Saturday, March 27, 2010

Dare To[You] Dream....

My little cousin is back from school at around five in the evening,he comes running to the dining table hungry;his Chikki keeps a plate of popcorn for him on the table,as he picks those hot white little ones he gives a puzzled look,his Mom enters carrying the sun dried clothes and asks"How was the test Swaroop?did well? the little boy nods,Mom with a not so pleased look fires again "What do you want to become when you grow up boy?".He is engrossed with those little flakes again!Looking at me,"Akka!How do these things pop?He turns to his mom for a second and says"Amma i want to become a Bus Conductor:)!"He gives a smirk as he continues the essential discussion of how popcorns pop with his Rasa Akka:)
What did you dream of becoming being a little kid?
What did you like doing the most?

Childhood is a period of innocence,when passions are built and more often the thoughts run bizarre!Someone wants to become a teacher..someone a doctor..someone wants to be a policeman..someone wants to join the military..someone wants to dance like Hrithik Roshan..someone bat like Sachin Tendulkar..someone wants to be a rock star...and somebody wants to drive a bus..n like my dear cousin give tickets like the Bus Conductor!
Kids are fascinated by little happy things around them,there admiration is out of innocent likeness,however irrational they seem and away from the realities of the world,they dream..and unfortunately children are not let to dream..a common feeling among the parents that their children are not able enough to make that important a career decision.Often..he is a pilot today and sailor tomorrow!!!
How many parents would encourage their kids to become a Painter?Odds in the child's favour,his interests remain a hobby for his life!

An idle profession in many households is defined by a certain criteria-

EARN enough and get married...
EARN again to ensure you bring up your kids...
EARN again to lead a retired life...
and then make sure your children EARN...
the cycle continues...

Folks around speak"Nim maklru settle adra?"
[children settled?]
[PS:means income stable?marriage when?]

In a society where having a stable income is more important than anything else,parents wholeheartedly don't encourage their children to take up some off-beat career. Nothing can be accomplished without money they say," Its time to stand on your own feet child"!!!!Children are expected to be more ‘responsible’ adults and income supposedly makes them!Some careers are mostly not-existent in the society,they are considered as hobbies not as a career option and some not upto standards.Its time we all wake up,hope there is a day when a bus conductor gets the same respect as that of an entrepreneur!n hope the little boy becomes what he wants to!

And al those little kids amongst us...
dare to dream...its yours...
and so is life...
live your dream:)

Raksha Bhat

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

SlipPerS StrANge

A mysterious relationship i share with a black pair of slippers. Many reading this may wonder why this post here,silly it surely sounds but I am amused by the strange fact that i have lost them four - five times,hopes down drain and I have got them back without any efforts of searching them!!
The story goes like this... My mom bought this beautiful pair for her darling daughter after she had lost one from a friends doorstep:)

[Lesson 1: never leave them near the door step!I cannot suggest other places to keep them safe either)]

And it so happened during those fifteen days of A n E postings, a day before my birthday i think so, some housekeeping staff 'unknowingly' wore it on her way back home and i find it the next day neatly placed in the rack!It was back!!!!

[Lesson2: never keep your slippers among the hundreds!someone will find them similar to theirs:)]

Yet another time,on the next day of new years eve,i had to come home wearing my black slipper on the left feet and some random black slipper,a size bigger on the right, luckily they looked alike, staring at them all the way back home and making people look at my feet!!thanks to a friend who had worn one of the pair home...

[Lesson 3: never wear them for parties,you never know the hangover;)]

And these days my building dog Blackie is behind them!
I find them in the terrace...the first floor...under the neighbours door mat..

Black Beauty a pair,

which i never get to wear!!!