sometimes the weather was just perfect.Life was just perfect.

Years passed and she grew prettier,and he was now a handsome young man.They were always together.Friends,families,college,movies,plays,books,walks,fights everything was just one life.He loved her,she knew not;she loved him,he knew not and that both were in love,the world knew....

One day they were walking by the lakeside,everything seemed as usual;they walked together always but today he slowed down and stood behind looking at her.She turned,he opened his arms.Eyes met.She ran toward him.The trees bowed and kissed the water and rejoiced,the joy spread in the air.

She looked gorgeous in the pearl white gown,she was the fairy in his life.They exchanged vows as they said 'till death does us apart'.They were now man and wife.He was the happiest man that day.

Life was a smooth sail,every little moment fit the frame.A few months later,she was getting weaker,she couldnt smile like before,her eyes sunk behind those dark circles,simple works killed her.She knew she had very little time,she was worried of him and the worry killed her more.He knew of the crab in her blood,he was helpless.The medicines and radiations made her worse.But for him she was as beautiful as before.

The sun had set early that day,she was lyin under the quilt looking at the window,as the last rays of the sun fell on her.He entered the room,hugged her and started crying and said "My Life is Away...going away".She smiled and said,"Your life is not away,life is a way and I won't let you go alone".He smiled and took her in his arms and she slept forever.

He saw her now under the sky dancing to the tunes of the wind,catching butterflies.He saw the same smile on her what he had seen when she was at his door for the first time.She was indeed a pretty girl.God sends his angels and makes our life beautiful he thought,but he calls them back way too sooner.He looked at the sky,gazed at the unknown.

The little girl came running towards him,she gave him her toffee.He gave a smile,his best one.He left the bench and walked's way...

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Compound Fracture!

We earthlings have an amusive language,here are a few things about which I wonder,thanks to the n disorders in psychiatry i read or the vitamin pills i forgot to pop today:)!
Hmmm...some funny compound words which crossed my mind and here i rant...

Ice ice only cream,how about calling it cold cream?

Pen drive...from which angle does it look like a pen,and what can you drive with it?

Smart card...Smarties own them?

Mobile phone...people become immobile on the road when this in their pocket rings..they stop and pick the call...walk and talk walk and talk..kya Idea Sirji!
[If Alexander Graham Bell was alive,he would commit suicide for a sad progress and misuse of his invention!]

Book worm...if old books were home to worms why do they smell sweet?:)if someone loves books why do we call them worms and caterpillars!

Face book...faces of ur friend's old friend's cousin's girlfriend's ex-boyfriend's sister's photos on your  home page as update!!!eeks creepy worms social networking site can give company like a book!

Week end...if sunday is called weekEND why did my teacher tell me that Sunday is the first day of the week!
Tea cup...Lalooo ki jai...matka chai:)tea not from a cup and stil feels like you are waking up in Assam!

Brain wash...dood si safedi nirma se ayi:)!someone please wash my brains and put a stop to my nonsense!

Holy cow...cow is a sacred animal we all know and we stil swear!

Bull shit...Everyone does!

Hand writing..anyone wanna try with the leg?

Lady bug...good ladies don't bug,hmmm what about the males then..'gentle' men bug??? 

Back bite..apples are tastier;)the worst of all the backbite kinds is when we cheat ouselves:)

Chair man...a man who can't get his butt off the chair:)!

Hand can hand yourself to really some...

Life time...about life...about time...about two things we never stop complaining,and both put together is all what we have to make our dreams come true!

Best friend...if  he was not the best..he would  never have been your friend!

PS:am more mad.

Raksha Bhat

Friday, April 16, 2010

FryDay Fries

I am a girl.I hate nail paints. Do not wonder if I make contradictory statements. Everyone has an opinion about  everything in this world, and this is what I stand for.
Do not blame me if one line here doesn’t lead to the next, I am as confused as the world! If this makes sense, read on....

Nail paints pollute because they are chemicals, and because of pollution I see sparrows die, poor little birds! Heard of microwave pollution?Everyone please stop talking for hours on the mobile phones, sparrows don’t like it. I saw one dead on the road this week.They can fly, they are happy, let us not trouble them.
And all those irky ladies on television with blood red nails, those ‘Truth LoveCash’ girls and their boyfriends , with none of the three in their lives and ofcourse the ’I think I am handsome’ host, go get a life!Attention seekers!Come IPL, its Modi vs Tharoor, who wins the toss?Less cricket and more nonsense!Flip the channel, and its ‘Shoania’ mania, no surprise if these reporters land in Maldives before they reach there for their honeymoon!Sad journalism.Sadder newly married celebrities!And today morning a local Kannada channel aired a lady who had a chicken as her pet,  who has one entire room of her home left in the chicken’s remembrance, the chicken's death anniversary today!May the poor soul rest in peace!Quite emotional...

This! called entertainment!!!

And  add to the happenings of the week,day before we had visitors in the midnight, who gifted themselves with shoes from most of the houses in our area, a lot enough to open a showroom! Brainies I say! We had an another amusive man at home that night.Dad.It  looked like he was locked in the bank currency chest  without food, water and razors  for months, his beard a cause of concern for my mom directed her to take the imperative measure of sending him to the barber’s, who had to polish his instruments for an hour to fight the battle!
Life is indeed a battle, and we are timid soldiers, my brains fight with MCQs ka options everyday...
-C.[most of the times right- THE 'C ' RULE!]
-Both A and B.
-A, B and C.
-All of  the above.
-None of  the above.

Wish we had so many choices in life!

Everyday supersonic jets fly inside my head, they hit my ear drums, make their way to the skies! Its a mad, mad world....and here i belong....may sanity prevail...if  not for these humans...aah!!!

PS: am mad.period.

Raksha Bhat!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Boredom and Liquid Sunshines

A quite pondering thought, if there are a plenitude things left to do in this world why are people bored with ease???
I stand still,go blank and stare at darkness,I shamefully agree to the fact that I am one of those kind too,I often say"I am bored now,I don't know what to do!".
I also belong to the elite category of  humans  who can handle multiple tasks at a time with equal attention and succeed in not many of them,life is not bad that way!Things and people can disinterest me in seconds,if they please me hell care about the rest! I talk aloud with myself,I can sing songs until my ears ask me to shut up[Can anyone define this wierd psychiatric illness?].There is something wrong with my system,I muse over this thought only to realize,boredom is when you want to rest, when you think you have worked enough, like adding a brick to the Great Wall of China or studying Embryology for eight hours a stretch!

A not so happening Monday evening,I look out of the window,I can see the winds carry sand on the road and move in all directions,nothing holds them.I stare at them and am back into those mood pause again,my thoughts reel and nothing holds them either.

I think of the rain,I can hear it coming!I decide to go out for a walk.Mom gives a cautionary note.Expected.I cross the buildings,I reach the trees,I can hear the funny barbet going 'kuttttrrrrr kutttttr',I feel the breeze,I can smell the mud,I can hear the rain coming!Eyes closed,I breath deep and my heart feels light,tiny drops fall from the sky,I catch them.I turn and look at the road towards home.I don't want to go back.I am happier here,and for a rhinitis caught along with the drizzle drops,there is always a Dcold!

"The best remedy for those who are afraid,lonely or unhappy is to go outside,somewhere they can be quiet alone with heavens,nature or God.Because only then does one feel that all is as it should be,and God wishes to see all people happy,amidst the simple beauty of nature." -Anne Frank.

[PS: Bangalore is a lovely place when it rains!!!]

Raksha Bhat

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Women here..Women there..Women everywhere!!!

X vs Y ...
Since ages the battle is on...
Recently the Women's Reservation Bill was passed in the Parliament,a whopping 33 percent of seats reserved for the ladies,now they have the rights in the house out of their houses!Well,well some dead politicians wife,daughter or daughter in law gets the well anticipated chance!Millions of women are suffering under an ignorant deprivation,a few others are going places.

Men have a tough competition everywhere.It starts right from here..hi hi hee...

MEN are from MARS,and WOMEN from VENUS they say,fortunately they have landed in a common place...EARTH!

Women have associations working for their upliftment and empowerment,their rights are being talked about.Men have their fair share of problems too!
Women are no Angels these days...
Well about men...
The just out of my bed look..'I don't brush but my smile is terrific' attitude...the only breakfast-omlette...bearded for a fortnight... I bath once in two days...crumpled pants..unbuttoned shirt..the TV..the cricket/football matches..the frown...the fast bikes..the freaky adventures...the parties..the girls..the beer mugs..the bear hugs..the smirk..the smile...the square jaw..the rough voice...the formal wear..the loose tie..the cologne...the strong and sensitive heart..the stronger and better brains as they claim!
[PS: in order of individual preferences...list the above for yourselves!]

Some messiness...some maleness...thats the way the world likes it.

If this is it about men,Ladies wrong!!!They are the reason for the smiles,a little soft corner for those males who make a difference in somebody's life,and thats why this write up here...for those men who go unnoticed..for...

A man who works half is life in the office only to see his wife and children happy...

A father who loves his daughter ten times more than his son,who can get her 100 Barbies, her wish..his command...

A husband who thinks his wife is the most beautiful lady in the world...

A son who sees his childhood in those wrinkles on their face and in those tremors of his parent's hands,who takes care of them as wonderfully as they did it for him...

A brother who loves fighting with his sister,who can pick her home any time from any nook and corner of the earth,who loves her as much as he loves his Mom..

A friend who will teach her to hit a DLF MAXIMUM,despite her illiteracy in kriket,who can lend his shoulders,who will pat her back for all her achievements,who will whack her bum if needed...

A Grandpa who will become a jumbo anytime and give those wonderful rides to his grandchildren,who can play hide and seek with them in the park everyday...

A stranger who loves her smile,who will knock off the idiots troubling her on the road not because he thinks she is pretty,but ...because he wants to help her...

-to the army men..the nation's pride...
-to the Gandhis, Nehrus, Bhagat,Bose and the like..for the freedom we value not...
-to the Khans,Kapoors,Pitts and Bonds and the like...for the dream man all the ladies fantasise about..
-to the Sachins,Kumbles,Dravids and the like...for making sports much as it is for the men...
-to the Archers,Cooks,Sheldons and the like..for books which are as wonderful as Mills and Boons...
-to the little decent autodrivers who drop the ladies safe home[ for one and half]...
-to the milkman..
-to the postman..
-to the watchman...
-to every MAN!!!

God bless us ALL...


Friday, April 2, 2010 what!

The street is quite a hit among the eights and eighties alike;people are bustling around and John wants to earn some money today,a few coins to tinkle in his pocket will do.He dreams of going to school one day,his mom is not really keen on it because they are people who aren't that rich.He has to earn his living you see.I am lying in his bag among those hundreds of rubbery and smelly things,not that am any different!Ah!He picks me out finally!He is a tiny pea,all skin and bones and he is trying hard to pump his breath in,I grow big!Voluptuous!but hey wait why am I Purple?There are whites,reds,yellows,oranges,and her majesty the Miss Profound Pink with too much of a pride,she is flying high in the air.She forcefully releases herself against his wishes from the stick and seconds later she goes 'Dummmm!!!' midair,if only she had stayed cool and listened!
But  why me purple?Its not really my colour you see!Miss White looking at my gloomy face says,"Girlie you atleast have a colour and believe me its not that bad,you look gorgeous!" .

Ya Maybe!

The sky looks great today, silver and clear,here and there a few clouds and the sun isn't around much.The driver of a car is honking at the old man who is trying to gather his coloured chickens falling out of his basket,they are cute but hey aren they supposed to be baby white,they look better that way,John says they cost two coins a pair,he had got them home once,only to see them dead in two days!Please don't buy them,if you wanna buy some colours buy me!

A little boy in the car hears me!He lowers the glasspane and looks out.His mother asks him "What colour Peter?" he says "Mama!I want Pupple!" and there i go,John unties me from the stick which holds all us friends together.I am gonna miss them all, especially Miss White who is waving me good bye,she is happy for me.I found an owner,a home and John is a happy man today,I got him a coin.

We reach,Peter gets down from the car he runs to the garden,his fingers holding my string,he hugs me tight!
His mother asks him to be careful,she says "Too much of love is gonna burst it Peter,its not gonna last long,don't keep it idle either,its just gonna lose air!You know there is a more exciting stuff to do with it,can you see the sky?"Peter says "Yes Mama".
His mother says "Do you know Pupple can fly?Just let go and see" , well Peter replies"I want it Mama thats why we bought it!"

His mother tells Peter "There is a joy in letting go things,you watch it fly and your heart is gonna feel light and you are gonna enjoy seeing the flight!"

Peter smiles,he slowly releases me from his fingers,nothing holds me now,as the wind lifts me up I trip my gait a bit here and there,this is my first time!I fly amidst the branches of the tree,I go over the terrace.Peter waves at me,I can see his bunny teeth!

It feels up in the sky!
I know not my destiny,but am liking this flight!
Thank you Peter,the new breeze in my life!!!
Am what:)          

Raksha Bhat