Sunday, September 27, 2009

KAIWARA-Those August Days!

Community medicine rural postings is something which every Intern in Ramaiah waits for...

especially when you are away from all these...

  • writing case sheets and discharge summaries
  • writing notes
  • filling up requisition forms
  • collecting investigations from the lab[the sample for testing which is not yet sent..and you end up wondering why reports have not come!]
  • accompanying patients for ultrasounds,references,ct scan and x rays
  • seeing cases in the casualty at 3am in the night ..with patients saying "i think i have a mild sore throat Doctor since 1 week,it might be swine flu,i just wanted to get myself checked"...thanks to the media hype...cmon...we are humans wanting sleep too![BTW there are more people dying from viral fever and thrombocytopenia and we end up helplessly sending them back to other hospitals due to lack of beds!!

not that the above list of work is not meant to be done by Doctors but at the end of the day all that we end up doing is this!The learning process during houseman ship stays far from reach...sadly!

And when you get an opportunity to get away from all this, who doesn't want it???

Blue uniforms..Running noses..Bitot
spots..CSOM..Scabies..half tied plaits..Devraj's van.. grape vines.. tomato,cabbage and flower fields cute calves and lambs...Anganwadi kids:)..breast feeding week...yellow cards..white saree boards..songs n dances..

Little good and a little bad..
Happy children in a state sad...


God knows what was happening with it all month ;)


'Gabbu' lake- one of the best place to see the sunset and moonrise..
Bhima Betta- cacti poking us everywhere possible, Mahitha the great trekker with sandals,Ramesha finding the path,Rajendra Senapathi..PK's MJ look..the heavy rain at the top and all of us under the arch of a rock..the countless monkeys!A trek to remember!

Kailashagiri-our house building and rock climbing efforts:)

The zoo-ducks,rabbits and the sole peacock,porcupine,nilgai and deer ..they all need a little more care here:(

Tapovana-The place where Kaiwara Thathaya did Tapasu..serenity at its best..

Murugamalai and Nanditheertha- the temple with nandi and bhringi..and water more than sweet...and scenery mesmerizing ..

Emu farm- freaky birds...always jumping and running around..and those thousand rupees worth egg!

Aane betta trek-the best amongst all..the fort at the top...and all the girls screaming at the top of our voices;)..the thirst on the way down..the way we gulped water after reaching the Shop..hehe..

Coffee day at Kolar-what a day...we went in an auto cum tempo and people staring at us weirdos..and the dinner at the roof top-Sky View Bar..aha!

Alamgiri-the tempu ride..hullabaloo!!!the Lakshmi

Maghadeera-bangaru kolipetta f the best made movies..cant forget the scene were the hero rides the horse and runs behind the bus with the white dupatta on his face...simbly superb!

Bangle shopping-those bangles,earrings and key chains...kaiwara wouldn't have seen more shopaholics than us girls!

The Chat Shop-dahi boondi..boti masala..tomato masala...hesru bele..aha...Bindu Masala soda..those bajjis and bondas..ladoos.....gulppp..slurppp...

Those Bhatta's common taste saru,sambhar and palyas and dosas without alugadde palya,kesari
Tulsamma's joint pains and our pain;)..
Monkeys greeting us good morning..
Those buckets of water..

Those days without coffee...
Those nights on the Sky View Bar gazing the sky and stars..

Those times of being together..

Those moments of bliss:)

Those AUGUST days!!!

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