Friday, August 24, 2012

Ladies Matter

“Ahoy do not touch that! You should never see what is in a lady’s handbag?” yes I said that a few days ago to a dear guy friend of mine when he put his hand on it to take out something. However when I saw this topic 'Taking conversations beyond low pitched whispers' at Blogadda I had to reconsider this queer and pre conceptualized  idea, just one among the many which most of us own. Back to my handbag, frankly it did not have anything that a guy should not see. But yeah being a girl I had to tell him that and he was kind enough not to snub. Many of you may agree with what I did, something similar must have happened to you too. But if you were to look at instances like this from a sensible and simpler perspective, we all live in a very make believe world of femininity where in the open less is said and lesser is done. ‘Ladies Matter’ you see.

A week back or so I had blogged about it when this particular ad was under the limelight, as I said in that post there is a lot more to women empowerment. Matters as sensitive as intimate health are usually camouflaged under hesitancy, fear, myths and misconceptions. This happens even among the well educated. And more so among the men, if you were to ask the best of the gentlemen in town anything about what he knows of women, you will not be surprised if he come up with anything less than appreciably serious. The weak link is this:

“What you do not know, you do not respect”

Thus begins the entire problem. What has happened over the years and is happening in the past few days, everything in the news is proof enough. Also what we should not forget is that there is a thin line between privacy and opening up, knowing is necessary but what you do with the knowing is what is more important. What we know may go against somebody’s dignity, in such circumstances it is better to keep the issue behind the curtain. What we end up doing is keeping everything behind it for all safe purposes, and for that nobody in particular is to be blamed, a fault nevertheless.

The right to know, the responsibility to care and the freedom to share’ well it takes just that to make sure every woman keeps herself in the best of her state. This applies to every man too. I say this as a doctor having seen women, women from all classes who go through the same ordeal. There is no difference among them in fact. There is so much that needs to be done in every department that is concerned, from our thought to our action. A genuine approach by each one is the best start. Because each lady matters, she really does. What needs us and what we need, the sooner we realize and make the others realize the better.


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Priya Sreeram said...

really well said; beautifully penned and sensitive

Shobhit said...

Hello. Just came to your blog through Indiblogger.

This was something I was thinking of writing about for sometime but I didn't realise they even had a contest going on. You have really presented it in an effective way.

‘The right to know, the responsibility to care and the freedom to share’ well it takes just that to make sure every woman keeps herself in the best of her state. This applies to every man too.

I completely agree with you on that !

Also, while reading your post and going through a few of your past ones, I was pleasantly surprised to know that being a doc, that too while doing your PG, you are so active with your writing here. Being from the same field, I've always seen people cribbing about not having time for anything once they start PG.

Though I had discarded the idea of pursuing a PG more than 5 years back, but I'm once again contemplating to dive in. Your posts and specially the cartoons on medicine are wonderful. :-)

I'll be following your blog. Do visit my blog when you get the time. All the best ! :-)

chitra said...

:)happened to me too manyatimes.....and i react just like u.

Raksha Bhat said...

@Priya Sreeram: Thank you Priya:)

@Shobhit: Thank you for visiting the blog and appreciating, well it is not about 'managing' time or 'managing' to blog, if we really have the thing for it nothing will stop us. I have come a pretty long way blogging, it has been more than 4 years now and all I say is I have grown with this blog:)Trust me it is a serious business only if you think it is:)

@chithra: :)We do right!

Bikram said...

well its the indian culture to HUSH up things whatever they are , We are good at pushing them under the carpet so the neighbours dont come to know ..

I hope things change and TALKING alsways helps , if not you then those who are listening ..


Deboshree said...

Interestingly put together. :)