Friday, July 3, 2015

Scion of Ikshvaku-Book Review

I have a thing for author's signatures and cute bookmarks, and for the book? Read this review ;-)

Firstly I must admit that I have not read the previous books of this author, I know this sounds a bit on the up and up. Well, the urge to read this one was purely due to the number of status updates of people in my friend list saying Reading ‘Scion of Ikshvaku’ on various social networking platforms. Curiosity may have killed the cat but it never kills a reader in my opinion. Reading new versions of an epic like Ramayana just adds to our experience and knowledge of how different people understand and imagine it. Many authors in the past have treated Ramayana like an open book, the interpretations have been conflicting and at times enlightening. Let us add this one now to the list.

What is new in this book is the new dimensions to the characters and incidents which would make one wonder, “Did this really happen?”, everything and everyone are portrayed with a shade of weakness along with their strength making the entire storyline seem practical, like it is happening today, more than it just being spiritual. Issues of law, administration, architecture, warfare and leadership are discussed in the form of in depth conversations between the characters. At places I felt the imagination was going over the board. Another issue for me is the way it is put across, the choice of words; I found a huge problem with that, it left me with a heart ache. Instances when this subcontinent is called ‘India’ is too English to believe especially when you are thinking of this country B.C. It may have added to the ease of reading making it a fast paced page turner, but it only kept me confused throughout. I was left thinking about when exactly this story happened.

“Why would someone attempt at rewriting ‘Ramayana’?” this question kept popping up in my mind all the time I read this book. “Is it right to compare?” was another! I still have not found answers to these important questions. I believe at the end of reading a book based on something as stupendous as Ramayana however good or bad the book is we do end up with some learning or the other. That is one way of looking at the ‘paisa vasool’ aspect especially when the pandemonium around the book release is above the skies. I did not read the book with any expectations hence it did not pain me much, that does not mean I found it thoroughly entertaining. It did not bore me either. Do I care when the next book in the series releases? Ah, well.




Rajesh Kasargod said...

If you are open to experiments, Read Amish Imortals of Meluha, you wont be disappointed.Primary reason for status as "Reading ‘Scion of Ikshvaku’ on various social networking platforms" is his previous Books.

I was disappointed after reading his latest.

Raksha Bhat said...

@Rajesh Kasargod: I do not know, somehow all this hype is a big turn down, thank you for the suggestion though :-)