Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Beginning Of An End

It is difficult to measure success especially when we have to do it for ourselves,so we were told on a special day.On the brighter side there is a wonderful satisfaction which comes with having been there and done that,but sometimes somewhere deep down inside our hearts success leaves us with that haunting and empty feeling.Its strange how time passes by, a milestone now that we have crossed on the road that we chose for ourselves.A road less travelled which has fortunately made us what we are today.

We walked together in dignity,an oath we took from conscience and tussles we turned with pride.And now we have in our hands the power to help a life.At the end of this road we go away from it all;ecstasies,fears,strengths,weakness and togetherness only to find some new and some more.We now are stronger and better,ready to carry all that we choose to on our shoulders.Wherever and whatever we end up with we are now sure that we have definitely made a small good start.The tussle is indeed worth the hustle.

It was never easy and will never be but we know now never to give up,so cheers to the life which has just begun. Cheers to the ‘PEOPLE’ who are now officially out for the world as ‘DOCTORS’.Congratulations buddies!

Life is here to stay around…

Raksha Bhat

Thursday, July 22, 2010

One Faith

Sunset like everyday when an old man holding a stick double his height emerged slowly from the turn of the road.He seemed aged yet carried a prevailing semblance like the king of the land.And behind him followed his army whose bells jingled in tune with his familiar voice and song,a peculiar wool like odor filled the air.There were the cream,the black,the white,the brown and the mixed many.They moved in a flock brushing and racing against each other and yet keeping it together.If someone had the eye and the heart to count them they made an exact hundred and seven.And now we all know where the pride on the old man’s face came from.

At the tail end of the big fluff of wool was our not so famous hero, a little extra plump and fair walking in his own pace and looking around.He bothered about everything apart from grass,and today like always something behind the green bush caught his attention.He hopped aside and ran towards it.He did see some life flying there,so he wished he could catch it.Meanwhile his group was moving ahead hoping and knowing that he will join.

Like all the good face some evil now and then,a man on the road was mighty impressed with the old man’s meat and wool.He looked at them with a wicked grin and flaunting his paunch he asked”Care for some trade?You will get more than its worth.Its time I had a good meal,so do we deal?”.The old man replied”Oh well!Sure!Come to my hut down this lane in an hour,the fat and mad one out there in the end running behind the butterfly except  that and the rest of the others,I will have you on my plate soon”.And then the devil fled.

The gang almost reached home and this lost one was definitely out of track.He was getting desperate to find out what was behind the bush but now there was no time to waste.He had to get back home so he pushed the rest of the task for tomorrow.He knew he will be here again.He ran back to the road.”Where do I go? Where did they go? Right? Left? Straight?”he did not wonder even for a second.He walked ahead effortlessly and happy on the perfect road towards what he called his home,his destiny.He did not choose his way; he did not choose to stay.He did not choose his fate.He did not choose anything.The shepherd did.

Always,ONE FAITH is worth more than a million hope.

'The LORD is my shepherd…He makes me lie down in green pastures…He leads me beside quiet waters.'


Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Together Tunes

Life is strange; I was told once and so I say today.A special moment awaits when I will be left alone and yet will not have to fear that strange loneliness.I run here looking at the clouds sailing in the sky,I wonder where.Amongst them I dream of my bunting flying high up there.

A smile trickles down my face thinking of all the goodness for him in store.A new day, a new beginning, a new found peace of mind.And for that some no reason I know I can feel and share every second of that life in paradise.An iridescent happiness is spreading in the air thinking of the only beautiful person I always will know and the blessed road he chose ahead.There is so much to do,so much to learn,so he believes and makes me believe.

We met like known strangers and we travel holding one heart all along and live those turning transitions we face now and then. I am thankful that I am growing saner and stronger like him, with him. 

A light no more is anonymous; a life is simply to live for.

And some times like today I feel how wonderful it is to be gifted with that quintessence togetherness.Time.Place.Work.People.We face them all but with an amalgamated substance we have found together for ever .I can ramble on with words which go easy and expressed which will only match a minute part of everything and it all.Bliss it is to have all that you wished for in that one blessing.And nothing feels short when you feel yes LIFE it is!

“I think we dream so we don’t have to be apart so long. If we’re in each other’s dreams, we can be together all the time”-Calvin


Monday, July 12, 2010

My Famous Five

Take 1

Toffees with brother she would always from her heart share
But the little devil  gobbled even her’s which she could not bear
Cried, fought, she ran out of the house and did that small dare
Only to be back in two hours,it was a mad world out there  

Take 2

Cashew nuts and mangoes ripe in the summer heat
With Grandma and the cousins she was out on a fleet
Up she climbed the trees, a beehive was eager to greet
Down on the ground laid her body, a stung piece of meat

Take 3

Time and people slip away from life like a fistful of sand
Left are a few of those little white shells in the hand
Out were on the best trip thirteen gypsies of the band
Wishing for one mad moment again in the Blissful Island.

Take 4

Away from the waters she did stay with strive
Of the blue waves was a little fear left to thrive
Ten years later from a raft she happened to dive
Life has been good ever since she came out alive

Take 5

Jacks and Jills were up on an elephant hill, a mad little trek team
Shoulders for the boulders, hands for the cacti they did lend and gleam
On the way to quench their thirst there was no old well or flowing stream
Top they did reach, sleeping in the clouds in madness they did scream

Final Take!

The best may not be always these few
Every second brings in her a madness new
Moments made are in the heart to sew
Life is indeed beautiful...phew!


Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sour Nothings Of A Sweet Life

We consider some things that do not really matter as problems.Wake up in the morning thinking about them,spend the day finding solutions and then go to bed with nothing.And we are up again the next day,more obsessed and more upset.Finally one fine sunrise realize it was not worth the attention and spend some more time in regret.We do not know what we want,nobody will know better either.Why is it so tough to prioritize little things,big things and everything?

We have enough time to do all that we want to but still end up complaining the lack.When there is enough life thyself and around,we still feel that 'something' missing.Refresh buttons bring back memories,but not many dare to put that one step back and live while keeping a hundred ahead.Why do moments fail to last a life?

We need big reasons to let out that simple smile.'Hello' is just a greet on the phone.Emotions are left diluted and unexpressed,relationships blurred and orphaned.'Sorry,Please,Thank you' where more than a matter of courtesy once upon a time,now do we really mean it when we use them?The world is difficult to accept as it is,every fish loves his bowl more than the ocean.Contentment now equals compromise.Ego suffers and so do we.Why do we forget to count our blessings?

We forget where,how and why we are heading to,in the middle of the road we dared and chose!Go blank and jump back to square one and often fail to make that new start again.It is easy to give up and live in still waters until it starts to stink.Why do we have to make mistakes,suffer and learn?

There are many questions which are beyond our capabilities to answer,and more exist which we do not realize and invariably spend life just because we have to;the same big gift we all have,and that we fail to use well.

"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them."-Einstein

         A New Leaf

A land ungreen with little hope lay
Where no one dared to enter or stay

Deep ground were hidden seeds a few
Out one bright day was a leaf new

Questions many,battles more to fight 
Up here was a life's tree soon to sight


Monday, July 5, 2010

Invisible Light

I am standing here in the dark, alone like every day and waiting for Uncle near this toy shop in the corner, a ten feet ahead and five feet to the right from my work place. He seems to be late today; he has to pick all my friends on his way and the rain is turning into a downpour.The winds are blowing through the tiny and big holes in my brown frock, there are exactly six.As the icy air brushes past my skin, I can feel the cold and count them.I am glad that they are nothing like my dreams, in either size or number.I did ask Uncle to buy me a new one many a times; he says he will not until I earn more. I think he will be happy seeing my bowl today and get me one, now that I hear some extra tinkles I made during the day.No one wishes to sees this joy on my face; I cannot look at it or the people either.I stand here alone, feeling happy with hope.

The drops of rain are kissing the ground, I wish I could step my feet happy and ahead without this stick, open my arms wide and lift my head high dancing under the sky, if only I could walk home by myself without having to count my steps and fall.I wish I could just see the doll behind the glass pane of this shop before the little girl on the road who is asking her father for it takes it home.I want to see the coins I earn.I want to read books and learn.I want to see colours prettier than black. I want to see the day and night that I feel.I want to see the bird fly high.I want to have all the fun.I want to...

There are so many things I want to do...

Only if everything stopped being in the dark.He could have given me at least one, not if two; at least a little if not more.I do think and cry often, but I am unshaken.I ask none for help, all I ask God is to make me as imperceptible as the world fast and help me fly towards my life that I desire to make on my own, make me unseen like the rest and yet be a special for myself.I do not know if he will ever make my little prayers come true.If he can make all the things of my life invisible, let him make me too whenever I want to be so!

Then I will sway with winds but never get lost,I will be the song every bird sings, I will fall like the drizzle drops but never get hurt,I will have some stars of the sky in my bowl,I will be the light of the world more than I wish to see,I will give more than I can live and love more than my heart can own.

It takes more to be a human than to own two legs and two hands
I want no three grants,no treasure,no fairy dust,no magic wands
All I wish is one life to live,breath,make, smile, feel and see
There are many things INVISIBLE more than the world in me!

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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Footprint In A Dream

A man of impulse, he sat there with his back brushing the hazy fog covering the twilight.He had reached this part of the world not because he was a wanderer.He had an inquisitive mind, a beating heart and a child’s soul which craved to see the best of the world.He was not extraordinary, a man like the rest with his share of strengths and weaknesses.He made mistakes and rose out of regrets and learnt his lessons.He was thankful for all the good which came his way.

And now he was here in the company of his thoughts.The weather was wonderful, sunrise had just begun and birds jolly flew past his eyes.He knew it was the time to walk along, he stood up and looked down from the cliff at the far lands which was every man’s home and where there was plenty of space to do everything , where he grew up and he belonged.He only wished if everything again worked in rhythm along with the tunes of nature.He knew of what he could do.Standing here alone he dared and put his step forward to ravel this hidden other part of the world and began his journey.

He did not want to run away, monotony or boredom did not disturb him.He lived where he had to, he climbing up the ladder and learnt the rules to survive in the corners of this sphere.But now was the moment when he wholeheartedly wanted to surrender himself to his unfulfilled desires,he was compelled with ease to defend his right to find happiness.So he walked along the narrow paths,singing and clapping.He observed everything around him,the way the leaves move,the colours of the buds which bloom,the amber winged butterflies,the roars and cry,the life that the streams of water bring.A perfect and balanced life,he loved the harmony.But there was so much to do,so much to learn,so much to heal and set right.

He walked ahead on the road made by men of his like, sometimes he had to make his own.He did.And whatever he did, it brought mostly joy.There were times when he felt lost and did not know where to look, but he fought with passion and he won.He knows it is a great mission of its own kind and very difficult, but nothing feels better than living his dream.He is not a soldier, he fights his inner battles and those of the outer world.He fears some, he conquers some.

His thoughts spring out of a naive familiarity with life, his imaginations blend with a strange reality.He knows he owns an enduring power to love and better himself .His instincts give him all the praise and encouragement, so do his people around.He loves his home and when he comes back later to rest he knows to share what he has earned and learnt; he knows he can give some rare gifts of satisfaction, love and compassion. And he realizes tomorrow with the same zest he can explore and gain more.

He dreams not of a destiny, he desires to travel a journey along which he can grow his strengths of his character and gain the freedom to be himself. He now knows he is not alone, not different but blessed with something called LIFE.

He smiled.I woke up....

PS: After two sleepless nights I chanced upon this man in a dream during an hour long noon nap today,mystic yet real.l do not know why he stepped in,all I realized when I woke up was that I know him!:)