Monday, December 14, 2015

The Best Seller She Wrote-Book Review

 "Soon to be a motion picture"

Voila! There you go, I happened to see this subtitle after reading the book and I wasn’t surprised. This one is a perfect Bollywood script filled with love, betrayal and redemption as Ravi himself says. I had read and reviewed God is A Gamer an year ago as a part of Blogadda’s Book Review programme. I must say that this book stands up to my expectations going by my previous reading experience, not that they were very high mind you. Page turner, easy read, filmy plot all no doubt. The other reviews may give you spoilers, but I am not game! Whenever I read books of these kinds I still feel that there is a big lacuna which our Indian writers fail to look at while writing stories, oh sorry they are meant to be scripts. That frankly though doesn’t stop me from reading them, every time I come across one in a bookstore I tell myself “Let me read this, maybe this is THE ONE!” and every time I end up more than disappointed.

“Oh that’s an another Indian author, you don’t need to read that book to know the story!”

So say some of my reader friends. Before I refute such statements I am waiting for that right kind of substance from an Indian author of today, someone who can give me that in at least a few pages of their books. I did not find it in Aditya’s character when he professes his love for his wife after all his misgivings, I did not find it in Shreya’s conviction to author a book, I did not find it in Maya’s anger after all the angel she is portrayed to be, I did not find it in Sanjay’s prevarication against his friend. All of them are forgettable! But there were moments in the book, with real life names here and there in the storyline like salt and pepper in the soup, this sort of amused me more than increasing my curiosity, I don’t give a hoot even if they are real life incidents. When there is no good grammar and language, what use is a twist and turn in the tale???  I seriously wished this was given more attention.

There was one line that impressed me:

“Nothing in life is more wretched than the mind of a man conscious of his guilt”

I finished the book in a couple of hours which was another brownie point, if you want to count it as one. A honest review in my opinion is not just about sugar coated words to make the author or publisher or a sponsor feel good. If I am able to put across the fact that I expect something better out of Ravi Subramanian this review stands justified.

Eagerly waiting for the next and the better!

Book Details:

Title: -The BestSeller She Wrote
Author: - Ravi Subramanian
Publisher: -Westland Ltd
Publication Year: - 2015
ISBN 13:- 978-93-85152-38-2
Binding: - Paperback
Number of pages: -  391
Price: - Rs 295

My rating: - 1.5/5

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Anonymous said...

Writing an honest review is hard. I find it the most distressing. In the end, what is to be told has to be told, isn't it?

Raksha Bhat said...

@colouredbydreams: True that, today one of my close friends questioned me "Why do you read Indian authors?" it was very distressing, even to make up an an answer! I have reached a stage where I think maybe my choice of Indian authors is just not correct!