Thursday, June 5, 2014


On this earth, wish each life big ’n small
Had the heart and grit of a touch me not
Closing their doors to the pain and strife
To everything that we refute, every time
An axe is up in the air for all that timber
A knife is made sharper for all that meat
 More than a conscience, celebrating guilt
What we mind only on days such as these
Has been here around ‘n surrounds us all
Suffering, while surviving the selfish lot
Whom do we owe for this living and life?
The strength supreme, subtle and sublime
Of nature who bears our hunger ’n slumber
Against whom we fight this battle of defeat
Or her patience on which our ego lies built
Forgetting she is nobody’s enemy to please.


PS: Written as a part of World Environment Day on June 5th 2014, theme of the year- 'RAISE YOUR VOICE, NOT THE SEA LEVEL' :-). To know more do visit United Nations Environment Programme.