Saturday, February 20, 2010


Oranges-my latest relish:)

Advantages of this juicy fruit:
  • super tangy taste...aha...slurp...
  • vitamin need of those capsules:)
  • it did quench my thirst when my water bottle was empty on a sunny afternoon:)
  • a facepack for a sparkling bright face:)
  • pinch the peels and burn your cranky sibling's eyes[my childhood pass time;)]

And most important of all..

it has taught me to expect the unexpected,
you never know which one is sour!
enjoy life slice by slice:) and colour life orangy bright!!!!

"Orange is the Happiest Colour"
-Frank Sinatra:)


Saturday, February 13, 2010

Fan The Embers

The Five and half bright years...

Few days back it seems so...that bumpy ride to Bellary Medical College Swamy!!!...and Rummy Darling in Mysore!!We are already done with 4-5 CET Counselling sessions and this little Chilly calls me up the night before Medical Counselling and says "Hey even am planning to do medicine and will join Ramaiah tomorrow".God gracious,maybe he had something planned for us already.Now i know it;)
In order f rank on the screen we go.The fellow in front of the computer waiting to hear your choice says'"Which College Madam??",before i answer Papa goes "Ramaiah!" ,I give a frown."isn't it better to stay at home and study,instead of going to Hubli.It costs the same!!!sumniru ille oppi"!!!comes the stern reply.
And in the queue to pay fees at the bank counter i hear a voice from the sky "Oh,even u have selected Ramaiah",i look up to see the tallest guy i had ever seen till that day,Our Pammy!!!
6 months of pure joblessness followed by the excitement of starting something which we all always wanted to do,those dissection hall days..from Rakesh Das to Sameera ..Table we had divided the corpse's right half to the first half of the batch..and left half for the second half of the batch!!!Hilarious!!!Pulley's brave curiosity to pull the skin on the first day when the rest of us were down with chills!Rohit the HOD..Ravindra the Asst.Professor!!Hebbal Sir's Embryology classes!!!!the difficult subjects of first year...the one of it kind tension before exams...the crazy Anatomy Examiner from Gulbarga.Come second year....COP Kaiwara:))),those poor rats and rabbits half dead due to our torture..those Microbio labs with gram stain,Afb stain,stool examination, those pathology slides and specimens and the lectures.And most interesting of all Forensic mortem,age estimation,poisons,dental examination...and finally Girish Sir's viva:)nothing better to end the exam!!!In third year ENT Pandu!!!Opthal seminars,Com Med practicals...Statistics..Mean,Median n Modes;)!calculating how much bleaching powder to add to the water tanks!!!Staring at mosquitoes,larvae flies under the microscope!!!eeeks!!!Those Introspection days!!!protest rallies!!!polio drops!!!and what not...and final year ..those busy days...clinicals..huge books...studied more than what i had in the last 22yrs:)!
And Internship...[about which i can write a book;)]


All will change in a fortnight...
All the sparrows ready for a flight...