Sunday, April 3, 2011

Diya Na Ghuma Ke!

Dear Team India,

ECSTASY is the word.Thank you for giving us this once in a life time feeling.We owe you this moment of pride,a moment for which we have been eagerly waiting for the past twenty eight years.The intensity of joy and hunger in our captain's eyes when he hit the winning shot said it all.We are immensely happy not only for our win,but also for the strength and confidence with which you played till the end and showed us that you are going to make this world cup only ours this time.And for every other match that you have played despite the immense pressure from your fans and countrymen with all your courage and magic else.

The critics are now silenced,the bats and balls have done the speaking.You have bled blue on the field and proved that you deserve to be nowhere else but on the top.You have met our expectations way beyond our faith in you.Kudos to your efforts and spirit.And to this one man for breathing cricket all his life and making us breathe-'Bows Down'.You have everything and everyone conquered!

"I couldn't have asked for anything more than this.Winning the World Cup is the proudest moment of my life."-Sachin Tendulkar

A billion people together shared this amount of patriotism never before.This is a dream come true for each of us Indians on this globe.And we are surely going to tell"We lived during the time when Dhoni and his men lifted the world cup!" for years to come.The fireworks are now in the sky for you.The world is now talking about you.The nation is now celebrating because of you.This win is for history and we are grateful to you for making us a part of it.It is now time to shout aloud from the top“We have won and this is the beginning,for we have now arrived".Loud and clear!

What a match!!!Speechless!!!Diya na ghuma ke?Jiyo khiladi wahe wahe!:-)

Yours cricketingly forever,

Bleeding Blue Indians.

PS1:Picture courtesy-ESPNcricinfo
PS2:I am too happy to sleep tonight;-)



Sameera said...


No words..! Such an awesome moment!

Anonymous said...

It was Mahi ve all the way during his masterful and much needed innings. :) We totally deserved to win the Cup after playing so well. Cheers for India. :D

Raksha Bhat said...

@Sameera: Still not sunk in:)

@ajay: Cheers!

Bikram said...

Lets not forget the innings played by Gautam... He was the man who made it all happen..
We sometimes forget what others have done .. just because dhoni scord the winning run..

Gautams innings was very important
but anyway WELL dont to team india they made us all proud..

Congratulations and YAyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy


Vyankatesh said...


I Don't know what to do for the next few days - now that the World Cup is over.

Maybe recollecting the moment over and over again would help :-)

India Wins Cricket World Cup 2011

Sarah malik said...

neither m i a dire cricket supporter nor a blind Indian fan..Infact i wasnt even hoping or xpecting this one till the semi finals..but the final match made me 'bleed blue' finally. and no matter what, i m a proud winner and Indian sharing these marvellous sentiments :)


Anonymous said...

Cheers!! :D
Its on every single blog I am going through. A proud moment for every Indian :D
De ghumake (to bloggers :) )

Nandita Prakash said...

love u for this post

Tarang Sinha said...

The song 'De ghuma ke' went perfectly well. It is an absolute glorious & emotional moment indeed.
Thanks to Team India for making this dream come true. Many congratulations and God bless.

Beyond Horizon said...

Cheers To Our Team!!! for the ecstasy and euphoria all around :)

Raksha Bhat said...

@Bikramjit: You have a point:)Hearty congratulations to all our people out there too in UK:)

@Vyankatesh: Trust me we can do that all our life;)

@subtlescribbler: Thats a little like me:)

@shalinijena: Haha I know...just that everyone is happy because of one reason:)

@Nandita Prakash: Love you for reading:)

@Tarang: Yeah glad that it was made by S,E and L:)

@Beyond Horizon: Keep cheering Poo:)

raji said...

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Raksha Bhat said...

@raji: Hey thank you:)I will check that out soon:)