Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Outside My Nest

Outside my room this is what greets me everyday.I find this view extremely serene yet energetic.The lush green coconut trees swaying with the winds and dancing to the tunes of rain,the countless number of  birds which come flying over the roof to pester me and that tiny building far away are a few things which interest me.I wonder about the people who live there.I wonder if their routine is like mine.I wonder if they are thinking about me just like I do about them sometimes.

Mangalore is a strange place, firstly the Kannada which I find totally perfect and entertaining.I am learning to speak like the people here, somehow this comes naturally to me! Then there is the inseparable umbrella, a Mangalorean's best friend.Lastly the speed with which things work here, even the tortoises will think twice before participating in a race with them.I am slowing down to get in pace with the folks here! Though I must say that I have not found an another town with such simple living but high thinking.Silent and resilient, not to forget that it is famous for all reasons.

Being here right now is kind of making me realize the sweetness and importance of my roots.The feeling of 'this is where I belong' is all the more good, very strange though for someone who has never been brought up here.I am loving this place and will so forever.So what say Mangaloreans all over the world,do you too?:-)


Bikram said...

it is a good view especially the green trees and all and as you say birds flying around ... lovely ...

and roots are very important somehow we are what we are because of those roots ..


Raghavendra Mutt said...

thts th beauty of the Village..!!! Udipdi, Manipal & Mnglr..!!! Luv it..:D

Guruprasad Timmapur said...

Good one :)

I love to read anything about Mangalore(or may be abt ne town other than Bangalore ;-) )..
I still cherish the days when i was in manipal for ~2 yrs..

Someone is Special said...

beautiful view.. I am also learning kannada..

Someone is Special

Raksha Bhat said...

@Bikramjit: You are right:)

@Raghu: Me too:)

@GT: Thank you:)

@SIS: Good that you the way I already know Kannada...just that people here speak it very differently:)