Monday, July 5, 2010

Invisible Light

I am standing here in the dark, alone like every day and waiting for Uncle near this toy shop in the corner, a ten feet ahead and five feet to the right from my work place. He seems to be late today; he has to pick all my friends on his way and the rain is turning into a downpour.The winds are blowing through the tiny and big holes in my brown frock, there are exactly six.As the icy air brushes past my skin, I can feel the cold and count them.I am glad that they are nothing like my dreams, in either size or number.I did ask Uncle to buy me a new one many a times; he says he will not until I earn more. I think he will be happy seeing my bowl today and get me one, now that I hear some extra tinkles I made during the day.No one wishes to sees this joy on my face; I cannot look at it or the people either.I stand here alone, feeling happy with hope.

The drops of rain are kissing the ground, I wish I could step my feet happy and ahead without this stick, open my arms wide and lift my head high dancing under the sky, if only I could walk home by myself without having to count my steps and fall.I wish I could just see the doll behind the glass pane of this shop before the little girl on the road who is asking her father for it takes it home.I want to see the coins I earn.I want to read books and learn.I want to see colours prettier than black. I want to see the day and night that I feel.I want to see the bird fly high.I want to have all the fun.I want to...

There are so many things I want to do...

Only if everything stopped being in the dark.He could have given me at least one, not if two; at least a little if not more.I do think and cry often, but I am unshaken.I ask none for help, all I ask God is to make me as imperceptible as the world fast and help me fly towards my life that I desire to make on my own, make me unseen like the rest and yet be a special for myself.I do not know if he will ever make my little prayers come true.If he can make all the things of my life invisible, let him make me too whenever I want to be so!

Then I will sway with winds but never get lost,I will be the song every bird sings, I will fall like the drizzle drops but never get hurt,I will have some stars of the sky in my bowl,I will be the light of the world more than I wish to see,I will give more than I can live and love more than my heart can own.

It takes more to be a human than to own two legs and two hands
I want no three grants,no treasure,no fairy dust,no magic wands
All I wish is one life to live,breath,make, smile, feel and see
There are many things INVISIBLE more than the world in me!

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Prashanth said...

Made me feel the 'darkness'. Good one..

Ugich Konitari said...

Wonderful post !

Raksha Bhat said...

@Prashanth & Ugich : Thank you both:)