Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Secret Wish List - Book Review

 A good book has more than lines and characters.You can read them in one breathe not for their simplicity, but because they weave a web around you while you flip through the pages, and before you realize you become a part of the story itself. And that's the only reason you reach the last line and sigh with a smile. This happened to me well this evening after reading 'The Secret Wishlist', having read Preeti Shenoy's previous works I had to pre order this one.

The most appealing thing about her writing is the way our day to day challenges are portrayed, and what it takes to break the stereotypical barriers we have around ourselves. Be it men or women, be at home or work we fence our wishes subconsciously.And therefore the resolutions, wish lists, bucket lists, things to do before I die and what not. But it is never too late to make yourself understand that only you can make them come true. Life gives you enough chances. This book is just about it.

An another important thing is to have and value your own support system. It could be friends, parents,  partner, children or sometimes even  a stranger. And in some situations these people may be in your life but they cannot really do anything about your long list of wishes until you take that one step. And that would mean a big leap of faith in yourself first. There is nothing to stop once you start doing the To- Do's with it. Dumbledore rightly says:

"It takes a great deal of courage to stand up to your enemies, but even more to stand up to your friends"

A foot up the ladder, this book is about courage to stand up to yourself. I am glad it was worth a read on a post night duty day.


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Karthick Balaraman said...

I have read the book and you have summarized the exact inference from it. This is what I've felt after reading it.

Good job! Perfect review~